Friday, August 28, 2009

Perspective Video: The Shift with Wayne Dyer

You likely won't find the movie The Shift is a
"regular" movie theatre. It is distributed by
Hay House, and is more along spiritual, non-
commercial lines.

The approach to the movie (starring Wayne Dyer,
Portia de Rossi, Michael DeLuise, Ed Kerr,
Shannon Sturges, Maury Sterling, and others)
is to tell a story around the ideas that Wayne
has to share.

A film crew goes to film him, and the content of
the "interview" is mixed with story lines of
people who are experiencing the types of things
he is describing. The movie is two hours, but I
certainly didn't feel like it took that long. It
is easy to get caught up in the story, provided
you are open to the types of things he is saying.

Fortunately, what he says isn't so much "woo-woo"
and even is often quite logical, like when he gives
an example of an apple pie. He asks if you cut a
slice of pie, and remove the rest of the pie from
the situation, what do you have, and how do you
know what you have?

The answer: Apple Pie.

And how do you know?
Because it came from an apple pie.

He relates that to us and where we come from. Call
it whatever you like God, Source, or anything else
you want to use. If we come from something, then
we must be a part of that something. Of course,
being a part OF something is a different experience
of being a part FROM something.

Here is the scene from the movie that addresses
this perspective:

(Here are some other videos with Wayne Dyer)

He also speaks about how people shift. Apparently
there were studies done of values of people over
the course of a lifetime. For both men and women
there was a shift, a pretty significant one, at that.

Interestingly, for men the #1 top value went from
being "Wealth" (before the "shift") to "Spirituality"
(after the "shift") which wasn't even on the first
list! For women, the top value went from "Family"
to "My Own Personal Growth."

If any of this "speaks" to you, or is in any way
intriguing, I invite you to have your own experience
with the film. If you have seen it already, please
add a comment below with your thoughts/experience.

I am also happy to share more of my experience of
the film and its concepts, and my perspective on
Wayne Dyer and his perspectives with you, just ask.

If this is the first you are hearing of Wayne Dyer,
do yourself a favor, and learn more about him, and
what he has to say. He has done several PBS specials
over the last several years.

Have an AWESOME day!

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