Friday, October 30, 2009

Letters of Love - Special Treat

Do you know about my Letters of Love?

If you don't, you may want to. For
each individual that I have written
one for it is a balance of love,
understanding, encouragement, and

I have shared some of the letters
written to others, and many have
agreed there are some very profound
universal messages.

The letters have often elicited a
"WOW" response. Many are surprised
that all I need to do one is a name/
a way to identify the person, but
that is indeed it.

Because of the nature of it, I offer
a 100% money back guarantee for the
$35 I normally charge. Every person
who has ever paid felt the money
spent was well worth it, and that is
my preferred response from those who
get one (smile).

Since it is Halloween weekend, and
it is a time for "tricks" or "treats,"
I thought I would offer a treat.

I would like to offer you the
opportunity to name your own price
for one of these letters, with a
minimum price of $1.00, and offer
you the same money back guarantee.

All you need to do is send your
payment to on
Paypal with a note that it is for a
letter. In addition, please add the
name of the person the letter is for.

Once you've made your payment, please
drop me a quick note at
to let me know.

This offer of "name your own price"
stands until Sunday, November 1,
midnight (CA time)

If you'd like to learn more about
these letters, please visit and/or
see a previous blog entry with a
video where I discuss being true
to yourself

I love writing these letters, and
welcome the opportunity to do one
for you, or someone you know.

I look forward to hearing from you,
and thank you in advance for sharing
this with others, should you feel it

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perspective: Influenza - What are you "in"?

Today I started to think about the flu. I have thought about it before, but it occurred to me to write about it in my own unique perspective. Perhaps there are others out there considering this conversation the same way I am, but I have yet to see it, so it makes me wonder if others have.

There are two books and authors that speak to the mind/body connection when it comes to our body that I often recommend: Feelings Buried Alive by Karol K. Truman and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. They both have a "menu" of physical symptoms and what they perceive to be the correlating thoughts/emotions.

What I have found is that often these lists are amazingly in tune with what is going on with me and others. When I first started to consider the possibility that the mind and body could be related, it was a difficult thing. Others would say, well, yeah there's that, but, there is also a bug, and that might be what is causing "X." And, I was like, well, yes, but no? You see I found myself wondering how you could say things were related, but not?

What I have come to realize is that it is very difficult to talk about the relationship because it means an inherent level of responsibility for our situation (you mean it's MY "fault" I'm sick?), and while I certainly don't have all of the answers to many of the inevitable questions, I do my best with the ones that make sense to me. Even with the outstanding questions, what I am sharing with you is part of where I come from for myself and when working with others, and find that there have been many times it has been useful.

Maybe they'll be helpful to you. When you can see how the body and mind can connect, then it gives us one of the things we as humans so desperately crave - an element of control. If our mind and emotions do cause what happens with our body, when we deal with them it could have the potential to affect how our body feels. If we can identify what is going on with us, and address it, it might help prevent some things from happening, and help others to clear up.

It may not align with some readers and their beliefs. I would expect that, after all, I always believe we need to be where we need to be, and that is the place where our choices and beliefs resonate for us, and if we all agreed the world would be a much different place. Perhaps this discussion will in some way confirm what they believe. All I ever desire is a healthy and conversation, with respect to perspectives shared.

As far as the bug thing goes, I think that the difference for some people might just be where they are emotionally and mentally in life. Perhaps those who feel good about life, and are optimistic, without fear, and anger could find themselves physically fine while others who have been exposed to the bug are sick, and therein lies the relationship. First line of defense being the handling of things that need to be handled, and when that happens, the "bug" has no where to land, or if it does, its effects can be minimal.

This conversation is much bigger than a blog entry (after all many books have been written on the topic) so there is no way that it could be all encompassing. If it has you asking questions, then I would like to think it has served its purpose. I tend to think that if we are unwilling to ask questions of the things we believe, then what we say we believe, we may not believe at all.

Having said that, the following are a few thoughts that I have come up with with Karol and Louise's assistance. If you want to pursue the conversation more thoroughly, I welcome it, and of course, you can seek their books out.

First I thought about the word "Influenza." It is interesting to me to note the parts of the word "in" fluenza. Whatever "fluenza" is, one with the flu is "in" it. If you consider the mind/body connection, what are you "in"?

Consider that a chimney flue removes smoke, hot air and gas from your living environment. If you were in that flue, it would be unhealthy, and likely could kill you, or at least make you sick. What things are you in that are unhealthy for you?

In addition, influenza could also relate to
mass fear
a fear of the worst thing/outcome

Mass fear, fear of a "worst" outcome. Consider how our world is at the moment. How do you think people are handling it? Are they handling it? Or might they be surviving it? If there are things that are affecting us that aren't being addressed, our body tends to tell us that something is up by its symptoms.

What are the symptoms of the flu?

cough - can be related to
feeling annoyed
feeling like your life circumstances are intolerable
In general a reaction of the body in an attempt to release

sore throat
throats are about expression - are you sore about something you've expressed?
or sore about something that needs to be expressed?
It can also relate to creativity and its expression or lack thereof

could relate to boredom
if feeling fatigued, what burdens are you carrying emotionally?
or what are you carrying that feels like a burden?
What are you holding on to? What are you resisting? fighting?

a contracting/pulling in
could be a form of protection/wanting to be left alone/an escape

anger ("hot" under the collar)

runny or stuffy nose
difficulty in "breathing" in life
and/or controlling your life and/or circumstances
a form of crying
potential childlike feeling/desire for attention/to be taken care of
feeling stuffed/blocked

body ache
physical pain can be an expression of inner (emotional) pain.
It can also be a form of punishment where there might be guilt
Can also relate to sadness, or an "ache" to be loved/feel love.

thoughts that hurt and/or are painful to consider
being hard on yourself

an act of release/an inability to digest what is going on
an act of involuntary surrender/perhaps a desire to surrender
could relate to fear

a running off/feeling lack of control in regard to all of the s*** in your life
also could relate to fear

So now that you have seen this list, perhaps consider what is going on for you, and in your life. If there are things you've pushed aside, perhaps consider bringing them out, and dusting them off, and finding a way to address them. The good/bad news is that our body will often tell us when things need to be addressed. However, the beauty of having information like this is the possibility of creating an inhospitable environment for the things that could make us feel unwell, and prevent us from being anything but our best selves.

Please be safe and well this winter, and if there is anything that I can do in the way of information or support (hypnosis is a great tool for so many things) please let me know. You can reach me all kinds of ways, including clicking the phone icon below.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perspective: Sunset Over Phoenix

I love taking pictures from a plane.

I have gotten some really gorgeous ones,
and I'll need to share more at some point.

Oddly, they consider a digital camera
"electronic" equipment (maybe someone
can explain this to me?), and it's not
as easy as it once was to take pics at
the beginning and ending of a flight.

Perspective: Jon Stewart & CNN - "We'll Leave it There"

I think Jon Stewart has great perspective on things.

While his show is often humorous, it is the kind of
humor that can get you questioning things, and I am
always up for a good question.

In this case, there are some very interesting things
he brings up, however, the one I am left with,
probably is not quite where he as headed.

He makes some fun of CNN's "we'll leave it there"
closing. Of course, they can't be the only ones to
ever say it, but the joke wouldn't have worked so
well if others were brought into it.

The thing that occurs to me is how often do we leave
things "there" in ways unstated (or even stated), and
more importantly what does that action cost us? What
would be the cost of allowing ourselves the time and
effort to explore whatever it is that we need to

And, with that...I'll leave it there.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
CNN Leaves It There
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"How much does your life weigh?"

Interesting question. This movie looks like
it would be thoughtful on several levels.

Another question that comes up for me
watching this trailer is, what are the
"miles" in our lives, and are they worth
pursuing? Are they valuable enough
to cover the "cost"?

I might have to see this movie. :-) If you
you do, please come and comment - let
me know what you thought of it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perspective: Divorce Illegal in California?

Last year there was much conversation
around California and gay marriage.

In the end, the proposition allowing
gay marriage wasn't passed.

I thought the videos below were an
interesting perspective piece, and
make an interesting point.

There are horrendous relationships
between two adults of the opposite
sex that are terrible for anyone
involved. Why would it be so
difficult to believe that there
could be a loving, supportive, and
successful family with two people
of the same sex?

Something that is "normal" isn't
always "good." It's just "normal."
It's what we're used to. Our minds
are rigged that way: "Good"="Known"
"Bed"="Unknown." But something
"good" because it's "known" could still
be bad for us, and something "bad"
because it's "unknown" could be
something great for us.

Is it possible that there could be
some good things that could come
from a change in perspective?

I hesitate in discussing this topic
much further at the moment, as it is
a multi-faceted and multi-layered
issue. It is also not one that I
am entirely versed on.

However, I present this as it is an
excellent example of my favorite word:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Perspective: Untitled (The Movie)

The premise of this movie looks like a
perspective at its offbeat best.

If you see it, let me know what you think.

Perspective: Ballet Dancers Unlike Any You're Likely Ever Seen Before

I would have to wonder if what these two
do in the following video is seen as
extraordinary by them. If I had to guess,
I would say the answer is likely a NO.

The beauty for the rest of us is the
fact that it might seem extraordinary
gives us perspective in which to
experience our own lives and choices.

Poignant. Beautiful. Touching.

What other words might you add?

A Fulfilled Request - 2 Psalms on MP3

Recently a request was made for me to
record the 23rd and 91st Psalms.

I just completed them, and have made
these Psalms available here.

If you find these Psalms comforting,
you are welcome to download them for
your personal use.

Here is a reading of the 23rd Psalm

Perspective Video: A Symposium and A Message about Loving Ourself

I went to a "Girls Day Out" Symposium. It was
an awesome event.

The video below is a message from my experience,
along with a few interviews of some of the great
women I met.


Click here for MP3 for meetings/conferences/seminars)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune - They say

Who are 'THEY' and why
do they get to have a say?
~Elizabeth Alraune

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recipe: Banana Bread

Several years ago I found the recipe this
one is based on. I thought I lost it since
the last time I moved. I was bummed. It
was so delicious...everyone loved it.

Fortunately I found it, and now I get to
share it with you. :-D

I hope you enjoy it!

Banana Bread

2/3c. Organic Sugar
1/4c. butter
1 egg
2 egg whites
1c. very ripe mashed banana
1/4c. water
1 2/3c. flour
1t. baking soda
1/2t. salt
1/4t. + 1/8t. baking powder

Beat softened butter with sugar. Beat
in egg and egg whites, bananas and water
until well blended. Stir in remaining
ingredients until moistened.

350/45-60 minutes

Cool 10 minutes, and remove from pan.
Cool completely before slicing
(24 slices)

Perspective: When Trust is Turned into Ammunition

When you meet a new person, you don't know everything
about each other. It is not possible.

As you get to know one another, you begin to reveal
pieces and parts of yourself. You reveal your history.
You reveal your weaknesses, your insecurities. You
get comfortable, and the other person gets to see the
"real" you.

That can be the beautiful thing about expressing yourself,
and getting to know another. There is something quite
wonderful and freeing about being able to express
yourself, without your guard up.

What isn't so beautiful is when you in that moment of
trust confide something about yourself or your history
only to have the other person come back at a later time
and use it as ammo when they see an opportunity.

Even worse, is when the other person uses the
knowledge in a way that s/he might even claim as
helpful or beneficial to you - often by seemingly
kicking you while you are down. More times than not
the LAST thing we need to hear is another's assessment
of us in what is likely already an argument or disagreement.

How often is someone likely to mention something that
is seemingly "wrong" with you when everything is going OK?

The next time you are upset about something, and are
tempted to "use" some information about the other consider
the following:

1. Are you being defensive? Are you "pointing" at them as
a way of not looking at yourself?

2. Do you really think the person will "hear" what you are
saying if you point to something sensitive for or about them
when you are in the midst of a heated conversation?

3. Are you looking to hurt someone because you feel hurt?

4. Do you really think you are being helpful? Then consider
if there might be a better - less charged - time to address
the issue(s).

5. Do you really think you are being helpful? Does this
person want to hear what you have to say? Have they
"invited" you to address this issue? If not, odds may be
pretty good s/he will not be in a position to appreciate
what you have to say.

Arguments are bad enough without the additional stress
and heartache of the pain of feeling a betrayal of trust that
addressing sensitivities at the wrong time/in the wrong
way can bring.

Consider that you may think you know why a person is
acting as they are, but also consider that you haven't got
a clue. Many times what we think the issue at hand is
has nothing to do with what is really going on.

The world is a much better place when we have people that
we can trust and confide in, and when someone does that
with us, the best thing we can do for them is appreciate
the gift they've given us and respect them and the
information shared.

If you suspect the issue might be the issue, consider that
you can give them what they might need in the moment
as a result of the issue. For instance, maybe there is a
certain reaction because the person feels a lack of love.
Pointing out that they react that way, or that they feel a
lack of love is potentially unhelpful. What could be helpful
is to find a way to have that person feeling loved in that

If you find yourself on the receiving end of this type of
action, the best thing you can do is step back and see if
this might be what is happening.

If it is, then it might be helpful to let the other person
know that what s/he is doing is UNhelpful to you at that
time. If you really want to be generous, you can
acknowledge them for wanting to be helpful, but let
them know that you aren't in a place to appreciate it
at the moment.

I would truly like to think that most people don't set
out to hurt another, but that their own hurts and
defensiveness is what is speaking when they lash out.

When we love and trust another, it is a risk we take.
If we can recognize each other's humanity in moments
like this, it could make all the difference when it comes
to the outcome.

I am a great believer in expression. However, it would
be wise to consider what you say before you say it.
While words only take on the meaning that the receiver
brings to them, you can't take the result of their being
said back.

Sometimes it is wise to step back, and evaluate so you
can ACT vs. REACT. It is helpful to know when to walk
away. This is not to say to avoid the conversation, but
rather allow it time to breathe, so that the conversation
can be more productive. It is important to consider what
your goal is for the moment/for the conversation, and
where you are coming from. Is it a place of love? Or
somewhere more spiteful/hurtful?

In the heat of the moment we often are going to wind up
defensive (and defensively attacking), while the real issue
is standing in the corner watching and, as a result, remain
unaddressed and unresolved ready to appear another day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Perspective: Collage Jewelry by MiMi

My friend MiMi is very creative.

She taught me how to make some very cool
things using an art style she developed
using previously used goods - in other
words, recycled art.

She has made her own jewelry for years,
as well as other things. The picture
above is one of her pieces. I love it,
and wanted to share some of her work,
because I just love her jewelry, and
the perspective from which she works.

Of course, if anyone also happens to
love it, then all the better for her,
too. Because she is the artist, and
not the business person, I am playing
middle man for anyone who might be
interested in purchasing her jewelry.

I will be putting together a page of
her work, so if you think it will be
of interest - stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you'd like to
purchase this set, email me at for details. Please
put "MiMi" in the Subject Line.

If you would like to get the word out
about what you do (or know of someone
who would like to get the word out
about what they do), let's talk...I'd
be happy to see what I could do to
help! Email, or click the telephone
image just below to call.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perspective: A girl, A Yo-Yo, and Times Square

Several years ago I was waiting for a guy
I was dating in Times Square in New York City.

I arrived at our agreed location before
he did, and he was running late.

I called him at some point, and he sounded
like something was wrong, but when I asked
him about it, he was short, and pretty much
said he would still be coming.

I felt anxious about his coming as I was
standing virtually on a street corner waiting
for him. I wondered if there was anything
personal, as this was a new guy I was starting
to see. My mind started to take all kinds of
twists and turns, none of them particularly

I knew I had to shake the feeling, and I
decided I had to find a way to do it. Having
time on my hands, I started to roam the many
stores of Time Square, looking for something
that would help my mood transition.

I was in the middle of some courses at the
time, and part of what they were suggesting
was that we could be the essence of something
in our interactions, and who we were. I had
determined that for me it was the essence of
Love and Fun.

As I looked around for something that would
represent Love and Fun I wasn't having much
luck, until I came upon a Yo-Yo which I
bought. I then went back to the street
corner. It wasn't really the corner, but
close enough...just love saying it for the
effect :-p.

I went back to our meeting location, and
proceeded to stand there, and Yo-Yo'd. It
was a cool November/December Day, and I
was slightly more than casually dressed
for my date, so imagine what I would have
looked like, standing there, in front of
the ESPN Zone, Yo-Yo-ing.

Even remembering that image brings a smile
to my face. Needless to say, people
certainly gave me second looks. I think I
almost had more fun with them, than I did
with the Yo-Yo.

When my date showed, he was cracking up at
me. What was I doing with a Yo-Yo? I
don't recall, but I don't think I explained
to him the fact that I was sort of freaking
out, and that I needed to switch gears so
that I could get into the space of Love and
Fun. And, even though he cracked up at me,
he took the Yo-Yo and started playing with
it himself as we walked to Mars2112 where
there were lots of games to play.

We had a great night.

The next day I found out what was bothering
him the night before and, of course, it had
nothing to do with me. Had it been the "old"
me I would have wanted to know what was wrong,
even if it had nothing to do with me and it
would have likely have ruined - or at the very
least strained - our evening together. However,
that night, thanks to Love and Fun, I was able
to let it go, and be in the moment.

By the way, I still have that Yo-Yo (it is the
one in the picture above). I have kept it as
a reminder of what focusing on the essence of
something can do for me. It was a wonderful
gift that has kept on giving, as it is one of
those stories that I have told many times.

And now I have told it once more.
Picture above is an adaptation of a Trey Ratcliff photo:

I admired his work so much, I asked him to be a guest.
Here's an excerpt from when Trey was on my
World of Perspective Radio Show

Perspective: Pizza without cheese?! No Way?!

I don't know how you view food, and how
you make your choices, but lately I have
been seeing what I can do to make better
ones for me.

I have heard things that say we shouldn't
be eating dairy, that it's not healthy.
I also heard that cheese has some additive
that is addicting.

That last part I can believe, if for no
other reason, my experience with cheese.
It never lasts very long with me. I also
find that I don't feel the greatest after
I have eaten it.

I also heard recently about how MSG
reportedly kills off brain cells. I
don't know if that is true, or not, but
I also know how I seem to be affected
when I use ingredients (like bouillon)
that have MSG*.

So why am I mentioning these two things?

Recently, there was a coming together of
these two pieces when I sought out a
recipe for homemade bouillon. There was
one recipe that I found (that I have yet
to try) that called for Nutritional
Yeast Flakes
(that is what is in the
upper left of the picture above).

I had no idea what they were, and went
I went looking, I found out that they
were used in vegetarian dishes, often as
a cheese substitute, since they have a
cheesy flavor.

I was a little hesitant to try them, as
odd as they seemed, but decided it was
worth it. My first use was some mashed
potatoes with spinach. I put a little,
because I didn't want to ruin what I had,
and was pleased with the outcome.

Next was a big test. Pizza. I decided
that if I was going to make such a big
change, then why not go even further?

I decided to make Broccoli Pizza.

I steamed the broccoli, and mixed it
with a little bit of butter, Parmesan
Cheese, and the Yeast Flakes, and then
topped the pizza crust, which had meat
flavored sauce.

The results were amazing. You get the
cheese flavor without the cheese, fat,
or calories.

Any die hard pizza fan may have serious
reservations about these choices, but
someone with an open mind, and a willing-
ness to try it, might be pleasantly

The crust I made was the NYC Style
Pizza Crust
from my previous blog.

I LOVE cheese...and I don't know that
I will never eat again...but what I do
know is that I will be eating it less.

If you try it, let me know what you

*After seeing this post @LunaJune
forwarded me this article about MSG,
and other things
. It's from the
Health Ranger's site (as referenced
in a previous entry

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perspective: What do Love, Hypnosis & Photography have in common?

Q: Perspective: What do Love, Hypnosis & Photography have in common?
A: The True Love Project

The True Love Project from Zack Seckler on Vimeo.

What a great idea!

Under hypnosis you can "conjure" up all kinds of feelings.
(I am glad he chose Love!) What a great gift those people
received. I have been witness to some similar, profound
moments, and there is nothing more beautiful.

What do you think of his work?

If you can feel an emotion in your body, your body will
react to it. Hypnosis can tune you into the emotions that
are beneficial and can feed your body in a healthy way.

Some believe that the mind and body are connected. If they
are, it might be wise to consider what the stress you are
feeling might be doing to your body. Would it be advantageous
to be able to turn it off while turning a more positive
feeling on, like a light switch? If so, Hypnosis might be
something to investigate.

Amazingly, it CAN be THAT simple.

If you're curious about what Hypnosis can do for you, and
would like some inspiration, here is a list in PDF format.

If you'd like to learn more, or
explore your options, you can
call me, or
email me at

Thanks for stopping by!

Click Below, and Fill in your information, and we can speak live (US Only)
Click Here for World Clock
I am on Pacific (California) Time in the United States

Perspective: Changing Jobs or Career?

If you are considering a change,
this perspective might be
worth considering, too.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Perspective: Astrology

(This is a re-post of an earlier entry.)


I love the sun...

This pic is a Photoshop effort, with
the base a picture of a piece of jewelry
on display at the Griffith Observatory.

I spent a few hours there today, and it
was so beautiful. The "flaky" part of me
(the part of me that likes Astrology, and
the planets, and things of that sort - and
so named by my brother) loves things
like what the observatory had to offer.

I was looking for a park like place to spend
the day and @nsane8 took me there, and it
was perfect.

I took a bunch of pictures, and we'll see
which ones might be shareable for anyone
interested. From the observatory grounds,
you can get a great view, too, of the
famous Hollywood sign.

When thinking about planets, I think about
astrology, and what it might have to offer.

There are two awesome books that come to
mind on this subject, and if you have a
moment, perhaps check them out for yourself,
and see whether or not they "fit" you and
your interests. For me they both have
helped to validate who I am, and how I am,
and who doesn't appreciate some validation
every now and again?

I don't know about you, but it's not often
I re-read a book, and even when I do, I
don't often appreciate it as much the
second time around. The second of the two
books is one I read several years ago, and
am again reading it with incredible interest
and passion. It "speaks" to me differently
now that I have had a few more years of
life experience and perspective.

The first book is a resource book that I
have pulled out several times for myself
and others, especially in relation to how
we are affected by Lunar and Solar Eclipse
energy prior to our birth. The Lunar
Eclipse speaks to the lessons we are here
to learn, and the Solar Eclipse speaks to
the gifts we have been given.

To anyone I have ever shared these pages
with, it has been a "bulls-eye." Amazing
how something that speaks to us can provide
perspective that can be empowering...even
when (and especially if) it's something
we already recognize about ourself.

The two books are:
Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller & Karen McCoy
I Remember Union by Flo Avevia Magdelena

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perspective Short: John Nuveen

You can judge your age by the amount of pain
you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.
~John Nuveen

Perspective Short: Rob R. Dunn - The Effect of Humans on Extinction & Evolution

Human habitation has been, and is increasingly,
playing a direct role not only in the extinction
of species, but in their evolution. By our own
ations, we may be accompanied into the future
byever more diverse pests and pathogens, and
may leave behind what we value most - elephants,
tigers, and others of the earth's great megabeasts.

~ Rob R. Dunn

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perspective: 5 Benefits of being True to Yourself

It may not seem easy to do, but it's easier
than it might seem, when you know how to do
it. It might seem odd that we need to
better understand how to be our best - and
true - self. However, when you think about
how many influences and forces we have in
our life that tend to go against it, it is
not surprising that it might take a different
perspective to allow us to truly be who we
were meant to be.

While it may not seem to be the easiest thing
to do, the benefits would seem worthy of
consideration. Let me know what you think of
this list. Would you amend/subtract/add anything?

5 Benefits of Being True to Yourself
(and listen to your own inner wisdom)

1. You will have an unparalleled understanding
of yourself and others, as you will be open to
seeing and experiencing insights which will
allow you to be flexible in your words and
actions. You'll be less reactive.

2. You will be at peace with yourself and your
life and its circumstances because you will know
that you are making the choices that are right
for you.

3. You will be able to do more than listen to
others words, you will be able to hear what
they're truly speaking/saying.

4. You will find yourself open to things in a
whole new way, and find inspiration in people,
places, perspectives, and things. Choices you
make will seem inspired when you listen to your
Inner Guidance.

5. You will find yourself more easily able to
pursue the things that matter most to you
- in
spite of seeming adversity.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Perspective: Joy Love Peace

A few nights ago there was a full moon.

It was also a cloudy night, but the clouds
weren't so dense that you were still able
to see the moon.

Even though you can't really tell this
video graphic is the moon, you might still
enjoy it when you're stressed, or if you
are having trouble sleeping. It is very
soothing, especially if you give it your
full attention.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Perspective: We're Bombing the Moon

Anyone beside me find it baffling that 79 MILLION DOLLARS
can be spent this way?

Want to know more? Visit NASA's site.

10/10/09 Update
You can click here for the NASA Mission Outcome

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune - Control

You can't control a damn thing!
You just think you can.

You're probably safer in the
domains you don't think you have
control because there's
no sense of false security.

~ Elizabeth Alraune

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune - Connection

Your soul has touched mine.
And once it did,
I just knew you
and loved you.
~Elizabeth Alraune

Lessons About Life in an Unexpected Place

Here's an article I wrote from the "Archives."

Lessons About Life in an Unexpected Place
by Elizabeth Alraune

Did you ever receive a gift in an unexpected place?

I did, when I went to McDonald’s recently. My order was mistakenly placed as a Child’s Happy Meal. For some reason, I decided it was worth keeping, and in it was a gift in the form of a Sega game for kids.
After ignoring the game initially, and then haphazardly trying to play, I decided to figure it out. A couple of days passed, and it occurred to me that there were lessons about life in this little hand held game.

In a nutshell, the character of the game is to move up and down on lines, otherwise known as elevators, in its attempt to get diamonds distributed on various landings/floors. One side of the elevators is up, and the other is down. Stay on either too long, and the character gets smushed. If the character misses the elevator, or doesn’t collect the diamonds in time, or stays on the elevator too long, it loses a play. Lose 5 plays on a level, and the game is over. Be successful with the collection of 1 diamond 5 times, then move to the next level for 2, and then 3, 4, and 5. In order to win the game, the player must successfully get to level 5, and be able to successfully complete the diamond collection 5 times.

What lessons could someone take away from this little toy?

For starters, I realized my haphazard approach wasn't getting me anywhere. I realized that I needed to know how to play, needed to be focused, and in the moment. If not, there is a good chance that I will fall into any of the pitfalls. If I get distracted, I can lose a play, and potentially the game.

Just how many times in your life have you been THAT focused and conscious and intentional about what you have done? Have you taken the time to really engross yourself in what you're doing? What kind of results are you getting? Have you truly been playing “your game”?

Next, while there is some predictability to the game, the starting location varies, and the diamonds are planted in different places each time. As I have played, it has occurred to me that there are different ways to accomplish what needs to be done.

How often do you miss opportunities because you think the situation is predictable, or (you think) there is only one way to go?

While realizing that there are different ways to get things done, I also realized a second delay in pressing a button might mean that I would lose a play because the character would miss the elevator that seemed to be there.

How often do you think you’re standing on a firm foundation, only to have a misstep? The great thing about the game is that there is always another chance. Even if the options run out on the level I am on, I can always start over. Just how often are you willing to just pick yourself up and begin again in your “real” life?

Occasionally, while playing, I will think that the character is going to one space, but the game is just a second faster, and the character winds up in a different place than I thought it would be. I then need to reconsider what I am doing, oftentimes working with something better than expected.

How many times do you think you know where you’re going, only to find yourself somewhere else? Are you flexible enough to adapt to the changes?

Sometimes, I need to use the up elevator to maneuver myself into a place, so that I could go down…and sometimes I need to use the down elevator to maneuver myself to a place, so I can go up.

How often do you realize that the direction you are headed in is taking you the direction you need to go?

Once one level is completed 5 times, I am bumped into the next level. In the game, it’s the next place to go.

Once you have mastered something, does it seem that there is always something else? Once growth has been achieved, does a new challenge present itself? At times growth can seem like a lot of work, but it would also seem that each thing that happens comes because it’s time for it to.

As I have continued to play, I realize that I have gotten better at it. What seemed challenging at first, now almost seems too easy.

How many times have things gotten easier for you, the more you’ve allowed yourself to practice them? How often has a challenge ceased to be one with practice, awareness, and frequency?

Lastly, it’s “just” a game, right? I can’t take it seriously – can I? Well, I could, actually, but because it’s a game, I am willing to give myself space to breathe, and have kept at it.

Do you take your life seriously sometimes? What if you treated it more like this game? What if you were willing to keep trying because you always knew you had another chance? What if you could see your failures as stepping stones to your ultimate successes?

By the way, I win the game now every time I play it with focus and intention. Sometimes I get distracted, and I need to do something else, at which time I just put it away and start over again another time. Sometimes I’m so close to finishing, too. While it may at times be disappointing to stop, I know I can always to back to it, and build myself up again to hear the sounds that tell me I’ve gotten as far as I can, and that I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

Too bad life doesn’t have the “winning sounds” that this game plays…so that we’d know without a doubt when we’ve won. However, the sounds are still there, they may just come in the form of cheers, clapping, or a friendly, supportive voice. We succeed at something all the time, but are we too busy listening to the sounds of failure to hear our successes?

What truly is success? Is it my ability to win the game? Perhaps. However, I have come to realize that the minute that I did the best I could do in that moment, I was already successful. What perspective this unexpected treasure offered me, a big gift that came in the form of something that fits in the palm of my hand – something that reminds me, too, that whatever I need is well within my grasp.

The next time you are tempted to disregard something that has come your way, consider that it may be a gift that has yet to be unwrapped.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perspective: Life in the Moment

Another automatic writing gift...
What do you think of the message?
Does it resonate for you?


Let the past be the past. You bring
much of the past into the present
every time you feel anguish over what was,
what could have been, even what will be is
shrouded by your shadows from the past.

This is the only moment that matters.
This one. This one. This one. Truly
get that. Truly believe that - feel
that - know that - and when you do you
will feel an incredible release in your
body, and you will be healthier than
you've ever been.

If this is truly the only moment - it
is truly the only moment - then you get
to choose right now what this moment
experiences. You get to choose from all
available moments fear or love. understanding.
compassion. honesty with oneself and others.

Everything good is embraced and all anxiety -
which is only concern over the past, or
concern for the future - just melts away.

Be in the moment. Live in the moment.

Why is it that humans have such a difficult
time appreciating such a gorgeous gift - the
gift of life is only in THIS moment.

Take it, embrace it, wrap yourself around it.
Celebrate it. Cherish it. It is all you have.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perspective: Do you believe in past lives?

I wrote this to someone I was in
a relationship with. It is interesting
to me how I have felt this way about
others since.

If you believe in the possibility of
past lives, you might relate.

We've Travelled Miles
Written by Elizabeth Alraune

we've travelled miles
to be with one another
crossed through centuries
for a love that is
ours for the making
started lifetimes ago
it is being
our souls know the way
they've been this route before
the feeling
oh so familiar
leaves me wanting more
finding me in you
makes me want to explore
in your arms
I feel safe, secure
and I know we'll meet again
just like
each time

Have you ever explored the idea
of past lives? Whether you "believe"
in them, or not, having an hypnotic
experience that takes you on a past
life journey can give you perspective
that is amazingly helpful.

If you've ever wondered about what
your own experience would be like,
let's talk about it. I have taken
many on the journey, with incredible
results (even on the phone - so it
doesn't matter where you live
). You
might be surprised how it can free
you up from some of the things that
seem to limit you.

You can call me, or
email me at

Thanks for stopping by!

Click Below, and Fill in your information, and we can speak live (US Only)
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I am on Pacific (California) Time in the United States

Friday, October 2, 2009

Perspective: Helpful Website for Replacement Parts

Did you ever see the website

It might be enough to make you consider what you
do with your stuff.

Here's an idea...
get replacement parts for gadgets that you
have instead of getting a whole new gadget.

Check it out:
(It used to be

Perspective: This is not real - but it's the reality you created

This was written circa August 2002.

I am always glad when something is dated,
just for a point of reference.

I think the message is quite profound,
and certainly not one I think I could
have come to without some "help." This
was written via an "automatic writing"

For some it might be a big leap, or even
seem to be odd and impossible. For others
it may resonate. Which camp do you fall
into? Let me know what you think:

This is all illusion - All is illusion -
these words, this pen - all is floating
in space - dancing in the air, but looking
as though it is on paper - you are a
segmented being who claims to be whole.
But there are only segments knitted
together by the imagination.

There are threads that are there, but are
not acknowledged - threads between you
and your chair, you and your vehicle, you
and your neighbors. There are many threads,
like a spider's web.

We are all knitted together by an imagination
we do not claim. But it is as much ours as
the one that knits your body together. We
are all one organism that appears to breathe
separately. But it actually takes one
collective breath.

Know that your world leaders make decisions
that affect this body's well being. They
make the decisions that you call them to make.
They are you. You are the energy that is
them. Feed them nutritiously, because they
need to be fed "the good" stuff for the health
of the organism and its survival.

This is not real - but it's the reality you
created. Lessons are here to be learned, and
learned they will be. Know that these lessons
come in this world.

There are alternates with different lessons.
It's like a control room with many TV screens.
One can watch many scenes of many lifetimes
transpiring at one time - and at any one time,
one, or more of those screens can go blank -
as if shut off.

The screen could then turn on again, only to
find a different scenario. There are limitless
possibilities, and it is beyond human
comprehension to realize that this is not the
"one" reality. It is just one among many - and
can be scrapped at any time - ss others have
throughout time.

Time as you know it does not exist. Time as
you know it is only the appearance of movement.
There is no such thing as movement. There is
only now. If you were to blink, the next reality
would be upon you. Blink again, and there's the
next one.

Minute by minute is nothing but reality to reality.
Know that there is no such thing as minutes,
seconds, years - you are as young today as you
always have been - and you are as old today as you
have always been - what mirror are you looking in.

What is the reflection that you see? It's your
choice. Mirrors reflect your reality. There are
all kinds of mirrors - your family, your environment,
your health...the world in which you live is a
reflection of you...

~ Elizabeth Alraune (CY)

Perspective Short: Thich Nhat Hanh - On What's Possible

Photo used with permission
"Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Perspective: Looking without Seeing

F Minus
Intentional blindness? Or Unconscious blindness?

Sometimes we don't see,
and sometimes we don't want to see.

Sometimes it takes an "outsider" to see
possibilities where we aren't able to see them.

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune - Humorous

Repair man: "I've been doing this work 35 years,
and I started when I was 5."

Me: "You must have been a prodigy then."

Perspective: Pepper


Do you eat peppers?

For a long time I didn't think I liked them.

Why? Because I didn't enjoy cooked green

Then, one day, my sister was cutting up a
bunch, and I was told the ones that weren't
green weren't like the green. My young
nieces even liked them.

I figured if young kids could like them,
maybe they couldn't be all bad.

I had a pleasant surprise.

Above is another "tribute" to healthy food.

Oh, and by the way, I have eaten broccoli
steamed with a little butter and
Parmesan, that was suggested in a
comment from my previous blog entry
and have to say it is pretty good. Still
looking for other ideas on how to eat healthy
food, and keep it healthy. So...if you have any,
please let me know!

Have a great day!