Saturday, August 8, 2009

Perspective: Laid off: Bummer or Opportunity

When I got laid off of my last "real" job (defined as one
with benefits and paid time off), it was devastating.

I knew for a while I was doing things that I didn't want
to be doing, but it was all I knew to do.

I was determined not to go back into what I had always
done, but didn't know how to change things.

Someone asked me what I wanted to do, and I said, "I
want to get paid to talk to people." I was told that wasn't
specific enough.

The fact was, I didn't know then what it could mean. I
hadn't yet become a hypnotist or a coach, and didn't even
know what coaching was, but I knew I loved to talk to

I struggled for a few years to make a transition. It was
frustrating. It was difficult. It was humiliating. Demoralizing.

It was also a gift.

I was given an opportunity to uncover what I had resisted
from the "comfort" (which really wasn't all that comfortable)
of a job for so long.

I can now understand where others might be in relation
to their own personal treks through losing their jobs.

I personally feel that when we don't do what we "should"
be doing, sooner or later we'll get a kick in the butt.
Unfortunately, for many they're not ready for it. If they
were ready, they would have made the move on their own
before someone else - or something else - did for them.

Others, I see, are seeing things in a similar way now that
so many more are going through "it" together. Today I
saw this trailer and it
is what inspired me to write this entry.

Are YOU doing what you know you SHOULD be doing?

Check it out:

PS Re my headline: In my case it turned out to be
bummer AND least in the midst of
the uncertain transition time. Now, I definitely see
it as "opportunity."

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