Saturday, August 22, 2009

Perspective: Recipe for NYC Style Bagels

Recently I made bagels. I attempted several years ago to make
NYC Style Bagels, and was quite disappointed.

However, since it is one of those foods I miss from home, I
figured I would see if I could find another recipe.

The NYC Bagel Recipe I found came up close. The only
differences in what I did versus the recipe was to substitute
molasses where it called for malt syrup, and used quick rise
yeast (in place of dry active).

For the fun of it, I documented the essence of the process
in a short YouTube video. What took over 2 hours (more
or less) was condensed into approximately a minute.

If it's not something you're inclined to do, and curious
about what all the fuss is about, you can order NYC bagels
from H&H Bagels in NYC. I know first hand that those
bagels are delicious!

PS If you're interested in a recipe for NYC style pizza,
check this blog entry.

PPS Need to do some cooking conversions? I have never
tried it, but this site might be helpful.

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jamms said...

saw your video on youtube. thanks.