Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing with Photoshop

Just being a little creative tonight...thought I'd share...:-)


Be Yourself: No One is Better Qualified


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can Perspective be an Illusion?

Perspective: Everyone has one. Sometimes it takes
a little effort to see other perspectives, and
sometimes we can see it ourselves, in time.

I did a talk on hypnosis and creativity yesterday,
and part of my talk included some images that could
be seen in more than one way - optical illusions.

Optical illusions are fun to play with, but I think
it is possible that they have a bigger gift/perspective
for us if we can extend it to our life experience.

How many times can something said be interpreted a
different way?

Here are a few fun things to check out. Have a great
day, wherever you are in the world!

Graffiti Stairs Illusion
In this subway,
this guy spray painted the wall to appear as an
illusion of the stairs coming out of the wall.

The Spinning Dancer
The Spinning Dancer appears to move
both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Special Thanks!

Today I brought out a new recording called
Peace Within. I asked for help on Twitter,
and several wonderful people tweeted about
it, and because there were so many, I wanted
to give a special thanks.

I am a little nervous with this list, hoping
that I didn't miss anyone. If you RT or
shared about the recording in any shape, way,
or form,and I missed it/you, PLEASE let me
know so I can add you. If you're not here,
I soooo apologize in advance. It's not easy
to scroll down through the many tweets.

I always say every little bit counts. I would
say there were approximately 400 views of the
Peace Within recording page as well as
other associated pages. I certainly don't
think I could have done that alone!

@nominated has a long way to go, and I
believe that with the way things are, there
is plenty need for this recording. Should
you be willing, please keep sharing about it.

To anyone who is reading couldn't
follow, or be followed by, better people.
I think all that I have become acquainted
with are great, and this is just my special
way of thanking these folks for this particular
request on this particular day.

THANK YOU for being a part of my Twitter
world. If there is anything I can ever do
for you...please just say the word!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peace Within .MP3 Benefits Non Profit

Today I released a new .MP3 called Peace Within.
Sales will help benefit the non Profit
Educational Films of America.

Please check out the fun video below, and the
page that I designed for this recording, which
explains my thinking behind it, and consider
supporting yourself by buying the
, which in turn will support the
efforts of this organization with a great
mission to help others tell their stories in
a way that has a potential to benefit us all.

click here for more information
on Peace Within .MP3

Monday, June 22, 2009

Differences of Perspective Keep The Conversation Going

After I published the last blog post, I received an email from
someone who had read it and felt, based on how they
understood it, that I was off the mark. I want to share it,
as I think

1. It is good to have these types of conversations and
2. There might be others who think similarly


Here is what they had to say:

I am not sure how I feel about this piece in its entirety, but
rather than try to get into a twitter discussion about it,
I will say this;

That in light of recent events in Iran, I have a REALLY
hard time reading that last line, “It is up to you and each
and every vote counts.” and not thinking about people
dying on the streets because their votes most assuredly
did NOT.

So with that, I have to say that the timing of this piece
is questionable, at the very least.

Also, I understand your philosophy about not being
able to change another’s perspective. I just don’t
agree with it ... At all.

I have found in my life, in numerous situations, where
discussion (if not revolution) can result in people
changing their perspectives, their actions, their opinions,
in fact their very way of life.

It’s happened in front of my eyes working with street
children in Central America. So I know empirically that
it’s worked. And it’s what I want to believe ...
HAVE to believe is possible in my life.

...We are a ways apart on this point.
Although I will accept your perspective.


This was my response:

I thank you for taking the time to write out your thoughts...
very difficult to have philosophical conversation
in 140 character tweets.

Not that I am sure it really matters, but I actually wrote
this piece in 2004.

There is much difficulty for me when I express things
that work for mid range/normal/every day folk because
I know taken out of context there may be questions and
issues about the content.

The purpose of the article was more from a self awareness
perspective, rather than a global one.

As I tweeted yesterday (I had been tweeting @theexpert
on the topic of the power of words), I think within is
where it needs to begin - however, it certainly should
never stay there in my mind. If that was the case, I
wouldn't always be trying to reach out to make a

Being human is a team sport...We do not live in a vacuum.
However within the grand perspective are smaller ones,
and they all count, too. If we don't look at the smaller pieces,
I think in many ways the larger ones are doomed.

In no way am I saying that we shouldn't address other's
perspectives...that is where conversation comes in. If we
communicate how we feel, and nothing changes, then
we have choices we need to make. That is apparently
what is happening over in Iran - and in the context of what
I wrote, what they are doing is exercising their "vote."

I also want to note that I am not saying that perspectives
can't change, or that we shouldn't do things to present ideas
that can be a causes for consideration for those of another
mind...just that WE can't change another's perspective,
although we can make an argument for it, and perhaps
see changes as a result of their choice to alter where
they stand on an issue.

As I think about it, the article might stand amending.
There might be a 4th option, and that could be to make
the case for change. However, I would note that that
certainly might mean a revolution or battle of sorts. A
person would have to decide for themselves whether
or not it was a potential battle worth pursuing. There
are many battles that aren't likely worth it. The freedom
that Iranians are fighting for, well...that's a different
story (and still an individual choice to make and also
slightly out of context for what I wrote).

I would never pretend to understand why things are as
they are, but what I do know in terms of my own experience
comes from my own experience. People have a better
chance of listening when they feel they are being heard.

Is it an absolute? Absolutely not. Where are the
answers to the tough questions? I only wish I knew.

In the meantime, we need to be the best people we can
be and be in touch with ourselves, and beat the drums
of our own messages as we feel appropriate.

I admire you for your stand...You have a strong message,
and one that most certainly needs to be heard. I wish
I knew better myself how to communicate on things on
the bigger world scale. My "specialty" however, is the
one that occurs in our inner world.

I would like to think that if more people were in touch
with that place, the world as a whole would stand a
better chance. Conversation is very much a "live"
thing. It has great power to create. I appreciate the
opportunity you have given me to consider these
words in a different way.

I don't think we're as far apart as you might have
thought. I also appreciate your willingness to discuss,
and explore, if there was more of that we'd also be a
lot better off.


I think the above speaks for itself, and I am not sure
what could be added. However, interestingly, today
I saw a link for (Once again, through
Twitter and, more specifically my "new" friends
@Collective_Soul.) They have a few videos on the site,
including the one below. Their company is about
business and branding, however I believe this message
speaks to all of life, and I think it was very well said.
I share it with you as an addendum to this conversation,
and as a possible perspective to consider.

Through differences of understanding, sometimes
communications can be misunderstood. I truly feel that
many of us are on the same page, we just don't know it.

What do YOU think?

(You may also want to read:
Words. Power. Are the Two Connected?)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Have You Voted Today?

This is a previous article
that I wrote in 2004 that
would be in the category
of "self-growth."


Have you voted today?

Huh? You’re probably wondering when this
article was written, and probably thinking
that this article is about a recent election.
Well, it is and, it isn’t.

Webster’s Dictionary defines voting, in part,
as choosing or deciding. In that respect, you
likely make choices and decide many things in
the course of a day…which means you have
probably voted several times today!

OK, so now what?

Where am I going with this?

Just because the most recent Election Day has
come and gone does not mean that you are no
longer having to consider voting. The great
thing as a human being is the fact that you
always get a vote – even when you don’t think
that what you have done has registered.

Your votes – your choices and decisions –
always register. They always affect someone,
something, somewhere. Even it’s just you in
the moment you cast your vote, or when you
choose not to. There is no greater power
than the freedom we have to always choose.

Sometimes it may not seem as though there is
anything to choose. How often I used to say,
“I don’t have a choice!” Well, I may not have
like my choices – which is a different story –
but I always had options to choose from.

I came to realize that my whole life I have
voted, even many times when I didn’t even
realize that it was going to count. But
everything I have ever done has been up for
a vote – consciously or unconsciously.

I started to realize that I could make more
powerful decisions by making them, and making
them consciously (oh, how I didn’t want to
sometimes!). However, I realized that without
my conscious vote, I was still making choices,
but often I was left feeling quite unhappy.

When something isn’t working, I now realize I
have essentially 3 choices:
- Stay with how things are
- Change/Alter my perspective
- Walk away

All 3, every time.

Looking at it that way, it makes it very
difficult for me to use the “I don’t have a
choice!” statement ever again. Oh! Sorry, I
should have warned you that was coming. After
all, if you see validity in it for yourself,
it will also make it difficult for you, as
well. The good thing is, though, you are still
safe if you want to choose to keep your
“I don’t have a choice” perspective intact!

However, if you’re open to the perspective,
what do these choices mean?

Let’s start with one very important thing
that they don’t mean. They do not include an
option to control a situation or to alter or
change another person, their attitudes, or
their perspective.

What they do mean is that the solution to
anything lies within you – and can only come
from you. Yuck! I know, it really stunk for
me what I realized that I had to stop looking
outside of myself. After all, it’d be so much
easier if the other person would just change,
or see it my way, you know?

Well, we all know how easy it is to “get”
another person to change, right?

I’ll tell you a secret, though, one of these
3 options actually has a pretty good possibility
of changing how another person acts. Can you
guess which one?

If you guess #1 or #3, maybe you have some
insight for me. My answer, though, is #2.

Can you guess why?

When our perspective changes, we change. We act
differently. When we act differently, those
around us will likely react differently to what
we do and say. Because we are not being the same
as we’ve always been, they will likely not be, either.

It was difficult to shift perspectives in the
beginning…but it got easier over time, in part
due to seeing the results. I had often heard if
you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what
you’ve always gotten. It’s a great thing – as
long as you like what you’ve got.

It’s your life, you can vote any which way you
want to. Your votes will take you all kinds of
places – places sometimes you may not even want
to be. Consider that it’s your votes that got
you there in the first place, and it’s your
votes that can take you somewhere else. Don’t
like where you are? Vote again.

In the process, also consider seeing situations
and choices in terms of “different” and in the
light of whether or not it works for you, does
it get you what you want, rather than in terms
of “good” or “bad.” It will likely allow you to
be much kinder to yourself and others, and make
new choices easier to make.

Sometimes it is necessary to get some outsider
input. Just make certain that it’s not someone
who has a stake in your “needing to change.” I
got some news for you – contrary to what others
may say – you never need to change one bit.

You can choose (vote) to stay exactly as you are.
Just make sure, though, that the person you are
gets you the things you want and need. If that
is not happening, you still don’t need to change,
but you may want to consider moving a few things
around so you can have more of what you want, and
be more of who you’d like to be.

Remember that choice comes from within, and is
not dictated by an outside source. Outside sources
will appear to limit how far you can go, what you
can do, what is possible. They can attempt to
persuade you that they have the ability to restrict
the world in which you live, but choice allows for
creativity which has a magical effect on any
situation. There is always SOMETHING you can do.

The question isn’t so much “what?” as
“are you willing?”

The world that appears around you is actually a
creation of your outward expression that comes from
that which is within you. Consider that your life,
and what you experience, is not something that
happens to you, but happens because of you.

Your life is not up to a situation you find yourself in.
It is not up to someone else.
It is up to you, and each and every vote counts.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Conversation Continues: Words. Power.

David Weir on the heels of theexpert's Bubbletweet
(which is what got me writing my last blog on this
) wrote his own take on the BNET Media Blog:
What if Your Business Model Leads to Murder?

I share this with you as another piece to consider.
I don't necessarily agree with the approach that
either one of these people are taking (and in general
I am a big fan of @theexpert), however, it is a great
thing that we don't have to see things the same way
and have the freedom to disagree.

I almost was going to say "in this country." I
stopped myself because I realized that this is a
part of the debate the murkys the waters. When we
start putting pieces and parts in the picture that
can be seen as politically based, the core of any
picture can be distorted.

What these two are wanting to get to at the core
(I suspect) is the same thing we can all agree on:
Can't we just have a respect for one another? The
examples that they point out are ones that are most
obviously lacking in respect for the other human
beings involved. If there was an inherent respect,
those words - whether they incite - or not - would
never have been said.

Whether or not we agree, we must live in this world
together (some beautiful, thought provoking
perspective by Carl Sagan
) and odds are fairly good
that there will always be disagreement when it comes
to perspective. The beauty of disagreement is that
it helps us to see ourselves more clearly, and helps
us to define where we stand, and what is important
to us.

What is sometimes not so beautiful are the ways that
we sometimes express ourselves as a result of this
disagreement. However, the disagreement and the
resulting actions are two different things. Cause
never equals effect. Are they/can they be related?
Quite often it would seem likely, however to have
the two converge as it so often does can be a recipe
for some of the horrendous acts that we have been
witness to as human beings.

I realize that what I say may not fit for everyone,
as disagreement is fueled with passion. Trying to
get a person to change their mind sometimes on
something (which is what so many of us do) is like
trying to take away their passion.

Think about the things you are passionate about.
Is there any wonder why it only seems to make them
want to fight for their perspective even more?

I'll leave you with this last thought.
A Perspective on P.E.A.C.E.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have you ever really wanted something?

Have you ever really wanted something?
Would you have liked it if people had
helped you get it?

So...Here's the thing...

I have been watching what has been going
on with Collective Soul, and have come
to appreciate their music, and I want to
do something to help them with their goal.

They just released a new song,
and want to be number one.
Who doesn't?
I am sure you can relate.
What if there was a
relatively easy way to help?

Wouldn't it be great if we could all
do something relatively small for another
that could make a big difference?

Don't ask me why I am doing it for them,
or why now...cause I haven't a clue. It's
kinda like meeting @nominated. I can't
help myself. You know how you get a good
feeling about someone, but don't know why?

Well this is one of those times. Probably
reading what their fans have to say has
something to do with it. They really do
seem to be good guys who are just looking
to make a living do what they obviously
love and are passionate about.

So here is what you can do:
Go to ITunes and get their
new song Staring Down.
You can hear a sample, and
it's only 69 cents!

You have the power to help them make
it a reality by buying it yourself, and/
or telling others about it.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would
launch a campaign to help you get what
you want...especially if it is something
as simple and as specific as this is, and
with minimal individual investment?! On
top of which, you get to hear a great
song - win/win, in my opinion.

And just because I am the type of person
that likes to help, get to know me, and
tell me more about yourself. If there is
something you are looking to get some help
and support with, let me know, and I'll
see what I can to help you, too.

I also invite you to consider how you can
help make a difference in another's world.
If more people took a simple action, we
might all be better off. Sometimes all it
takes is a question: Will you help?

These days, especially,
we have a greater opportunity
to help each other out.

There can be great enjoyment that comes from
seeing a good person succeed, especially
when they have something of value to offer
the world in who they are, with what they do.

If in the end, you decline this request
to help, please use this blog as a prompt
to consider what simple, and perhaps
seemingly small thing, you can do to
make a difference for another.

Thanks for stopping by!
Be well and be safe.

PS This experience presented me with an
idea - a way to help others -
please click here to view the details:
Are You Thinking Small Enough?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Words. Power. Are the two connected?

Words. Power. Are the two connected?
Are they one in the same? It's a
good question. There is much dispute
about this, and wars have been waged,
and friendships destroyed, over the
sounds that come from another.

Those sounds come in both written and
spoken form, as those who read hear
the words spoken that were written to
them. What is it about words that seem
to have such power. Do they really
have power to do what people believe?
If people believe it, then yes.

However, if a moment was taken to
consider that words truly exist in a
void, it might be a way to avert
further difficulty. Words are nothing
more than symbols when they stand
alone. It is each individual person's
hurts, pains, anguish, and good stuff
too, that will affect how the words are

If someone who didn't speak the
language was to hear a word, it would
mean nothing. It would arrive flat.
It would be as if something non-sensical
was spoken. Perhaps language in and of
itself is non-sensical, and the only
sense it makes is what you bring to it.

There would never be a denial of the
great emotions that are stirred within
a person when there is a significant loss.
And human beings have had some
tremendous losses.

The thing that might be disputed is what
the people involved brought to the
situation and what those involved took
away from it.

When human beings are unconscious of what
their experience is (and that happens
quite frequently) what will happen is more
of a default experience, or one guided by
others. The guidance of others can come
in the form of words, but it is what is
behind them that has the power to stir
someone to action. The discourse is the
most important aspect to any dilemma, and
has people move forward and determine what
their experience will be, but they will
find more potential conflict.

It is seemingly more safe to stay in the
unconscious realm because it is the comfort
zone. It is the zone in which one is
compelled to stay comfortable, not make
waves, to be what they've already been.

The minute that the conscious is stirred up,
and one becomes aware with what is happening
behind the scenes there is an important
thing that happens - a recognition of the
fact that it is difficult now not to do
something different.

It practically compels, and is extremely
uncomfortable for those who find themselves
there. The discomfort would discourage
people from going that route and they would
just as easily use words at this point to
hide from what their conscious self seems
to be encouraging.

Words are only a method of communicating
what is stirred up inside. When someone
says something that you are uncertain about,
or disagree with, consider that in the
background there is something inside of
them that has spurred them on...likely it
is an insecurity or a feeling of a lack of
control, or any of a myriad of other human
possibilities that can only be understood
by the person who has expressed themselves
in the way that they did.

If you can view the words and resulting
conversations from an observational place,
and refuse to jump in automatically with
your own emotions - in other words, refuse
to react, you may find a whole different
way to interact with those in your life
and with those around you, and with your
neighbors and your governments.

Reactionary activity will never be as
powerful as the activity that comes from
an action. Even in the cases where there
is a good reaction, the best place to
communicate from is a place of clear
understanding and when you clearly
understand where you come from, you can
clearly communicate what is truly occurring
for you at the moment.

Since there is a constant coding, decoding
process going on, your words will always
have the possibility of being encoded in a
way that you never intended - and that is
a risk you take when expressing yourself.

To remember that people are in a potentially
reactionary mode at the moment, is to give
you the ability to dance with the moment.
You, in a calm, clear state will better be
able to relate what you need to than to get
caught up in the midst of emotion.

You are meant to express yourself so that
others may get clear about themselves, and
sometimes this will necessitate disagreements.
How you handle yourself, and the
responsibility you take for who you are,
will always be the thing to consider first
and foremost before pointing in another's

Monday, June 15, 2009

People won't always appreciate the way you do your thing

Tonight I saw a tweet from someone that I want to
quote as the inspiration for this blog entry, but
if I do, I then need to tell you who it is, and I
don't think it is necessary for me to do that, as
I want to be clear about the message more than
focusing on the messenger.

Currently on Twitter there is a lot of discussion
about what is occurring in Iran. As a show of
support for those in Iran, many have colored their
avatar (their little profile picture that occurs
next to the person's twitter messages - "tweets")
in some way green.

Now...what does the green mean, exactly? Who
knows about "EXACTLY," but it has several possible
reasons and benefits:

1. To those in Iran who are managing to Tweet, if
they happen to see the green, or know about it,
it might give them a sign that they're not alone,
and that there are people in the world that support

We all have associations with things that can become
symbols, and green carries significant symbolism
for the Iranian people.

2. To those outside of Iran it might be a way for
a person to bring attention to something that they
believe in, and want to support in some way.

I have had a heart and "#Eric" on my avatar for
some time, and it brings attention to the situation
that Eric De La Cruz finds himself in (see previous
posts). People ask about it, and sometimes get
involved themselves, as a result.

3. To some it may provide a certain feeling, a
certain energy, that is supportive of those in Iran
currently in the midst of the difficulties. Maybe
it makes them feel better.

Now here is where it gets a little interesting.
They may be doing it without realizing what I am
about to say. And what I am about to say may mean
nothing to some reading this, but consider that
if "everything is energy" as so many are saying
these days, then any thought we have makes a
difference. If every thought we have makes a
difference, then if something we associate with
a supportive thought (like a green shaded avatar)
triggers that supportive thought then there is
energy that is being created, potentially for
some benefit. Multiply that green by many, and
the effect also multiplies.

4. It could mean anything to anyone on any
individual basis. Most things have the meanings
WE give them.

Now...does the green avatar have a DIRECT benefit
for the people of Iran? None - that I can think
of. However, if the energies (thoughts) of everyone
who considers Iran are positively and lovingly
charged, even if having green avatars didn't
help directly, it certainly couldn't hurt.

I respect that some may think otherwise, and
having someone say that only "idiots" would
think that a green avatar would make a
difference as the tweeter I referenced above
did - to me - hardly seems necessary, or
appropriate - even if in the realm of possiblity
there was absolutely zero value in the exercise.

I tend to think we are more likely to hear what
another has to say if we're not feeling belittled
or insulted. Maybe this person had a perspective
worth hearing. The only problem was that the
minute he decided to take an inflammatory approach
many probably couldn't "hear" a word he wrote.

Since everything is perspective, I'd say that
would be something to consider when voicing
something you feel passionate about - especially
if you want to be heard.

And, of course, that is just MY perspective.
Thanks for listening. Have a good day/night
(whatever it may be in your part of the world)...
and thank you for doing what feels right to you, in
spite of what someone else might say.

We all need to feel supported, and supportive.
However it looks and feels is unique to the
individual and his/her experience, and it all
comes together to create our collective human
experience, for worse - or for better.

I'm shooting for more of the latter -
who's with me?

A Letter of Love: You never find things where they don't belong

As you may know, I write these things that I call
"Letters of Love." They're hard to describe, but I
do my best to describe them on the page that I
created for them, and in a previous blog entry.

With all that is going on with the world, I thought
I would see what would come through me in regard
to a message that would speak to many.

The following was the result. It may or may not
speak to you...and that is great. I firmly and
truly believe that we all have our own journey in
life, and that it is important to remain true
to it.

If, however, it DOES speak to you, please do share
it. I welcome, and look forward to, your comments.

Have a great week! I offer this, with Love.

Dear Friends:

friends of love friends of peace
friends of all things that
allow you to be here among one
another and enjoy what life
has to offer. Now is a time that
many are struggling because of
the fact that they are lost in
the enemy of self.

The enemy of self is the part of
you that would rather be comfortable
than do what you need to do to grow
and to be the kind of world that
you can be. You many know that
there are things you need to do
and say and be and yet so many
are ignoring it...and at what
price? the price of your freedom
and peace of mind.

You must now realize that the world
is a place that is home to many types
of plants many things grow here and
the thoughts you think are the most
fertile ground for all types of
things. You are extremely creative
- able to make anything a reality -
and the world is showing this to

You are creating all types of things
through the carelessness of your
thoughts and what you do you make fun
of things because you don't understand
them. You laugh at things that are the
things that you are meant to interact
with and instead of interacting with
them in a way that helps you to observe
and to grow, you laugh and move on to
the next.

Life is much more than the superficial,
and you know that and yet you continually
look at it in ways that says you don't
really understand. We are not meaning
to be serious and yet we know that things
of spirit one seems to get serious about.

It is like the church experience for many.
Go, sit, be quiet, except when you're
supposed to speak and sing, and then go
home and live this life someone else
tells you you are supposed to live. It
is time for you for everyone to begin
to turn within. And that is a difficult
thing to do for turning in will have
you seeing things that you might not
want to see.

It is much easier to point the finger
at others than it is to recognize within
yourself the things that you are meant
to see. These things want to be seen,
so often you will find yourself likely
to accuse others of the things that have
truly come from within as they are a
part of who you are. You are so blinded
to self that you don't even recognize
that your greatest angers and frustrations
with others are the greatest obstacles
to self.

It is so easy to look at what is happening
in the world and react to it because it is
outside of yourself. If you were to look
within and not know what to do you might
become resigned, depressed. Odds are if
you aren't looking, you are already there.

This is not meant to depress you, but
rather empower. You have abilities that
transcend what you can see when you are
looking in the wrong direction. As long
as you see the problem and questions from
a disempowering angle how will you see
the solution?

You will come to realize as you recognize this
fact that you have incredible power within to
move those proverbial just
don't believe it because of the perspective
you have. Change your perspective and you
will find many of the answers that you seek.
You will never find things where they don't

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Collective Soul: We *Met* on Twitter

World I Know

Ok...I admit it. I didn't know much about Collective Soul
until today. Probably the most I knew was my familiarity
and appreciation of the song in the above video. However,
I am so bad with music, that had anyone asked me before
today whose song that was, I wouldn't have been able to say.

I had heard of Collective Soul, but just had never made the
connection between their name and any of their music.

So, why in the world am I writing a blog entry about them?
Well, there once was a man from Nantucket...

Actually, there was no man, it was totally machine that bears
the responsibility for this meeting. A machine that brought
me to a website that I have become acquainted with, and have
spoken much about in the last several months - cue dramatic
music - TWITTER.

You find many things in ye ole land of Twitter. Some good,
some not so good, and some things really great. Some of my
favorite people in the world I would dare say come from my
meeting them on that website. It has expanded my world in
ways I would never have imagined that first fateful day and

So. To start with, my association on Twitter in regard to
Collective Soul started innocently enough. Someone must have
referred to them somehow, or some way (you quickly learn with
Twitter that it is difficult to remember how these "tweet
affairs" begin) because I went to their page.

My habit with going to pages of those I am not all that
acquainted with is to check the time line (the stream of
tweets) and the bio. The one thing I remember seeing when I
went there was "WE FOLLOW BACK." In the land of Twitter
when it comes to "celebrity" types, that is not at all a usual
occurrence. If I am going to follow first I am either going
to have a real interest, or I am looking for someone who
at least wants a two-way street (whether or not it is ever
used is a different story, however, I like when it exists).

Some people have said that Collective Soul "gets it" because
they follow back and engage with those that follow them.
From what I can get of my experience so far in "social media"
is that there are so many opinions about what is "right."
I have learned not to pay too much attention. However,
what I have noticed is that my "if it works, it works"
attitude works in Twitter as well as anywhere else, and what
seems to be working for Collective Soul is that in how they
are giving attention, they are getting attention (and for a
famous *person*, the fact that it is a positive all round is
a plus for me. Why can't positive things be newsworthy for
a change? A conversation for another day, perhaps).

I seriously doubt I am the only one taking the time to
discover them more fully because of the way they are
approaching their promotional efforts, and one of these
things in particular is a contest that I found out about at

It is a contest that gets people to do exactly what I am
doing right now - spending time talking about them in a
blog. Of course, then, I will share it with others, and
if I am lucky, I could be a winner in their contest.

It sounds pretty cool to me, and they seem like pretty cool
guys. They may have me fooled, for all I know, maybe they're
good actors, besides singers, but that's OK. If you read
anything of mine, you know everything for me is about
perspective, and the one thing that I have felt strongly
about since joining Twitter is that when I feel good about
someone and what they are doing, and I can help them what
they want, I want to do it. If I can get something
from it, too, that's great because who doesn't like a win/win
situation. (My feeling about this is along the line of my
previous entry about the art of the sale and using one's gut).

The nice thing about all of this is whether or not I win one
of THE prizes, I still get to get the word out more about me,
provided anyone is listening. LOL, OpenPressWire claims
it's my "15 minutes of fame." That is, provided, of
course, anyone is paying attention when they tweet about
this. If I happen to make it to the finals, that will be
a slightly different story, as there will be online voting,
and the writer of the most popular entry will be the one
who wins, which means more eyeballs (isn't it nice to be
reduced to a body part? LOL).

(I thank you for being on this page, and finding your way
to my blog, regardless of when or how or why you made it here.)

I believe everyone has something to offer, and finding
creative expressions of it is likely the biggest trick. I
personally think what Creative Soul has done is brilliant.
For starters, they now have at least one more fan who will
start to talk about, and support, their efforts. I know I
can't be the only one. (Today @garyvee posted a video that
is likely to be the effect that these guys are creating -
or at the very least hope to create. If you have a moment,
check it out

The first prize includes two concert tickets and backstage
passes. Provided I win, and provided there is no provision
that prohibits me from doing it, I am letting you know that
my intention is to find a creative way to find a person to
go with me to the concert. If you are reading this, that
person could be YOU. I think it would be a pretty cool way
to meet someone from the "virtual" world.

Last, but not least, I have to include a few details to be
eligible. It's information you'll most likely want to
investigate if you are a fan, or want to get to know more
about them:

Collective Soul on Twitter

Collective Soul Blog

Collective Soul Website

New 2009 Tour Date Information

PS In case I haven't made it clear by what I
have written, I highly recommend you check
these guys out. Maybe they won't be for
you, but if you haven't *met* them yet,
there's no way to tell for certain, is there?

Perspective: The Power of a Team Effort

I read a few years ago about some "studies" were
done where people would come together at a certain
time of day and meditate in the interest of peace.
Their focus was a certain area/city. From what I
remember reading, you might dispute the benefit,
or say it was coincidence, however, during the time
of the experiment, there was a decrease in violence
in that (those?) area(s).

I was trying to find the information today, and the
closest I came to finding it was on this site:

I bring this up because of 2 reasons. The first is
that today I noticed that @theexpert on Twitter was
asking for people to come together at a certain time
to send a "Tsunami" of love and good thoughts to
Eric De La Cruz, a 27-year-old, who is in desperate
need of a heart transplant.

Unfortunately, he is struggling with unknown issues
at the moment, and they are attempting to get him
stable enough to get on the heart transplant list.

It occurred to me that a daily dose of this love and
energy would be even better. So...this is what I
propose anyone interested 6:00 PM (local time)
take a few minutes to send Eric loving and supportive
thoughts. With a global audience, that should mean
he'll be getting lots of energy flowing every hour.

Of course, you could do it more than once a day, or
on the hour any time of day, as you'll be supporting
the energy of others who are doing it at the same
time. I would like to think that energy at any time
could be cumulative and helpful, however the more
consistent, the more ability it may have to make a

For those who are on Twitter, posting the hourly
reminder might just help to keep the subject of #eric
in conversation and on the radar.

The other part of this is the news today out of Iran
regarding the elections, and the subsequent news.
It is unfortunately only one of many negative, news
making, headlines at this time in the world. Perhaps,
given what is going on, at the same time that you are
considering Eric, consider sending some loving energy
to the world, too.

If there is anything to the idea that "everything is
energy" and that focusing energy in masse can make
a difference, then it's worth a shot, don't you think?
And if, by any chance, you don't believe it, I respect
that, and ask what would the harm be in doing it
any way?

Just a thought.

PS At last count, this blog entry has been seen by
people in 92 countries, per (via this link -> If you like this idea, let's
keep it going, Please! Thanks.

Is that W-A-L-R-U-S?

This was written a few years ago. Thought I would
share it with you here. Enjoy!


A few years back, I went to London, England. I needed to get a passport-like photo taken, but the machine I wanted to use was of order. When I called the company who owned the machine, I asked where they had another location. I was told, “Walrus.” “Walrus?” I confirmed. “Walrus,” was the response. I should have asked for the spelling, but the person had said, “Walrus.” I asked around, and no one knew where there was “Walrus” until, that is, someone realized that “Walrus” was “Woolworth’s.” Apparently, the person I spoke with and I both thought we were saying the same thing – but boy, were we not!

Similarly, while I was there, I learned that elevators are called “lifts,” escalators are called “elevators,” what we would call subways are underground walkways for them, and what we would call subways in the US, are called “tubes” in the UK.

We speak the same language, don’t we? And yet, as you have probably realized, there is a great potential for misunderstanding.

In this case, it is quite easy to see how there would be an error. However if one did not know these differences, and did not know that there WAS a difference, can you imagine the frustration?

Asking around for “Walrus” was quite frustrating!

In a case like the above, it would probably be fairly easy to forgive a misunderstanding – and even define the differences. After all, most would recognize that it’s a different culture, and the differences are to be expected.

However, most people who live in a similar place would not be as likely to expect these types of misunderstandings from words. As a result, they would have expectations from a conversation, not realizing that they may define things, or hear something, differently than how the person who spoke it meant it.

What happens in those times when someone tells another “Woolworth’s", and the other hears “Walrus,” and neither knows what the other thinks they’ve said? Quite possibly there could be conflict, argument, upset. And neither would know how to fix it. After all, weren’t they both saying the same thing?

Hmmm. Does this sound like anything you’ve experienced?

My example is quite humorous in retrospect. But oftentimes when this happens it is not – especially not in the context of close or intimate relationships. We want, and expect, those closest to us to the person we need, do the things we want, and say all the right things. In some cases, this person may think they are, but how you hear, see, or experience it, has you feel otherwise.

The next time you have a disagreement, consider this: Words were just the beginning of your conversation.

Ask the other person to tell you what they think was said – the words, and the meaning behind the words. Listen carefully for differences in “accent” and meaning.

Ask for spellings. Is that “W-A-L-R-U-S?” In other words, “THIS is what I have heard, am I hearing your correctly?"

Ask for pictures, “Can you show me a picture of the elevator, or describe it to me?” In other words, “How does (THE THING YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT) look, feel, sound to you?” How do you know what it “looks” like? How will you know it when you are it, experience it, or see it?

Take no meaning, or word, for granted. If anything, consider that all that you “know” means something other than what you think.

It’s important to remember that we don’t all hear things the same way, and we don’t have the same experiences. Words are only the starting place for our communications. How someone experiences what we say will have greater impact on our conversation - and its effectiveness - than what we meant, or what we said.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art of a Sale: A Radically Different Perspective

“A man's reputation is what other
people think of him; his character
is what he really is.”

(I found this quote on
Not sure who to attribute, but if
you know that there should be someone,
please let me know)

So much is made out of one's reputation. People say how
important it is to have a "good" reputation. However,
I think sometimes there is a problem with people confusing
another's reputation for who the person is.

Have you ever noticed that someone with a good reputation
may not be all that they're supposed to be? Or have you
ever gone with someone whose reputation was questionable
with good result?

Might it be possible to create a "good" reputation as a
means to manipulate or influence someone into doing
something? As I write this question, Bernie Madoff
comes to mind.

Anyone can say anything about anybody or anything. If
enough people say it, it is in writing, and in enough
places, it could even become "gospel." It is what
advertising builds itself upon.

When you hypnotize someone, the less likely they are to
be a certain way, the more you have to hit them over the
head with suggestions to try to get them to be another way
(at least if you are an ineffective hypnotist or a hypnotist
who doesn't know what they're doing).

It's kinda like how advertising works. You want someone
to do something they've never done before, so what do you
do? You shower them with it over and over. You beat them
into doing things differently. There are statistics that
will tell you how much you have to "go at" a person before
they submit (or in a nicer way, how many times a person
needs to be exposed to your product or service before
they'll be interested in buying from you).

A lot of what advertising does is sneaky. Collective *gasp,*
I know. What a surprise. However, the reason it works is
because we aren't conscious of the ability we have to screen
things out, and make choices instead of acting upon a

Everyone has a "gut" feeling about things. Some more than
others, and some more frequently than others. The difference
I would contend is a combination of practice and trust. Those
who have the best relationship with their gut are the ones
who have learned to pay attention to the feeling, and better
yet, have learned to act appropriately on what that feeling is

I would suggest that the advertising and marketing businesses
would go out of business if - as a rule - we used our gut. We
wouldn't need benefits explained to us. We wouldn't need to
be educated on why we so desperately needed this thing someone
was trying to get us to buy. We wouldn't have to be exposed
to so much in your face advertising. If we were in touch with
our gut, we could check in - on anything - and make a decision
based on whether or not this thing was worth our investment.

Just recently someone bought one of my "love letters," but knew
nothing of why I was doing what I did, and hadn't read the page
I designed. So many people in marketing will say do it a
different way, and I'll get better results. However, I could
have said anything on that page, and still have made a "sale"
to that person (from what it sounds like).

Some people will even justify the manipulation, as it is in the
best interest of the person - for "their own good." I am not
sure how I feel about that, as manipulation is manipulation,
and how many people do you know who want to be manipulated?

Sy Syms says "An educated consumer is our best customer."
I love that statement, and the belief that stands behind it.
I want someone to come to me because they know it is
something they want and need, not because I have
convinced them of that fact. If you know what you are
doing, and choose it, our dynamic will be so much
better, and you'll get so much more out of it, than
if you are doing it blindly or are unconsciously driven
by my sales pitch.

Your intuition is IMMEDIATE. It doesn't need to figure anything
out. It doesn't need to be convinced, or sold to. When I speak
with anyone about whether or not they should work with me my
suggestion always is for them to check in with their gut, and
let me know what they want to do. I feel that it is just as
important for me as for them. If it's not the right thing for
someone, how could it possibly be right for me? I don't know
about you, but I have had some pretty awkward situations, at
best, when it's not "right."

Sometimes we may be blocked from our gut by things that are
happening, or have our attention. However, it doesn't mean that
it's not there to access. The sun, after all, is still there
on a cloudy day. (As a side note this is the type of thing we'll
be addressing on my World of Perspective Radio show
on June 25th with Janet Thornburg: Being in Touch with
Your Best Self

In closing, just like products have reputations
through their advertising, and just like people
will have their reputations, it doesn't mean
that one, they are who and what they say they
are and two, even if they are exactly as
advertised or promoted, it may not mean that
they are what is best for YOU. And, that, my dear
reader, ONLY YOU will know.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Perspective: Being True to Yourself (Video)

If you are unable to view above,
you can view this video here.
Here is a video talking about
being true to yourself.
I reference a site in it, if
you would like to
visit for more details
Click here for

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perspective: Survey on Self Promotion on Twitter

Based on my previous blog post, I decided to do an
informal, unscientific survey. I had one purpose in mind.
I wanted to find out more than anything how people felt
about advertising from individuals on Twitter in principle.

I asked 6 questions. 5 of which were True/False. The
6th gave each person the ability to address the questions
more fully.

The "sample" of people came from anyone who was one
of the first 50 to respond. I purposely kept it open,
wanting people who were both self-employed, and
employed by others the - perhaps obvious - reason
being that I figure those who are self-employed are
more likely to be skewed in favor of advertising and
promotion on Twitter.

However, because there are several potential "faults"
with the outcome of the survey, I want to address them.

It would seem conceivable to me that those most likely
to see the survey and tweet were those following
me. And because the were following me, they were very
possibly like me, and for that reason, I might get some
very like minded answers.

If a person who only tweeted once a day, and never
advertised was to ask the same questions, there could
possibly be a whole different result. In addition,
who could tell about any bias anyone forwarding it may
have had.

In addition, the number of responses was limited to 50.

I purposefully made the questions simple. I wanted to
"force" the issue. Is advertising/promotion on Twitter,
in general, considered OK?

A resounding 90% said, in theory, yes. Now, of course,
there were caveats. But, in theory, 90% of those polled
said "In my opinion, it is OK to advertise/promote
products/services on Twitter."
(see comments received)

Of those polled, 33 worked for themselves, and 24 were
employed by another, which means that some of those
polled apparently it would seem have work outside of
their current "job."

Interestingly, 17 say they never promote themselves,
and 17 also say they never promote others. However that
still means 66% are promoting themselves and/or others.

I don't have the breakdown of the results, so I am not
sure of how all of these answers come down by individual.

What occurs to me about all of this is that EVERYTHING is
about promotion, even if there is no currency attached.
Even someone who is on Twitter without an agenda to sell
a product or service is advertising themselves in some way.

I remember I was jumped on once by one of my followers
because I asked someone new why they were on Twitter.
Did they have to have a reason? Well - yeah. No one gets
on Twitter to be there by themselves.

I think there was some sensitivity due to the fact that
there are so many opinions on Twitter on how Twitter should
be "done." Interestingly, my opinion is that it can be any
way a person wants it to be, and when I ask the question
I am looking to find out how to interact with them, and
introduce them to others - essentially helping them get
what they want - even if it's "just" people to talk to.

Personally I feel that there is someone for just about anyone
or anything, and I am happy to spread the word. As a matter
of fact, when I started on Twitter, I randomly re-tweeted
(re posted a Tweet for others to see) others' Tweets, thinking
that if it was of value to one, it could be of value to others.
It didn't matter to me personally whether or not I found it
of value. There are many things outside of my scope and
interests that could be helpful to other people, why not let
them determine that for themselves?

I have a friend who will not share something unless she can
personally recommend it. I, on the other hand, am happy to
share anything. Just because I can't speak to it personally
doesn't mean that there isn't value in it. If, however, I can
speak to it personally, and someone is interested in hearing
what I have to say about it, I am more than happy to share my

I realize, given the Twitter climate, my impressions may be
unique. However, I'd say just having the conversation is
beneficial. Too often things are unsaid, and it creates
unhelpful dynamics.

In the wake of what happened recently, someone private
messaged me, and thanked me for having the conversation.
Apparently, they benefited from it, as others became aware
of what she was up to. How can people know what you're doing,
unless you tell them?

I got onto Twitter because I wanted to promote my radio show.
I have since found it to be a much better world than I could
have ever suspected. However, there are many out in the world
of Twitter who have no clue about my hypnotist self, my
recordings, or even my radio show at this point. One person
I spoke to once wore the idea that people didn't know how he
made his pay has a sort of "badge of honor." The message being -
be yourself and the work/pay will follow.

Perhaps. There is a whole other conversation about this that
I would like to have, but not now.

For now, I will leave you with the thought that if you are
entertaining the idea of being on Twitter, you will be wise
to carve your own way. Watching others and listening will
help, if you let it (you'll even see one comment to that

It is quite likely there will be those that will never follow
you. My perspective on that is that you can take it as a
blessing :-). As with anything, we get to choose, and our
choices create our experiences - just like we get to choose
who we interact with on Twitter, and create our experience

Last, but not least, in the wake of these events, I have
re-ignited a previous idea of mine. I would like to get to
know those who are in contact with me better, and help
them to get the word out about themselves (even if you
are only on Twitter to be social).

Please take a minute and visit, and
see if you'd like to be included. if it sounds interesting,
I'd be happy to add you if you send me your information.

Have a great day!

Respect and A Difference of Opinion

I have been on Twitter now for about 4 months.

Back in March I wrote about my initial thoughts
of the environment
, and was met with a variety of

I have come to carve out my own experience
of the site. For starters, I took on being myself,
regardless of what the "repercussions" would be.

Apparently I am not doing too badly. Somehow
I have managed to have 3000+ people follow me
at the time of this writing.

In addition, of those that I communicate with
regularly, they seem to be of a similar mold as
I am - sarcastic, tweet a lot (sending out lots of
messages), chatty, have a similar sense of humor
(or at least can appreciate mine) etc.

It's difficult to know where to draw lines in the
Twitter world. Some come on with blatant money
driving guns blasting. Others are more subtle.
Some have no economic interest at all in being
on Twitter.

There are people I follow who I don't really
know, and are all about selling their product or
service. It's OK. If I am not interested, I don't
do anything about the information. I just pay
attention to the things of interest.

If I really didn't like it, or it was a problem, I
would just unfollow (which means I would no
longer see their information) and be on my
merry way. No big deal. No flourish. Just a
click of a button. Done.

I never object to the *commercial* tweets in part
because everyone has to make a living. It
really is THAT SIMPLE in my mind.

However, having said that, I must say that I
would say that EVERYTHING in one way or
another is commercial.

You recommend a food product, talk about a
commercial, drive a certain car, recommend
news is ALL a commercial of some sort.
As a matter of fact, many companies love the
word of mouth advertising.

Somehow, it seems that the minute it gets
"personal," the minute that it is "obvious," the
minute that it is clear that someone is promoting
something that means you might be spending
money with them, people get up in arms! It
seems OK for the Wal-Marts and Pepsis of the
world to have commercials, but not for an
individual. Even if it's not OK, per se, they
don't seem to get the same treatment as an
individual who is promoting him/herself.

I am writing this today because one of my
followers told me that when they shared about
one of my recordings, there were several people
who unfollowed, and wrote a DM (a private
message in the world of Twitter) that was
mean spirited because the follower of mine
was pitching another person's product - never
mind the fact that this follower apparently
felt that it was worthy to share, and might be
helpful for others.

It is obvious they have a different opinion than
I do, and if they were to read this they would
likely disagree with my perspective.

The point for me in all of this, is the same point
that underlies much of how I look at life. Why
can't we respect other's perspectives? There
is plenty of room on Twitter for all types of
perspectives. If someone doesn't like something
they can just move on. If you don't like what a
store is selling, do you go inside and rudely tell
them that, and then leave? No. you just walk
on by.

Even if you went inside, if you saw what was
there, and it didn't fit you or your style, would
you tell them in some rude way? I don't think
it very likely. Instead, you would just leave.

What is it about the Internet (or about life in
general) that has people acting with a total lack of
respect or regard for others? If the situation was
reversed, I seriously doubt that they would
appreciate the approach.

There are people behind the words and messages,
many just doing the best that they can. We can
all fake being someone we're not (most are quite
good at it - but that is a whole other conversation).
However, I have to give credit to those who are
true to themselves, and do the things that feel
right to them.

To my follower who got the rude treatment, I
thank you, and apologize for what you got as a
result. I always say people should be true to
themselves, but never to the detriment of another.
So while I give credit to the people who spoke
their mind, I personally take issue with the way
they did it.

There always have been and always will be
differences of opinion. Wars have been waged,
relationships ended or never begun, money
lost or gained, and countless other circumstances
and results, all because of what people did as
a result of their differences of opinion.

Some of the results have forwarded our lives
and others haven't been so positive. In the end,
opinions feed the world, and it's good to have
different ones so that there can be perspective
and growth. However, it isn't so much the
opinion that matters as much as how we
interact with those of differing opinions.

The world is hurting now, and it is the interactions
that we have with each other that will ultimately save
or destroy us. And before you think me dramatic,
and even perhaps overly so, let me just say that
destruction comes in many forms - even if it is
"just" an email with a negative message.

I would dare say our interactions say a lot more
about us than our opinions do.

Last, but not least, might I be so bold as to suggest
that there be some consideration given to the idea
that perhaps we'd all benefit from respect of another's
perspective when communicating about our difference
of opinion?