Monday, December 28, 2009

Perspective: A good kind of exhaustion

Have you ever really wanted something really bad?

Have you done all that you could to make it happen,
even if didn't? Have you said all there is to

I came across this today, and I thought it an
interesting statement that I made to someone in
a letter:

"I have done all that I can. I have exhausted
every avenue, every option, every street, every much so I stand here feeling empty
and yet complete."

The beauty is that it was a situation that I
very much wanted to turn out differently than it
did, however I found peace in the fact that I
said and did everything I could.

Communication is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Perspective: From A Third Grade Report Card

Today I was going through some papers
one of which was my third grade report card.

One of the teacher comments was,
"Elizabeth is a lovely child.
She can do better work and will
if she talks a bit less."

I remember someone saying that the
thing you got into trouble for as a child
is likely the thing you are meant to do.

I LOVE to talk to people, and I am in a
"talking profession"....what a surprise!

We aren't all meant to be spectacular at
everything. While it is difficult for
me to do certain things, the one thing I
have always had ease in is talking to

The mistake we can make is to limit the
things we are good at in the interest of
refocusing on the things others find
more important.

I remember as a child I always talked too
much - according to others. It may have
been my way of trying to get attention.
However, it also seems that I did - and
do - have a knack for it.

What do YOU have a knack for? and what
are you doing with it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm...

People who know me know how much I get
upset when people are manipulated by the
likes of those who are adept at hypnotic
technique and NLP.

Today I saw something that I think is
questionable. I know exactly what the
person is doing, and it troubles me.

There was a blog entry about the "dangers
of conversational hypnosis" which ever so
conveniently linked to a program on how
to do conversational hypnosis. How much
you want to bet it's an affiliate link?

When you tell someone about something like
this, the danger almost always often is a
call to investigate further.

I have said for quite some time that people
CAN be manipulated with hypnotic technique,
and it concerns me that there are those who
are teaching others how to do it, claiming
that it's not the tool that is troubling,
but the people who use it. I even heard one
such person's audio which said that if you
were unethical you should not buy his program.

All I can say to that is, "Puhleassse." If
someone didn't know what he was doing, they
might think how wonderful that he was discouraging
misuse. Do you really think someone unethical
would care about what he was saying? Besides
the fact that how he was saying it, was only
encouraging anyone and everyone listening to
buy his offering.

And all I can say to you is do what you can
to become aware about what is possible. The
more aware you are, the less likely it is
that you could be manipulated. Sadly, I do
not believe there is any way to truly and
completely guard against abuse, but it is a

Be well and be safe...and enjoy the rest of
the year.

with Love,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Perspective: Stores Online

Recently I went to a seminar for Stores Online.

They use a common ploy these days:

They invite you to an hour and a half introduction,
and serve you a meal. In addition they offered a
"free" mp3 player. It wasn't an ipod. Although
if you wanted an ipod instead of the cheap looking
thing they offered, turns out you can get a
remanufactured one for shipping of about $8.

The introduction they offer is convincing. They
tell you for $48 they will provide you an internet
workshop and lunch. They also tell you - to be
"fair" - that they will be selling you on their
products and services.

I always like to learn as much as I can, so I paid
the money, and went to the day seminar.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I had gone to a
similar one several years ago in NY, but thought
perhaps things had changed enough, it could be
worth it.

Sadly, what I saw was manipulation.

When I went several years ago, I didn't know what
I know now, and I "bought" into what they were
offering, only to rescind it within the legal period
of 3 days after purchase. I realized when I got
home and checked things out, it really wasn't for
me. They had, however, convinced me that what they
offered (which is "merely" tools and a platform)
would open my horizons.

Back then I wasn't as aware of language and manipulation,
as I am now, and I have to wonder how much of that went
into play.

Forward to this time, and I felt badly for those who
were manipulated into the purchase. OVER $6000 to
buy in, and then a monthly fee of about $50 (if I
remember correctly).

Granted, everyone is looking for internet magic,
however, from what I could tell, they weren't offering
much of anything that isn't available somewhere else,
and for - in some cases - free.

The instructor mentioned a "Key Word Tool" and said
that that alone was worth the money that they were
charging. I couldn't believe what he was saying! Yes,
it is a valuable tool, but it is also available through
Google at no charge!

He also kept making a distinction between the "basic"
site (the one you got for $48) and their more advanced
site with all of the tools. Interestingly, for an
internet seminar that was supposed to teach you
something, it was sorely lacking for anyone who wasn't
in a position to (or desirous to) spend the money.
None of the things that were really helpful were a part
of the "basic" plan/site.

Didn't have the money? No problem. They had financing.

If you weren't going to do this, and you had credit
problems, then good luck to you, because if you didn't
have a merchant account, then people wouldn't do business
with you. They - my friends - were your savior.

I decided to write about this because I have some
perspective regarding their services, and my experience.

I went knowing nothing, and got "sold." I went knowing
something and came away with a story to tell. I find it
sad that there are so many organizations that will
manipulate you into doing something, and under the
guise of "helping you."

To be fair, some people have had success with their
products. However, I suspect the failure rate is much
higher. There are many complaints about them on the

They do tell you that you're on your own with these tools.
They don't make promises that they don't keep (at least
not as far as I can tell). But what they do do is
manipulate people into buying something that may not
be beneficial, or right, for them by weaving a deceptive
web that could easily be caught up in.

My experience of their over all attitude was that they
were quite arrogant. As with anything, I always say
you need to find your own way - listen to your gut - and
if what they offer truly speaks to you, then by
all means, act on it. You could be one of those success

However I have found that you can "get by" on your own a
lot less cheaply. Don't know how, or where to start,
perhaps I can help. I do all of my own stuff, and find
that while it may not be the best, it is a place to start.
I'd be happy to see how I could help you get started.

All the best to you.
Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Muppet Internet Perspective

Be sure to watch to the end :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joy, Santa, and Susan Boyle

As much as I don't appreciate the
commercial aspects of the upcoming holiday,
I can't help but wonder what a world would be like that
exhibited more of the pure joy
Santa brings to the child in us.

By the way, I heard Susan Boyle's version
of Silent Night today - it is so beautiful
Listen for yourself (affiliate link)

The Paradox of Deciding Who Dies and How

I just saw this article about an Ohio inmate who
was executed via lethal injection

I am writing about it because it occurred
to me that it seemed rather paradoxical
that we live in a culture that would think
that OK, while being against a person's
right to choose to die (such in the case
of someone who is terminally ill).

I realize that inherent in the choices is
likely to be a judgment of what a life worth
living is. However, I have to wonder how a
life in pain is judged to be worth living,
IF the person living it is suffering so much
that he or she wants to make the choice to die.

I realize it - like many things - is a
complex set of issues and facts, however,
the problem, to some degree for me, is how
those who aren't in the situation get to
dictate what is allowable for someone who is.

In my opinion, when there is a true respect
for a life and an individual, there is an
awareness of a perspective that may vary
greatly from one's own. In some cases it
may be wise and helpful to watch out for
another, but when does watching out become
unnecessary - unwanted - control?

I'd like to think that most people have the
best of intentions when it comes to others.
However, these intentions can be troubling
to the intended recipient.

We may not always understand another's
perspective, but if we are truly to help
another, I think we must allow for varying
personal experiences, even when we disagree.

I also think it worthy to consider that
the choices we may inflict on another may
have more to do with us, than with them.

I am not saying that I know "THE" answer,
because I don't know that there is ONE.

However, what I do know is that throughout
life most people I know desire to be heard,
and paid attention to, and to have their
perspectives respected. Given that death
is a part of life, I would suspect that the
same would hold true even as someone
terminally ill knows more about the
impending end than others might.

What are your thoughts on
this very difficult topic?

(Want some perspective on assisted suicide?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Working with One's Strengths VS Going Against the Tide

A friend sent this video to me today.

It's about a dog and the human who
set out to make it something it wasn't
meant to be.

As you will see, that person came to
realize the beauty in allowing the
dog to be something closer to what
its own personality is.

How many times do we try to force
things? and to what result?

Sunday, December 6, 2009


As you may know from some previous blogs,
I have been having some difficulties lately,
and have wondered if I would have to leave
southern California to return to New York.

When I moved here almost 3 years ago, I was
certain that I needed to be here. It made
no logical sense for anyone, including me.
Although, I had considered a move to the
area more than once.

My situation has made me question many
things, and has left me at times in a deep,
dark place, and at other times has given
me optimism and hope in ways never before.

Interestingly, at the darkest place I have
been, I got really sad thinking about leaving,
and I decided to begin to be grateful (on a
more aware and consistent basis) for the
things I have, the environment I am in, the
palm trees, the mountains, the fact that I
am in southern California.

In the last few weeks, that is the ONLY thing
that I am aware of that I have done
differently, as I have been plugging away
for some time, working on creating things,
as always.

In addition, there have been those who have
wished me well, and prayers that have been
sent my way that have been very much
appreciated. Positive energy in my direction
is always welcome.

While there are many issues and questions
that I am facing these days, not the least
of which are others' judgments and assessments
of what I am doing and should do, and how I go
about what I am doing. Let me tell you, I am
getting some very important lessons in

There were certain things I felt and believed
before, and now I am becoming reacquainted
with them in a bigger way, and at some point
I will share...the point that I become more
clear about the role of the twists and turns
my life is taking.

In the meantime, I am appreciating where I
am and what I am able to do, and I am plowing
forward, and the last week or so has been one
of the best weeks I have had in a very long

I don't know where this will wind up. However,
I have the desire for it to be somewhere
amazing, and believe that, just like so many
other rough patches in my life, and seeming
cliffs, there is something that I will be able
to relate with others about in a way that can
make a difference.

Who knows if it's "true," or not? But then
again, how does anyone know what is "true?"
So, for now that's my story, and I'm sticking
to it.

Be well...with much Love and Appreciation,

PS If you know anyone who could use my help
as a hypnotist, or in any other way (see for the many things that are me)
please connect us. Thanks!