Sunday, August 30, 2009

Perspective: Planting Seeds

Over the years, I have written thoughts. Some
I am not really sure where they came from, or
even what I think of them, at the time, or
even later.

In going through some papers recently, this
was one of those streams of consciousness. I
think it a perspective worthy of consideration,
so I am sharing it with you.

After you've read it, I'd be curious to hear
your thoughts.


I do not know the Laws of Physics personally,
but the laws exist. They are bigger than any
one person or idea.

Great Minds of the world are really different
expressions of one Great Mind.

Every Time during the course of man's existence
has had some one or ones who have spoken out in
a way never heard before. Most were thought
crazy at the time because what they said could
not be tangibly defined, and yet what they have
said has come to bear other fruits.

We bear the fruits of what we are willing to
grow. And anything that is a thought is a
potential seed.

Seeds don't always need care to grow. Some just
need a fertile environment, and they're fully

What have we sown when our backs have been


(The Great Minds comments reminded me of this
one-minute video that I saw about unique thinkers

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