Saturday, August 15, 2009

Perspective: Life as a Courtroom

Have you ever considered the possibility
that we as individuals hold court?

And within our courtroom, we are the judge,
the jury, the lawyers, and the defendant
all in one.

The defendant (who is us) is on trial for
something he or she has appeared to do.

The prosecution, who is also us, judges our
actions in some way, and makes its case. Have
we done too much? too little? Have we done
it "right?"

The defense lawyer makes their case for the
defendant, explaining why things may or may
not be as they appear.

The jury, also as us - then looks at all
that has been said, and makes a declaration.

The judge then gives the law that will carry
out the jury's declaration and the defendant
is set free (let off the hook), or sentenced

Have you ever seen a person wrongly convicted?
Or perhaps too harshly treated for what they
have done? Have you ever seen a judge dismiss
a case for wasting the court's time? Have you
ever seen lawyers bending the facts, stretching
the limits?

Can you see how your inner conversations
could be like this? If so, what might you
be sentencing yourself to?

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