Saturday, March 28, 2009

Perspective: A Tale of Two Brains - Mark Gungor

I saw this video a while ago,
and thought I had posted it.

Even if I did, and missed it,
it is a worthy repeat.

Enjoy the humorous perspective
on a very real part of our life
and world.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Perspective: The Stigma of Imperfection

If you do anything but blink, there is
a chance you might do it less than

You might spill your morning coffee,
drop your shampoo in the shower, run
a red light, make an error on a report,
type something incorrectly, have a
misunderstanding, button your shirt
incorrectly, leave your fly open...

Add to these things the things that
aren't a part of your day to day life,
and the risk of being less than perfect
soars even higher. Notice, I said

Now...what if we took the word
perfection, and redefined it. Some
might say that a definition can't
change. To that I would say that
there is a history of change that
disproves that.

In addition, I would say that word
definitions alone aren't everything.
It is how we interact with the
definition that is more important.

However, having said that, what if we
DID redefine the word perfection:

Perfection: Being true to oneself.
Being the best possible me in this
moment, right now.

That definition of perfection might paint
some pretty ugly and uncomfortable pictures.
(Hmmm...are we enamored by perfection
so much because it's so pretty?) But hang
out with me for a minute, and see where I
might be going with this.

I bring up this conversation because
the last several years, as I have
sought to define and create myself,
I have had to interact with the idea
of being less than perfect over and
over and over and over and...

When you are less than perfect, you
might notice that there is no shortage
of people who are happy to put their
couple of cents in there to "help" you,
or just because they can.

While input can be a valuable and
helpful tool, it often is the most
positively received when it is asked
for, instead of volunteered.

In addition, the input may or may not
fit who you are, the situation, or
your current abilities.

In a world where perfection is sought
and put up on a pedestal, anything
that seems to be less than perfect is
something that is to be hidden. It
is something that is often to be denied
at any cost, and often the cost can
be to our own sanity and well being.

How in the world can one live up to
that idea of perfection?

In a way, it is amazing that anyone
does anything in this instant mix world
we live in. It puts us at great risk
of being judged and, even worse, being
labeled, or feeling like, a failure.

I wrote a paper in college on the novel
1984. In the novel, Winston, the main
character, is deemed by the reader to be
the only "sane" one in a seemingly insane

I make a case, based on how sanity is
defined that in actuality, by definition,
he is the insane one.

If our world is defined by its context,
then why have a world that has a context
that disempowers us so readily and so

In just the last day, I have seen two
examples of seemingly glaring imperfections
in the media. One is the pictures of
Kim Kardashian
and the other is the article
about Sharon Osbourne's comments
about her family

If you haven't seen them yet, Kim had taken
some pictures that were loaded onto the
internet that weren't touched up, and then
the pics were replaced with the touched up
version. Sharon addressed the fact that her
family has had substance abuse issues, and
has been forthcoming about them, saying
that it was likely a good thing in how it
might be helpful for others.

In both cases, these two people acknowledged
the seeming imperfect perspective of the
situations, and essentially said, so what,
we are just like others.

I say "seeming" because in the context of
a world with other people that have had less
than perfect physiques, and people who have
had substance abuse issues, who is to say
that perfection isn't the experience we are
currently having - especially if we're being
true to ourself, and being the best possible
person we can be in this moment, right now.

Some might say that perfection is rare.
If so, why in the world do we set ourselves
up to fail by comparing ourselves to a
practically unattainable standard?

Striving for perfection as generally defined
might be a good thing, but I would suggest
that it is only good within the understanding
that everything that happens along the way
is OK. Otherwise it would seem to me that
we might wind up at the destination (if we
ever get to this illusive definition of
perfection) all battered and bruised, and
what is the point of that?

In the culture in which I live, winning
(often best defined by some idea of
perfection) is glorified. I wonder what
would happen if the perception of the
process was shifted. After all, we spend
so much more time in the process
than in that one moment of perfection.

I don't know about you, but for a long time
I used to try to be something I wasn't to
fit in with those that seemed to be the
"right" way to be. If you look at right
as "perfect" then they were the ones that
were the perfectly right way to be.

The problem was, I wasn't them, and it
never worked, for me. As a result, I felt
like the proverbial outsider, not able to
be successfully in the "in crowd" and not
wanting to be myself because it obviously
didn't work, because if it did, I would
have been more popular, or so one might
think, right?

So where did it leave me? As you might
imagine, a less than powerful place, and
not exactly liking or appreciating myself.

How can people feel comfortable with
imperfection when they feel they will
be stigmatized by it? It's also another
way of saying how can they be comfortable
being themselves when another may judge
them as different?

Oddly enough, because of the many
conversations I have had over the last
several years, I believe that most of us
are in this predicament.

I would say that perceiving perfection
where it seems to be missing and creating
perfection is a very powerful tool.
However, I would also say it potentially
feeds the illusion that while others can
be perfect, for us maybe not so much.

Don't we often feel better when we can
relate to others? Maybe the key isn't in
the hiding, as much as it is in how we
communicate in the moment of the seeming
imperfect blip. Maybe sometimes we can be
seamless, and maybe sometimes not...but
if we're being true to ourselves and the
circumstance, and looking for the best
possible outcome, is there really a

As usual, for me having an understanding
of this helps. However, I have yet to
find myself immune to what others have
to say about my perceived imperfections.

While I seek this immunity by coming to
understand myself more, and embracing
all that I am, you are going to see me
be less than the current societal
definition/standard of perfect.

I feel like I do myself and others a
disservice by being anything other than
what I am, given the message I feel that
I am here to convey.

Maybe the message, and how imperfectly
some may think I deliver it, could rub
people the wrong way. I suppose that
is a risk I take.

However, the bigger risk I take is
side stepping who I am, and what I have
to offer the world. Quite frankly,
I am at a point that I am unwilling to
do that. forewarned. I am the best at
being myself, and that is all I am
going to strive to be.

If that works for you, I welcome your
perfect self to come and join me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perspective: Accomplishment

Just a thought...

When striving to accomplish something
deeply personal and worthwhile,
there is sometimes nothing better
than being able to accomplish the
seemingly impossible or difficult,
and then being able to say
"I told you so" to all of those
who told you "No."

The only thing that might make it
even better is the act of being
gracious about just how right
you were.

You obviously knew
something they didn't.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Perspective: Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get You Down?

Have you ever heard the song Rainy Days and Mondays
by the Carpenters? I woke up this morning to rain,
and that song entered my mind almost immediately.

I share this because more than once I have been
aware of the influence of music. A few years ago
there was a song by Pink Don't Let Me Get Me
that in particular caught my attention.

It is a catchy song. It also has lyrics that if
you repeat them, can tune into your own insecurities
about yourself, and reinforce them.

I get the value of music, poetry, literature, movies,
etc. It's great to know that others are having their
own "moments." Maybe we feel less alone. However,
there is also a risk that we may get caught
up in it, and even years after being exposed to it -
especially on a regular (or catchy) basis, have it
pop back into our consciousness.

I wonder sometimes if people were more aware of this
possibility, if they would still create works like
this, and/or expose themselves to them.

The last thing you need to do when you're feeling down
is dwell in that place. There is power in the
acknowledgment of how you feel. However, a continual
acknowledgment will have you likely sinking deeper
into the very feeling you would likely rather be

A catchy song, is just that - catchy. It will catch
you in more than just the music. The more you get
invested in what you are exposing yourself to, the
more you will likely be influenced by its message.
The key is to start to pay attention to what you
are listening to and absorbing.

Our conscious minds have so little to say about things,
especially when we are overwhelmed. However, when you
are able to catch yourself, you are able to put the
breaks on. You can change the song in your head, stop
reading the news, turn the movie off, and replace these
things with something that you'd rather have in your

The Carpenter song gives some positive message, however,
for me it is lost in the refrain and title. I tend to
latch onto the most negative parts of the song. Maybe
that says something about me, I don't know. However,
I doubt that I am the only one.

The fact is, I LOVE rainy days...especially since I
moved to southern California, where it rarely ever rains.

I am working on getting that song out of my head, in
part, by acknowledging it and, in part, writing about
it here.

You may think that I am advocating a change. However,
what I am advocating is an awareness of what is going
on around you, which might be influencing you. Once
you have this awareness, you have the opportunity to
choose whether or not you want to change it. Without
it, the opportunity for change is greatly minimized.

One last thing, is this "true" information? Who the
heck knows? I always tell people to check in with
themselves when it comes to anything. Maybe your
experience is different than mine.

All I suggest is that you check in with yourself,
and observe what's going on. If you like what's
happening, great! However, if you are uncertain,
then perhaps it is worth considering a different

Oh, one other last thing, LOL. How do YOU feel
about MONDAYS? This week I am going to have
Ken Newman of Magnet Productions as a guest
on His message has
to do with enjoying ALL of life, not just the weekends.
The name of the show is Thank God it's Monday:
Living Life as a Comedy Routine
(click link for details).
If you have the time, I hope you'll tune in. If not,
the show will be available as a podcast for download
on ITunes afterward.

(In case you've never heard the Carpenter song,
here it is).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

World of Perspective Radio: Will Castagna

The following are excerpts from the show
with Will Castagna - (

(While the show is about life purpose
and mission, the excerpts have a
great message about perfectionism).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Perspective: Patrick Mathieu - Bar Code Guy

Patrick Mathieu will be a guest on
on Monday, March 23.

World of Perspective Radio: Marcome

Discussion with Marcome

Living Life from the Inside Out:
Let Your Heart Flow in the River of Life
THURSDAY, March 26, 2009 4:30PT/7:30ET (90 Minutes)
Listen online at or call (347)324-5745

Recording artist Marcome ( will be my guest to discuss the many colors and influences of this palate we call life, and how our life experiences have much to do with the outer expressions of our inner journey.

The backdrop of our conversation will be a few of her original pieces, as well as the colors of her life experiences woven throughout. You are welcome to call in and join our conversation, or participate in the chat room, at the time of the show.

World of Perspective Radio: Patrick Mathieu Bar Code Guy

Discussion with Patrick Mathieu

Living a Life Worth Dying For:
3 Steps to Choosing the Life You Want
MONDAY, March 23, 2009 6:00 PT/9:00 ET
Listen online at
or call (347)324-5745

Are you absolutely thrilled about your life? Are you living the life of your dreams? Whether the answer is yes or no, you will undoubtedly will appreciate hearing Patrick Mathieu ( discussing how you can absolutely choose the life you want - a life worth dying for! Wherever you are in your life, this conversation will have the potential to help you take your life to new heights, and move you in the direction of your dreams.

By the end of the show, you will have some powerful tools which can help cut through any reasons and excuses you may have that could be holding you back from living the life of your dreams. What Patrick shares will potentially provide you with the leverage you need to move yourself to take the kind of action necessary to achieve the kind of results you would like to have in your life.

Here is a chance to have insights that can help you stop living by default, and get yourself off of autopilot. If this speaks to you, you know you want to be there! Come and join us in the chat room, or on the the phone 347-324-5745.

Listen and Relax

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune

The best you can be
at any given moment
is yourself.

-Elizabeth Alraune

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did you know? Lemon Juice this is an odd title for an entry in a blog
about perspective. And this will likely be an odd
entry, as well.

However, it occurred to me to share with you an
experience that I had that might be of interest/
beneficial for you to know.

A few years back I became aware that lemon juice is
supposed to be good for cleansing your liver. Around
that same time, I wound up in the hospital. The
hospital decided to put me on an anti-biotic.

When I went into the hospital, my liver function was
fine. The doctor commented that it was up at one
point, and that the likely reason was the anti-biotic
they were giving me.

At the same time, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink a
thing. As soon as I was allowed to, I got some lemon
juice, and was drinking as much of it as I could.

By the time I left the hospital, another doctor noted
that my liver function was fine, and he seemed a
little surprised.

Is the lemon juice connected to what happened? Who
knows? Although I know what I suspect. However, my
point is...if there is a chance, however remote, that
it could have had a positive effect in the face of
what the medication was doing, it was worth knowing

I couldn't help but wonder why something so simple
wasn't discussed with me. Perhaps they didn't know?
Perhaps because it wasn't medicine they couldn't say

My thinking goes...if you are going to do something
to negatively affect my liver, shouldn't you atleast
consider a way to counteract it, instead of shrugging
your shoulders?

On the other hand, as I left the hospital, I was
given a prescription for an anti-biotic, which they
said I didn't really need (even though I was getting
it most of my stay there) and another for pain
(which, if they checked my records, would have seen
that I could have been just fine without).

I could say more. However, I will leave it at that
as I drink my lemonade.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Perspective: It's all in how you look at it

This was brought to my attention by @theexpert
on Twitter.

It shows how anything can be viewed in a way that is
beneficial or not so beneficial. It's my perspective that
sometimes it's good to stand back and see things in a
different way. You either wind up appreciating what
you have, or you might consider other options.


Perspective: Act vs React

In 2006, I visited southern California for the first time
in my life. I had wanted to visit so many times before,
but it never worked out. I even considered moving
there a few years before, but it also didn't work out.

The idea of California was present for a long time,
simmering in the background. Didn't know that I
would ever move there, and never discounted the

When I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles for
a seminar in the spring of 2006, I jumped at it. I
even came back the next month, for another seminar.

By July, I was wondering what it would cost to live there.
Could I possibly make it happen? Was it too ridiculous
to even consider? I sat down at the computer and
started to investigate. I was amazed to find that the
costs in the area I wanted to live weren't far from the
ones where I was living in New York. As a matter of
fact, it almost seemed to be even a better deal.

At the time, I had created my business doing hypnosis
and coaching via telephone
, and had flexibility in a
way I didn't have any other time in my life. I was doing
my own thing, and I could do it any where.

I decided to go back there in September, and see what
the possibilities were in person. I went back again
the next month and knew by the end of the visit that
I was going to be moving in January 07.

Every place that I went to people would ask me questions
like, "Are you moving for a job?" When I would say
no, then they figured I had to be moving for a man. I
would also then say no. Dumbfounded, they'd ask, so
do you have friends? family? here? Nope.

My response was "I am moving because I want to."

Some that I spoke with had never even been outside
of the state, so to think that someone could pick up
and leave NY and move all the way across country without
knowing anyone seemed incomprehensible.

Somehow, I don't think my family was surprised.
I was doing one more "crazy" thing. Some of my young
nieces, seeing me tear up only a day or two before I left
couldn't understand why I was leaving.

I was sad to go, but felt like it was the thing I had to do.
I explained to them that there might come a day when
they, too, needed to do something that would defy logic
of everyone around them, and they would remember
the moment, and know exactly what I was talking about.

My mom made the comment something to the effect of
"didn't anyone ever tell you you were too old to pursue
your dreams?" I know she didn't mean any harm in it,
however, it was quite a statement to be made.

What in the world does that say for where her mindset
was? It made me think that she couldn't be the only
one who would decide in a moment that something that
had always been present was unattainable because of
_________________(fill in the blank).

Maybe some of the reasons make total, logical sense.
Maybe it's true I would have been "safer" and more
comfortable if I had stayed in my element. Well, actually,
there's no maybe there. I would have been much
safer and more comfortable. Being in a place and
not knowing anyone is something I severely under-

However, I am glad I didn't know the difficulties
I was going to face, because they may have prevented
me from making the move.

Even though I have now been here a little over 2 years,
I am still finding my way. I have been asked if I have
any regrets about the move.

When I left NY, it was clear to me that I was headed
toward California, rather than leaving NY. In the time
I have been here, I have considered going back. However
the one promise that I have made myself is that if I
was to go back, I would have to be clear as to why I
was doing what I was doing, and that a move back
east could only be because I was headed
to NY, and not leaving California.

It is clear to me that if I am doing something to
escape something else, it is a REACTION to my
situation. If I do something to move myself toward
something then I am ACTING.

I don't know about you, but reacting for me doesn't
always leave me feeling so great, and can the things
I did in reaction can open up other issues. I wish I
could say that I no longer react to things. However,
I suspect that might only come after my last breath.

The cool thing, though, is that I get to be more
aware of what's going on. The times in my life that
I took action in the face of some very sucky (or
potentially sucky) events, I can truly say I have
never regretted regardless of the outcome, and
some of the outcomes really did suck!

So...why in the world would I move cross country
without knowing anyone? The same reason I do
so many other seemingly *crazy* or unorthodox
things - because it feels right - to me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Perspective Short: Courage

When something is the right thing for you to do
some will call your action "courage."

There is a good possibility you will likely call it
"being myself."

-Elizabeth Alraune

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perspective: Numbers Never Lie: Numerology Reveals Yourself to You

Today 5:00 PT
Call-in Number: (347) 324-5745
(can also use if you will be away from the computer)
Listen Online & Participate in Chat

Numbers are everywhere: 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, our home address, our phone number, our social security number, all of these numbers have a meaning that is significant got us in some way. Even our letters have numbered meanings which means our words and all things around us have an affect on us.

Join me and Janet Thornburg (, Numerologist for a discussion that will include analysis of the numerology of President Obama and two of the stars (Bill Hufsey and Chris Atkins) from Confessions of a Teen Idol as well as having conversation about the history and dynamics of numerology.

If you join us, you'll be able to ask questions about yourself. If you have questions ahead of time, send them to Please visit for information on other shows, and check out the Blog. Thanks for listening!

Perspective: Why in the world would anyone use Twitter?

On February 1 of this year, I joined the ranks of Twitter,
a/k/a Twitterland, Twitterville, Twitterverse, the land of
its own Twitterology (a/k/a language, terminology)
as @JoLoPe. (Those who Twitter a/k/a Twitterites/Twitterers
will place the @ sign in front of another's ID to "address"
a/k/a message another user).

One thing I noticed is that there are many self professed
geeks. Another thing I noticed was @MarkDavidson
who was constantly Twittering (a/k/a updating, messaging)
to others "I will not flirt with ," several times, with several members.

I noted a number of members who were very attractive
women who were so excited about getting a free lap top,
telling me that I could get one, too.

There also seemed to be a marked dislike by many for how
many others were using these things called DMs (a/k/a
Direct Messages, Private Messages). One member, @Boshemia
was even so excited when I communicated with her, as I was
proving to her that I was not a "bot" (a/k/a an automated
system doing the work).

I found myself awkwardly navigating the site, jumping into
conversations, hoping that in the only 140 characters I
could use to communicate (that's all that Twitter will
allow per communication) would come off sounding OK. I
realized soon enough that a conversation could be held
by stringing a number of these messages together. I wasn't
limited to one to convey my whole thought, while at the
same time finding myself more and more adept at
communicating succinctly.

I followed links to all sorts of sites, and started to
"Follow" people, some with a staggering number of "Followers."
(Following is like subscribing to a magazine: You get
to read the articles - in this case posts/updates - if you
flip through the pages - in this case - the stream a/k/a
the messages/updates of those you are following and/or go
to their own personal stream pages by clicking on their name.)

Some Tweets (the messages/updates) that those who use
Twitter write were profane, inflammatory, others kind
and generous. There were messages of quotes, of
inspiration, and messages about what someone was eating
for lunch. There were "Good Morning" types or messages,
and end of day sign off messages. There were many,
including myself pondering what it was to be obsessed
by Twitter, or what it takes to be a Twitter addict.
Thanks to @theexpert, I found out. To my relief,
by his definition, I think I MIGHT be safe - for the moment,
any way.

I had only about 40 followers in the first couple of weeks,
and wondered how those who had so many managed to get them.
I saw one guy who had this "crazy" idea to get thousands
of subscribers in a relatively short time, and saw many jump
on the idea, and watched as there seemed to be mixed
reaction and results.

Some people believe in following anyone who follows them.
Others are more discriminating. There are theories and ideas
on that, too. There are many who would profess to be an
expert on social media, and lots of tools and opinions are
in various blogs and in various sites. There is a wealth of
opinion and a wealth of information.

Who's right? Who's more right? Who's wrong? Who do you
listen to? Which way does one go?

Does this sound like anything else to you? Like maybe your
life? It may not be as obvious in your day to day life,
however, in my work as a life coach, and hypnotist, I have
found that many people have opinions about how other's lives
should go, and lack an understanding and appreciation for
forging their own path.

I recently saw an article about 5 people who broke social
media's rules
, and loved it. I loved it because it is
my opinion that the rule breakers are the ones that, in many
ways, have the potential to move us forward. If we always
did things the way others said we should, where would progress
come from (see great video on the genius of unique thought
in a previous blog entry)?

However, more importantly, at least in my perspective, is
the idea of being true to who YOU are. When I first started
to Tweet, I was getting the lay of the land, and seeking to find
the way it works for me. When I first started, what I was doing
was uncomfortable, in part because it was new, and in part
because I was seeking to understand the *best* way to use the

I saw many established users saying that relationships come
FIRST, and THEN selling, and yet, there are many who are all
about me, me, me and what I have to offer. Aren't I great?
(LOL, I can't resist another message from that wise sage,

It occurs to me to question whether or not this approach
works in "real" life. In my experience, I would say not.
In my experience, we would all probably get along a lot
better and understand one another more, if we all could get
that life is better lived in our relationships to one another,
vs what we can get from one another. The cool thing seems
to be if we do we relate, then we get whole lot more than
if we start in the place of how can we get something from

Yes, I came to Twitter for business reasons. I had a radio
show I wanted to promote
, and wanted to meet people who
were interested in hypnosis and wanted to be hypnotized
a/k/a new clients (smile), and I saw it as an avenue in which
to do that. However, what I have found is my new office.

For years I have worked at home, and have missed the office
environment from the social perspective. The "Good Morning"s,
the "How was your weekend"s, the conversation about what was
going on in another's life...the doctor's appointment...the
hope you are feeling better...the elevator social chats...
the same people I would see on the commute to work...
the friendships in between the work.

And, just like any other office, this one has its quirks and
its characters. It has its leaders and its followers. It
has its own style and personality. It has its rules and its
rule breakers. It has its own way of speaking and language.

I now get that a part of the charm of Twitter IS in the
lunch descriptions, and in the things that are not all business.
I know there are some who would entirely disagree. The cool
thing is, though, is that in beginning to find my own pace,
my own approach, I am in touch with some really amazing people
who think that I am so cool. The funny thing is that I was
never the cool one growing up. At least I never felt that way.
And yet, here I am amongst some of the coolest kids on the
block, and they're wanting to be around me.

I suspect that there is a lot to be said for being true to
we are. It is an incredible magnet. There is a lot to be
said for creating life as we would have it be, versus the way
someone else says it should be.

Btw, I have also found that it relates to life. Sometimes I
will try to do something just as someone else has done it,
after all, it works for them. Aren't you supposed to follow
success? Well...I have found what THEY do awkward for me,
even after the newness has warn off. That is when I know that
whatever the thing is, or whatever the approach is, I need to
find my own way, which is not necessarily easy with the
voices of others and their opinions in my life, however, I
must say, that when I do follow MY own lead (after
consideration of what others have done), I am my most content
and successful.

I have very much enjoyed my hours, lots and lots of hours, on
Twitter, and have met some great people, and sooooo look forward
to getting to know those who are following me. Just know that
if you do follow, sooner or later I am going to find you, and
ask you about yourself, and I am going to want to know more
about you than the fact that you sell your product or service.

There is more to you than that. We both know it, and I would
love to be able to learn more about those parts of you, and share
those parts of you with others. The places you are the most
passionate are the ones that I find the most intriguing - likely I
can relate to those things better than I can to your product or

I don't know about you, but when I used to work in an office,
there was always work to be done, but so often I would find
the stuff in between the work to be the most enjoyable and

However, please know that I know that others may have an interest
and benefit in getting to know all about you - product and
service - and all. I am happy to share. I would say it's one
of the best things about Twitter.

In my mind (and perspective!), when you keep others in mind,
hooking up with like minds has never been easier.

Thanks so much for reading, and have an AWESOME day!
Elizabeth a/k/a JoLoPe

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

World of Perspective Radio: Tony Vear (Returns)

Love: A State of Mind and A Way of Life

Is the way it has been, the way it will always be? My guest Tony Vear would say that within every situation, within every moment, within every person, love is present, waiting to be acknowledged.

His perspective has the potential to leave you feeling inspired and full of hope. Come and join our conversation. Questions welcome. To submit questions ahead of time, email

The Show is Tonight 7PM/PT. To listen, click player on the left of this blog, or visit

Here are excerpts from our first show:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

World of Perspective Radio: Diana Lees

3/9/2009 6:00 PM
You Are More Than You Were Led to Believe:
5 Life-Changing Lessons from the Horses

Have you ever wondered…
or felt…there was more to you
– or more to life – but weren't sure
how to access it? If so, you'll want to
listen and participate in this exploration.
Join me and Diana Lees, Life Coach, Speaker,
and Heart Virtues Expert
while we discuss
ways you can
connect with yourself and
your innate wisdom.

You can listen on the player in
the left column, or connect
with the Chat Room,
by visiting

Will you be away from the computer?
Listen via the call-in number: (347) 324-5745,
or download podcast.

World of Perspective Radio: Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman

Interview Excerpts from interview with Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman, Author of Soul Diet, ( If you would like to hear the entire podcast, please visit the archives at

A Diet for the soul: Achieving Clarity in a World of Media Distraction.

Thanks for listening!

Perspective: If I Can Dream

This is a beautiful song. If you want the lyrics, go here.

The technology used is also pretty darn cool.

Enjoy Elvis Presley & Celine Dion.

Friday, March 6, 2009

World of Perspective Radio: Dave Rudbarg

Excerpts from
with Dave Rudbarg - Relationship Coach /
Is it Ever Too Late to Have a Great Relationship?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Perspective: In Search of Life Purpose

My guest today, Will Castenaga,
is offering 1 lucky person a
free session.

To get the details, and to enter
your name as a possibility,
listen to the show (via podcast
or online) at
for details.

You need to act by 11:00 AM/PST
Thursday, March 5.

The show was awesome!

World of Perspective Radio: Will Castagna

Discussion with Will Castagna

5 Steps to Certain Clarity: Define Your Purpose and Find Your Direction
WEDNESDAY, March 4, 2009 10:00AM PST/1:00PM EST
Guest call-in number (347)324-5745
(Can listen via internet, or by calling above number)

Have you ever noticed that powerful feeling you get when you are clear about your purpose? And yet, doesn't it seem all too easy to get lost in the choices and opportunities all around, feeling like your life's compass needle is spinning?

Do you find yourself wondering what's next in your life, or whether an activity or project will be "right" for you? Would you like to know how in 5 simple steps you can define your direction by getting clear about your life's purpose? If so, come join me and Will Castagna (

Will has spent over twenty years working with individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to help them to get clear about their vision, purpose, and mission. During our time together, he'll help to get you pointed in the right direction, leaving you with at least one action you can take immediately that can move you forward.

One lucky listener will win the opportunity to work one-on-one with Will for a 1-hour session (a $125 value).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

World of Perspective Radio: Mark Davidsom

Discussion with Mark Davidson

Building Relationships Online
TONIGHT, March 3, 2009 6:00 PST/9:00 EST

Mark Davidson ( Internet Humorist and Online Promoter, will be visiting to discuss building relationships online. He is part of the Twitter Top 100 Elite. Here's a chance to engage this dynamic online presence. He has an incredible energy, and a powerful personal perspective, and if you are looking to engage powerfully online, it'll be worth your time to tune in and join us, or be sure to listen to the podcast.

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune

When you are busy looking at your next step,
how can you see where you are going?

-Elizabeth Alraune

Monday, March 2, 2009

Perspective Short: Thomas Edison

Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.

-Thomas Edison

World of Perspective Radio: Dr. Lisa Love

Interview on
with Dr. Lisa Love
We Are the Change: Attracting the New World We Want to Live In

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune

You are as amazing as you let yourself be.

Let me repeat that.


- Elizabeth Alraune (CY)