Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perspective: DNA Phantom Effect

A while ago I bought an audio program by Gregg Braden
called Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

In it, he talks about the DNA Phantom Effect. As you
can see, there are a few search results on the topic,
if you'd like to find out more.

Basically, what it says is that our DNA has
the ability to form the environment around us.

Take a moment, and think about what that means,
if it's true.

Here is a short YouTube video that speaks to it:

Interestingly, while this seems a little on the
"woo woo" side, it is backed by scientist study.

Check it out and see what you think. The video
also suggests that there are truly only two real
emotions - fear and love. It claims that all others
come from one of those two. It makes sense to me,
what do you think?

Btw, if this fascinates you, you will likely find
the program by Gregg to be quite interesting. :-)


Luna said...

2 years ago my friend Jason and I started talking about this scientist Bentov and how we both would have loved to have talked to him, shared a cup of tea and some conversations. Following a trail from Bentov we found Gregg Braden, each of us had our own journey through the wonderful mind of these two men and we would talk for hours about how all these thougths were changing the way we friend never came as far down this rabbit hole of thought as I have..
I've read alot of negative stuff about Gregg but I find his energy frequency to be one of truth..
I sit her now looking at the notes I took over a year ago, pages and pages of drawings and diagrams that came to me after watching him.. he is another person I'd love to sit and have a cup of tea and a chat

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Not sure what you've read/heard about Gregg, but sometimes I find that people who are misunderstood are misrepresented.

I remember when I first heard about Conversations with God. I looked on Amazon,and saw many negative comments.

However, I bought the book any way, and was glad I did. Trusting ourselves is (IMO) always the best way to go.

Sounds like you are in a great place in that rabbit hole. :-)

Have a good one!