Friday, November 27, 2009

Perspective: Holidays, Stress Relief, and Creativity

Needed a creative outlet, as I have been doing a lot
of website page creation and coding (at times so

I came up with this...what do you think? I was
thinking it might make a cool holiday greeting/

If you're curious about what I am doing, please
visit Lots has been done,
and there's lots more to go! Anyone inspired
to proofread and check links, I'd be appreciative.
It's difficult to be a one woman band. Fresh
eyes are welcome!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and are
appreciating the days leading up to Christmas.

Remember I have a Holiday Stress Buster, if
you think you need some help with how to manage
that stress. I am no magician, but I know what
I am offering has the potential to amaze you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seemingly Comatose Man Aware

Did you hear about Rom Houben? Apparently, he appeared
to be in a coma for 23 years, when in actuality, he was
conscious, and very aware of all that was happening and
being said around him.

Many people have been amazed by Rom's story, and what is
currently being conveyed by a specialized machine and
his ability to express his experience.

It has astounded many, and stirred up all kinds of
things, including hope for some whose loved ones have
been in what would seem a coma. Might there be others
like Rom?

What I personally found interesting was my perspective
as a Hypnotist who has been hypnotized. You see, I know
when you are hypnotized, you could be in a state in which
you are unable to speak and unable to move, and yet, you
could be aware of what is going on around you, and even
"speak" things in your mind, but not be able to communicate
them audibly.

As the piece that made the difference for this man's life
and future was a brain scan, I find myself wondering what
(if any) relationship there might be between his and a
hypnotic experience. In Rom's case, he is reportedly fully
paralyzed, however, in hypnosis, what the mind "believes"
to be true will likely be the experience of the body.

It makes me think. What about you?

Stress Management with Hypnosis

When you consider Stress Management, have you ever
considered Hypnosis as an option?

Just today I was working with a client who was audibly
amazed at how simply powerful hypnotic suggestion
is to make a difference.

Hypnosis isn't magic, but it is certainly magical, and if
you have ever considered it, now might be the time to
act on the idea.

Odds are fairly good you will be amazed, and if you
are seeking some sort of help or program for Stress
Management I would like to invite you to try it out my
StressBusterBuddy Plan.

It is designed in a way that helps you to interact with
stress in a different way than what you are accustomed
to. It is virtually risk free, and if you want me to take
all of the risk out of it for you, just tell me you saw this
blog, and you will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you even want me to take it a step further, I will. I
invite you to have the session first, and pay for it after
we're done, should you find value in it for yourself.

I am so certain that you will get value from this program
designed for those, like you, who need something to
help manage their stress, that I stand behind my offer
and my work.

Reasons to not do something are easy to come by, and
perhaps you'll find one not to act, however if you are
stressed, I invite you to consider finding the reasons to
experience the magical nature and effects of Stress
Management with Hypnosis for yourself.

Go here today -> Stress Management Hypnosis

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perspective: Warning Bells & Gut Feelings

There is a story I read about an
Australian man who was a plumber
who reportedly masqueraded as a

The story says he was alleged to
have sexual contact with several
women who went to him for his

It is stories like this, coupled
with people's misconceptions, that
does no one any good.

While, for some, the idea of energy
can be "woo-wooee," if they were to
be willing to have a conversation
with someone who had some clue about
what they were talking about, they
might see that there could be some
validity to the idea that energy
work could be helpful.

Unfortunately there are a couple of
issues in regard to situations like
this. One issue is that when someone
is vulnerable, it is quite possible
they will be gullible.

However, within the midst of charlatans
and those who tend to take advantage,
there are those who want to - and can -
help while taking care of the person
who comes to them.

When day-to-day people aren't in touch
with their own inner guidance, they
become bigger targets in time of need.

Sadly, I have met some of these people,
and haven't used my own best judgment.

At the same time, a few years back a
friend of mine was telling me about this
"guru" type that she had met. He and I
spoke,and my inner alarms were going off.

Nothing ever came of it.

However, for my friend, I think there
were some things that happened that she
did not feel comfortable with. She never
went into any details but, based on what
was said, I suspect that my suspicions
(my alarms) were right.

I think we all have "alarms," we just
sometimes override them in our desire to
have something or in our desperation to
deal with it.

Things like this go back to my recurring
theme that we need to pay attention to
our inner guidance. If we did that, we
would find ourselves making the choices
that are best for us.

Is it an easy thing to do? Not really...
especially in the beginning, or in more
difficult times. However, the more that
we do it, the more dependable it can
become, and the easier it is to reach out
to it as a resource.

Perhaps we can use situations like this
to help to awaken us to ourselves...
however to do that, we need to be aware
of how we are processing stories like this.

Just because someone acted unethically in
regard to something doesn't necessarily
mean that what they are doing should be
disregarded as quackery.

It is important to separate the person from
the thing, and to assess each individually.

For instance, the subject of Hypnosis is
a hot topic. Some would not believe in
Hypnosis, and that lack of belief may stem
from an experience they, or someone else
had. That experience may have had nothing
to do what Hypnosis can do, and everything
to do with the Hypnotist.

When one blindly considers options, one may
potentially get an experience they will feel
compelled to justify or nullify, should it
not be a good one. It is one of those human
things that we do, when we're unconsciously
interacting with our situation and environment.

Gut feelings use warning bells as one means
to communicate with us, and it is important to
pay attention, and act on what they advise.
The key is to go into every situation as aware
as we can be to make the best choices for us.

The more we do that, the less likely we are to
fear the unknown, and be able to be manipulated
by others, especially predators.

Not sure how to be more in touch? Let's talk.
I bet you're more in touch than you realize.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Perspective, Please! (Free Publicity)

Looking for stories from people of a time
that being "true to yourself" was
rewarding and empowering.

It was likely a time you felt you were
swimming against the tide, but it "felt"
more right than any other option(s) you
had, or others thought you should choose.

It could be a time

* your head and your heart were at odds,
and you went with your heart

* that you were yourself in spite of what
others said or believed

* when the odds may have seemed against
what you want to do/what you believed

* when what you were doing made no
sense to you, or anyone around you

* when success may have been defined differently
than what is "traditional" or "expected."

By submitting your story, you are giving me
permission to use it for my blog, newsletter,
and/or any other project my creativity might
come up with.

You are also giving me permission to edit your
work. If you want to see it with the edits
before it is used, to be certain it conveys
you and your story accurately, just let me know.

In addition, you are also validating that you
own the rights to what you are submitting, and
that you have the rights to give me permission
to publish your story.

In exchange for your generosity, you can include
the following information with your story:

- A picture
- Your name
- Your business name
- Your Website Address
- Your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn
- Phone Number/Address
- Short Bio

Got questions? I got answers. Hopefully they'll
be the ones you need. :-)

Please email your information to

PLEASE forward this to others!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Perspective: Time to Reconsider our Model?

Manipulation is everywhere in so many subtle ways.

The beauty industry manipulates women into thinking
that they are not thin enough or beautiful enough,
even when the models themselves aren't what they
seem to be, either.

Websites that tell you what's good for you are at
odds with each other, depending on what perspective
they are taking. Most data can be manipulated to
fit whatever case someone wants to make.

Marketers will tell you to ACT NOW to get a special
offer that will likely still be around long after
it is supposed to go away.

People claim themselves as Experts, and as such,
you are led to believe what they say as the Gospel

What is defined as success is even manipulated.
Can you only be a guru, an expert if you are making
gazillions of dollars at what you do?

The experts will, of course, tell you yes, and then
they often proceed to charge you great sums of money
for what they do because they are an EXPERT.

I suggest that we look at this model very carefully.

I suggest it because it is a model that doesn't
necessarily serve anyone, except, perhaps the person
who is selling the product or service. How many
things have you bought that haven't been helpful to
you? Of course, if they haven't been helpful to you
there's something wrong - with you.

Ironically, then, you want to become one of "those"
experts so you can start charging a lot for your
product and/or service. If you don't charge enough,
you have "value" issues. Sorry, but I am not sure
I agree.

I would like to suggest that we start to view things
differently, and it means listening to others, but
only long enough to gauge what they say against what
we feel. The problem is that often what we can feel
can be manipulated by someone who is skilled at
manipulation when we don't take the time to assess
things for ourselves.

Is it easy? No. It is much easier to just go with
the flow, and then when faced with remorse, justify
that we did the right thing.

However, I would suggest that it would be much more
rewarding for us to listen to ourselves rather than
sales pitches when making a decision.

I suspect most purchases are REACTIONS to a pitch than
they are a conscious choice on your part.

With the way things are currently, I suspect that there
is a lesson here that needs to be learned, and the
sooner we can learn it, the better. The difficult
thing is that we can't avoid learning the lesson by
ignoring the problems we're having.

I haven't quite figured this out yet, however, I believe
strongly that there is something to this conversation,
as there are always other perspectives to be had.

Sometimes we can't see or understand a thing, unless
we are able to see or experience its opposite.
Sometimes what we think we see isn't what we thought
we saw a minute ago.

What if what is happening is the best thing that could
ever have happened? What if it allows people to open
themselves up in a whole new way? What if we stop buying
things that are unnecessarily filling up our landfills?
What if we start doing the "core" things in life, instead
of being swayed by what could, by some, be interpreted
as "fluff"?

Several years ago I wrote about the ingenuity of mankind.
It is amazing the things that he is capable of creating.
Does it mean that everything conceived should be created?

I will tell you in my experience I know how to do things
that can greatly affect people in a negative way - for
them. Do I do it? No. I even go out of my way to stay
away from doing it.

Perhaps it is time we stepped back and questioned things
in a whole new way. Perhaps it is a time to turn within
and look at those things we haven't wanted to face. I
bet they're much more beautiful than we have thought them
to be (due to the undo influence of outside forces).

It is uncomfortable to change directions, but I think it's
even more uncomfortable to know you need to change directions,
and not act on it. I suspect anyone reading this knows
exactly what I mean, and if you do, I would kindly (and
gently) suggest that it's time to start paying attention.

If you're struggling against yourself, and want to change
it, it's a good idea to work with your unconscious.
Someone I have been working with recently said, "I feel
like I am handling life, instead of life handling me."

This is the kind of power we can all have.

If interested in learning more about hypnosis, and what
hypnosis can do for you, please visit

If this conversation interests you, please see more on
this topic at

Your comments are welcome. How do you feel about what
I have said?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Victoria Gardens

Over the summer I was in Rancho Cucamonga, CA's
Victoria Gardens with my handy dandy Flip Camera.

At the time I made this video. Maybe it'll be a
taste of warmth for those who are in the cold this
time of year.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Hypnosis or DE-Hypnosis?

Some people who believe that when a person is
hypnotized, they are actually DE-hypnotized.

The reason for this reasoning is that we are
often suggestible to our environment in
unconscious ways, and as a result act as one
would under the effects of "formal" hypnotic

When someone is hypnotized effectively, one
possible result is that the suggestions given
become who the person is, and it is longer what
they do

How much of your life is already this way?
How much of you can you separate? How often
does your identity lie in an object or a
profession or in your relationships with
other people?

When something is so much a part of who you are,
you are likely unconsciously threatened by the
idea of letting it go...even if it doesn't really
work for you. If it's a part of you, it might
feel like you're losing a hand.

This is why a formal hypnotic state can be a
good thing. It can help you uncover what these
unconscious decisions and connections are, and
help you change them, without feeling like you
are losing out. And, as a matter of fact, it
can likely empower you and make you feel better
by making a different choice.

We can consciously know we want to make changes,
and why, but it often doesn't help because knowing
is one thing, and finding the switch is another.

You can know that there is a light in the room,
and that there is a switch to turn on, but if
you can't find it, what good is it?

Perhaps a friend comes along and helps you find
that switch...that friend, my blogger friend,
could be hypnosis. Hypnosis can be one way to
find your way to the you you've always wanted
to be.

Most people are at least a little curious about
hypnosis and what it can do for them, are you?
If so, let's talk...:-)

(You can also visit for more
info on hypnosis: podcasts, FAQ, and a list of
many things hypnosis can be used for)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's this thing called the phone...

There's this thing called the phone. Have
you heard of it?

It is an electronic device that has numbers
on it. Once upon a time it actually had a
dial. These days, except for those who wax
nostalgic, it is likely to have buttons.

When these buttons are pressed, there is
some magic that happens. Those numbers that
are "dialed" (coming from the older days)
actually go to another phone which belongs
to someone you'd like to speak with.

Upon dialing you hear a sound which is
called ringing. The other person also hears
ringing, however, these days the ringing in
either case could actually be music, or
even someone speaking.

Should that person choose to pick up the
phone, you can actually have a live conversation
with them! Can you imagine that?!

The benefits of this piece of equipment are
as follows:

An actual connection with another person

No waiting to get an answer for a question,
unless the person needs to get back to you for
some reason.

Fewer misunderstandings than text messages and
emails. Less communications back and forth to

It is likely to be more expedient to get work

In the event that you are unable to connect
with the person, you can leave the verbal
equivalent of an email with something called
an answering machine, but probably more likely
something called voicemail. Since the person
will be able to hear your voice, they will be
better able to tell how you are feeling about
what you're saying than if they were reading it.

In addition, if this person likes you, they
may very well enjoy hearing the sound of your
voice, and appreciate "hearing" from you.
People have been known to save messages,
especially the ones that they enjoyed listening to.

I invite you to consider using a phone in this
manner. As a matter of fact, below this blog
entry there is a red symbol that looks like a
triangle with a line over it. It also has the
words "call here." The graphic is meant to
symbolize the phone. Now that you know what a
call is and the purpose of a phone, perhaps you
could click it, and call me. And we can talk.
And who knows?

Wouldn't that be something?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Help, Please...Thanks.

Recently I needed a distraction, so I took
@Alamar9's avatar on Twitter, and played
with it in Photoshop. This is what I came
up with

I am no expert in Photoshop, but I do seem
to come up with many things that people
like (including my Twitter background).

It's fun, and it is a creative outlet, which
I enjoy, and I got to thinking that maybe
there were others on Twitter, or even in the
"real" world (how does the real world exist
without Twitter?) that might have a need for
a revamped original image, or perhaps something
that I can create for them.

You may have seen my previous blog entry about
how things are for me at the moment
, and to
say "not good" is an understatement. People
seem to appreciate what I do, as long as it's
free. I am more than happy to give of myself,
the only problem is I need to pay bills, and
things are fairly desperate at the moment.

So...My request to you if you are reading this
is to remember me if you need - anything. I don't
know if I can help, or not, but I will give it
my best shot. I may not be able to help
personally, but I can reach out to others. In
addition, maybe I can help you in a way that I
can get paid for my services, maybe in a way you
didn't even know I was capable.

There are many things I am able to do, and it
is difficult to make a comprehensive listing of
them in a way that marketers tell me won't be
confusing for you.

I am open to partnering with people, creating
affiliate type relationships, to helping creating
basic web pages, to hosting those pages, to helping
someone with a project from an administrative point
of view, to...(the list could go on).

You can learn more about me and (about some of) what
I do at and
There is a lot there, and if you prefer, just
pick up the phone and call. I find it the most
expedient and effective way to get things done.

I know I can't be the only one in this position -
someone with something to give, and having
difficulty finding a way to give it and survive
these tough times. Let's do what we can for each
other - Please. Thank you.

PS If you'd like to help me with my basic needs
and are willing to donate any funds, you can send
money on PayPal to
It sucks to ask because I would so much rather
do something to help another for any money received.
If you really want to help, the best thing you could
do is help another by helping them to find me. I
promise you, I will take very good care of them, and
should they want hypnosis, they will get one of the
best hypnotists out there. Thanks so much!

PPS This is about helping each other, so even if you
don't think you can help me, and you need help, please
speak up! However, don't underestimate the value of
a recommendation, or a small purchase. For example,
I have a recording for less than $10.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perspective Short: Elizabeth Alraune

When things and money
cease to be more
important than people,
things and money
will take
care of people.

~ E. Alraune

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To My Followers on Twitter

Greetings. I hope you are having a good day.

I am writing because of a need of expression.

I am not sure how this will come out, but it
needs to. I always try to be mindful of those
within earshot, and make it productive. If,
however, it seems to be something different
than that, my humanity may just come shining
through. :-P

All year I have been on the edge financially.
I was holding my breath all year, working on
various things, and creating website pages,
and talking to people, and hypnotizing, and
doing my radio show.

I kept thinking something had to give sooner
or later. Unfortunately what gave was a
primary source of my income.

I am now in a position that no one would want
to be in (and perhaps way too many are). I am
getting to the end of what I have available to
me financially, and have to make some decisions
in the the next 6 weeks.

Yesterday, I was speaking with @denyseduhaime
on Twitter, and she does internet marketing.
She was incredibly helpful, and wonderful to
speak to, and she gave me some suggestions for
places that I could go to to consider to perhaps
make some money some of which were advertising
sites. Ok, Collective Gasp!

Back in March, I wrote about my first experiences
with Twitter and my impressions
. At one point
I also did a survey on how people felt about
advertising on Twitter
. Interestingly, and
not surprisingly, everyone who does Twitter has
an idea on how it should be done - just like life.

And, just like life, these perspectives may vary,
and quite often DO vary, and therein lies a difficulty.
How do we get along with differences of perspective?

I have been more than happy to share people's info
on Twitter, freely. I have often given much of myself
and what I have to offer, freely. In the beginning of
my Twitter odyssey I figured if something was helpful
enough for someone to tweet, then others might be
interested, too.

I didn't put it through my own personal filters
because everyone is different. Some people won't
recommend something unless they're familiar with it
and believe it in. I wouldn't recommend anything
unless I felt that way, either.

However, there is a difference between sharing
information and recommending it. We have collapsed
the two, and I believe it does a disservice to what
is possible.

I have thought for a long time that if we all went by
the feeling of our gut we would be better guided in
all avenues of life. We'd know what best to eat, how
best to exercise (if we should exercise at all). We'd
know what things to do, what things to avoid. We'd
know who to do business with, and who to stay away
from. We'd stop seeking answers and solutions from
others and we would find the way best suited to us
( is based on this idea)

Now skip to this moment in time. I am in a financial
bind, and I can use as many resources as possible. I
am stressed, and doing the best I can with what I got.
Am I being reactive? Perhaps. Am I listening to my
gut? I am honestly not sure. (Yes, even someone who
can help others with stress relief can get stressed,
and have difficult moments, LOL. I am still part of
the human race (at least last I checked)).

However, I decided to sign up with a few of these
services, and started to Tweet their info, and got
asked this morning why I was Tweeting Spam.

I cringed.

I don't know if you know me, but if you do, you know
among other things, that I am about people finding
their own way, and being true to themselves. It is
one of the most difficult tasks to do sometimes, and
it can be incredibly rewarding.

So now I am in a position of wondering how best to
interact with those who interact with me on Twitter.
Do I care what others think? Absolutely. However
what others think varies. I can take surveys, and
ask what people want, and in the meantime, I have
bills to pay.

Some say one "ad" per 7 Tweets, others say other things.
My thinking in this most recent regard was for me to
do a "commercial break." I figure if Tweets don't
interest people, they'll just ignore them. I would
do the "commercial break," and then be back to my
regular interactions. What I didn't do was announce
the break, or check in with anyone first.

How much of being yourself needs to feed off what
others think you need to be?

I don't believe there is an exact, THE answer, however
it is something to consider. And what I have come up
with as a temporary measure is that I will now announce
these "commercial breaks." I will announce them, and
then they'll be over. In the midst of them, I may still
interact with others, as I did last night.

I apologize if you find this to be abhorrent in some way,
and I ask for your patience during this time. I guarantee
you, you wouldn't want to be standing where I am now.

As always, I am just doing the best I can. If you'd like
to help me get away from this approach, please feel free
to help me spread the word about my paying services
( and I believe
there are other ways for people to help each other. If
you hold the secret, I am all ears.

In the meantime, in this economy, might I suggest a
little more tolerance for those who are doing what they
need to to survive? I know it might be difficult to
discern the difference with standards attached, but if you
listen with your heart, you might just be able to tell.

Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soon to Appear on The Jobs Guy Website: Dear JoLoPe

Starting this week I will be working in conjunction
with @TheJobsGuy and his job site.

This is another we "met on Twitter" story.

There is a perception in the world at large that
Twitter is silly and a waste of time. Those who
think it likely don't understand what is possible.

There are certainly people who are silly with
their tweets, and do waste time on there, and I'd
even go as far as to say it's likely a majority,
however, those who are on there to truly connect
are able to find others who are like-minded.

I hope you will come along for the ride. Please
let others know about Ken's site, and the fact that
I will be there. As I've been saying on Twitter
lately, "I KNOW there are stressed people out there
....just wondering where "there" is...I KNOW I can
help...can anyone help me find them?"

I really want to share what I can with those who
could use my help. I know people appreciate being
in touch with peace and direction within, and I can
help with that. Please keep me in mind should you
find someone who would be benefited by the work I do.

Btw, I updated today. It now
includes a FAQ page. Please check it out when you
can, and share, share, share. Thanks.

Have a great night/day!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"All Americans Have Health Care" - Huh?

Rep. Steve King said this about health care:

I could see why many would get upset about
his statements. He obviously has a perspective
they don't. I can only imagine he is thinking
about Medicaid, and other types of emergency
type of help people can sometimes get.

However, I don't quite know how emergency help
equates to "health care."

I don't know what the answer is to the current
dilemma, but what I do know is that when the
people who are making the decisions don't really
understand the perspectives of those they are
making the decisions for, there is a problem.

Please remember that the next time you are in
a position to affect those you are responsible

Thank you.

Make YOUR World a Better Place

I have to wonder if every individual was
able to be true to who they were meant to
be if the world would be a better place.

I have to wonder because there is no way to
know, however, I would have to speculate
that it would be. After all, how often are
events and choices motivated by fear and lack,
and an inability to express oneself?

How often are we less than who we are and
can be because something else has our
attention, and usually it is a lack of some
sort. A lack of love, a lack of money, a
lack of safety, a lack of respect, a lack

If you would like to be less reactive to
people and your circumstances, and more in
control, if you would like to change
something that doesn't seem to want to budge,
if you want to know that what you are doing
makes sense in spite of what others think,
there is a good possibility hypnosis would
be of benefit.

Many people are scared of hypnosis, and don't
understand it. It was like when I used to
say I didn't like red peppers when I only
had had green peppers, and didn't like them.

I made assumptions based on limited knowledge,
and I turned out to be wrong. Many times we
think we know something and make choices
based on what we think we know, rather than
what we'd find out if we researched things

If you want to make changes, consider giving
yourself an opportunity to learn about what
hypnosis is and what it can do for you. I
have training as a hypnotist, and experience
as a life coach that can be helpful to you.
Becoming aware of the underlying assumptions
you have can be helpful in the process of
aligning your desires with your actions and
outcomes. will help you learn a
few things, and I am happy to speak with you
about it, should you have an interest. Email
me, or just click the phone icon at the bottom
of this message.

Hypnosis isn't magic, however you might just
be amazed by how magical it is.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Understanding is difficult, and yet Judgment is so Easy

I was just watching a video with Rhianna.

She speaks eloquently about her experience
with Chris Brown.

There were many things that struck me about
what she said, but there was one thing in
particular that stood out. She says she
was embarrassed that she fell in love with
"that" type of person.

What I have found in calls with my clients
is that many define love a certain way -
one with conditions attached. In the world
of Love, many times Love gets confused with
actions or lack of thereof.

Love is Love. Abuse is Abuse.

They are two separate things. You can totally
Love someone who has abused you, you just don't
have to stay with them. However, when Love
gets collapsed with actions, the leaving part
isn't so easy.

Human beings often merge things together, and
they become one. It takes the ability to
alter one's perspective to be able to see the
parts that make up the whole.

Love isn't something we have, but it is
something we have access to through our
interpretations of acts and things. How we
experience Love is an interpretive dance,
one in which our interpretations will
take us to the places or great joy,
or potential sadness
. The place we get
caught is believing that Love=those things.

If I was to speak to Rhianna, and she'd want
to know what I thought, I'd tell her:

Love the fact that you could share Love.
It is an incredible gift.

Love that you can now separate the feeling
of Love from how it is represented.

Since the way it was represented was harmful
to you, Love that you were able to take a
different action.

Love yourself. You are not stupid, as some
might say or believe, nor do you have any
reason to be embarrassed. Like you said,
you are a human being, and human beings tend
to do things that aren't always understood.
Ironically, some of the choices we make that
wind up causing pain are meant to take care
of us.

We think we're supposed to know it all, and
have it all handled. Our ego is great for that.
However if you look at life, it seems that it
isn't meant to be seamless. Take what you
can from this situation, and do your best to
focus on what helpful things can (or have)
come from it.

Love Love. To feel any other way about Love
is to have is to still have it collapsed with
other things. Love is a beautiful thing.

I realize that in the midst of pain it is
difficult to see much else, and painful
situations are so much easier on the outsider
who always seems to have an answer.

Situations like yours are never easy, and
neither are the answers, and no one will ever
fully understand why you did what you did
or what happened, but that won't stop many
from judging. I am sorry for the pain of
their judgments, and how they can mess
with you.

If they would take a step back they might
realize that even though they don't
understand you or your situation, they have
had times when they've been uncomfortably on
the receiving end of another's judgment.

Thank you for sharing where you've been. In
my experience it is helpful when someone
steps outside of the mask that many wear while
in the world.

To anyone reading who might be struggling in
a relationship, or just struggling in general
(feelings like these aren't exclusive to
situations like this one) odds are you, too,
are doing things that are unconsciously guiding
you for your own good. If you want to make a
change, and don't know how, have you considered
hypnosis? It is one of the best ways to tap
the part of you that is making the choices, and
help it to make new ones.

You CAN break destructive habits and behaviors.

To learn more about hypnosis, please visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Perspective Short: St. Francis de Sales: On Fear and Love

Those who love to be feared fear to be loved,
and they themselves are more afraid than anyone,
for whereas other men fear only them, they
fear everyone.

~St. Francis de Sales

Perspective: Communication and Human Equations

We all have equations: If X, then Y.
If you love me, then you'd call me every day.
If you love me, then you'd give me some space.

If you're in a relationship, it is
important to know what the other
person's equations are, and to share
yours, and both parties need to
determine if the other person's
equation is something that they
can work with.

Nothing says equations can't change,
but the only equation you can change
is your own.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Got Stress? Get Relief.

I find many people don't quite understand hypnosis,
or what it can do for them so I thought I would
share about what I do.

When I am done, you can check out
for more information, should this subject interest you.
On that page you will find 3 radio show broadcasts on the
subject, as well as a list of many things hypnosis could
be used for. Some are a little more "interesting" than
others (such as Past Life Regression).

You may say you're not interested in hypnosis, and I
would understand. At the same time I will tell you
that many people will say that to me, only to become a
client once they better understand what is possible.

It is good for making changes. Making changes is one of
the most difficult things we ever do because it is all
too easy to do what we've been doing. If consciously
knowing that you want to make a change was sufficient to
make a change, people would be doing it instead of talking
about it, and able to do it with ease.

It is helpful with chronic pain. You want to be careful
using hypnosis with pain. Sometimes the body is signaling
something which needs to be paid attention to. Shut off
the pain, and you could be putting yourself in danger.
However, if you have chronic pain that you feel you must
live with, the fact is that hypnosis is potentially able to
help you minimize that pain.

It is good for stress relief. Hypnosis can create
powerful reactions. We get triggered all of the time.
Imagine what shorting that trigger would feel like, and
you'll can imagine part of the magical nature of hypnosis.

I have a client who manages many restaurants. With the
way things have been going, he has been managing more than
anyone should really be handling. To listen to him talk,
he is managing to manage. However, it is taking a toll on
him in more ways than one.

He initially asked for help with the feeling of stress he
was having. After one session he already noticed an
improvement. The next session he admitted to me (remember
I work mostly on the phone and never see my clients) that
he felt the stress was having him gain a few pounds. That
never came up in our first conversation. As a matter of
fact, he told me how he worked out, and was in good shape.

I suspect it was the combination of feeling comfortable
and seeing the positive effects of the change that made
a difference for him, and it is why he decided to make a
point of bringing it up the second time. Working together
on what he believes to be the causes of his weight gain, he
will likely be making different choices going forward.

I have also been working with someone who considers themselves
Obsessive Compulsive. I haven't been working with him on
his diagnosis, but what I did do was help him to find himself
calm when he might otherwise spiral to a place of significant

Another client works in the ER (or Intensive Care) as a nurse,
and also came to me for stress relief. It would likely come
as no surprise that she said her work environment is very
stressful. That is, until we worked together. Well...the fact
is there is still the potential for stress, but she is finding
herself better able to react and cope through what has been
created hypnotically.

In each case I have worked with these individuals on creating
something that works for who they are as an individual.
There is never a blanket answer as far as I am concerned, and
I believe that is why what is being done is as effective as
it is.

The nurse has worked with me for several months now, and
what we did initially is reinforced each time we speak,
although I am not certain is necessary at this point, it is
something she has come to enjoy and appreciate.

If you've never been hypnotized, you might be amazed at how
wonderful the state of hypnosis is. I can often hear a sense
of "relief" in someone's voice while in that state.

Please visit or call me if you'd like to
learn more about what hypnosis can do for you.

The fact is you are hypnotized more often
than you realize...and without your awareness
or knowledge. It might be beneficial to expose
yourself to it with your awareness, knowledge,
and direction.

You can call me easily by clicking the phone
icon just below this message. There is no
charge for us to make contact the first time
so feel free to make the call.

Have a great day!

Life: It's an amazing ride

Perspective: The You that Others See

The above picture was a gift from @garciaje on Twitter. He is a graphic designer, among other things (I'd give a web address, but he doesn't provide one).

Out of the blue he sent this picture a few days ago. I thanked him and, as I looked at it and appreciated his version of me (and interpretation of one of my avatars), I got to thinking about how others see me.

At the same time, Twitter released its list making abilities, and it is interesting to see the names of these lists. It certainly tells you a little something about how you are perceived when you show up on a list called People-I-Have-Seen-Naked (which, by the way, and for the record, she hasn't - not quite sure what she does mean. Just thought it an interesting list name) or Geeky-in-a-Sexy-Cool-Way. I struggled with how to "do" Twitter in the beginning, so it is cool to see myself on the list of a Twitter leader (@Kim) called Rockin-This-Twitter.

For someone who has spent a good part of her life trying to hide...the last few years have been a big exercise in stepping out, and being seen. It takes some getting used to, and it helps that I am getting such a wonderful reception, and to know "that you like me, you really really like me!" (or something like that, LOL) Thank you for spending some of your precious time and energy with me. What a gift.

Life: It's an amazing ride.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Perspective: Songs are to be Sung

I don't know about you, but it bothers me
(and has for a while) when people charge
what seems like insane prices for things
because, they say, there is a perception
that if something is expensive, it is of
better value. They also say that it has
to do with your own perception of value.

Whether or not these things are perceived
truths, doesn't mean that they need to stay
that way. I watched a video with a
hypnotist who says that if a hypnotist is
inexpensive they're no good. Someone
watching that could very well buy into it,
as it fits in with the first thing I
mentioned above.

However, I can tell you that it just so
happens that I am a dang good hypnotist,
and have worked for free, and discounted
rates on more than one occasion. Why?
Because I believe if someone wants and
needs help they should be able to get it.

I have had clients who have gone to hypnotists
in person who charge more than I do, and have
been unable to be hypnotized. They come to me,
and not only are hypnotized (and often on the
phone), but get results.

I ask you to consider the model that we have
been living in. It is the same model that has
a very high unemployment rate at the moment,
and people in significant credit problems.

I just had a friend tell me that maybe I should
charge $300 for a Letter of Love, maybe people
would buy it. I offered the Letters over the
weekend for whatever people would be willing to
pay for one, with it being a minimum of $1.00.

Not one person took me up on it. I have been
told that maybe people don't understand what they
are, and yet anyone who has visited the page has
felt the value of what they seem to offer.

I also had someone once buy one (granted an
atypical case) without even knowing what she
had bought (she had used her intuition, which
was rewarded when she received her personalized

In addition, I offer a FULL MONEY BACK Guarantee.
If it doesn't fit, you get your money back. And
yet, not one person asked for one.

It is befuddling to me. I realize that there will
be those with marketing caps on that will say
something about how I market it, or don't, or who
my audience is, and so on...however, I firmly
believe that when we allow ourselves to act on
something (even when - and especially when - we
don't understand it) we are usually rewarded.

There will be others who will say find out what
people want, and give it to them. In my experience,
these letters are what people want, they're just not
packaged in the way that they might expect.

There is a part of me that wants to desperately
disprove what all of these "gurus" are saying. There
is a part of me that believes that if we live in a way
that is true to ourselves, it paves the way for things
better than money can buy...even though money may
indeed exchange hands.

The whole recent Sedona, AZ incident, to me, is in
some way "proof" of that. So many have questioned, given
the available details, why the cost was as high as it was.

I believe that there are things that I can do that can
help people. Some would call them "gifts." I don't
really like the term because it feels like an elevation
and I don't believe I am any different than you or anyone
else. What I believe is different (perhaps) are my
passions and my focus. When you are passionate and
focused it would seem to me that you would be pretty darn
good at what you do, and it might just seem like a "gift"
to someone who is passionate and focused in another

Many who have experienced my works have expressed
appreciation for them. Because I have not used them as
a ploy to get you to buy anything, they are given freely
and with Love.

However, I do need to make a living, and at the moment I
am struggling. I have been struggling all year to find
a way to present myself in a way to the world that is
helpful to anyone who might be touched in some way by
what I do.

I have taken different approaches, however two that I
have declined to take are the ones that seem to be
manipulative (do you realize how much you are
manipulated?) and the outrageous, high price.

What I have failed to do is to convey to you, and anyone
listening, is the value there is in your getting to know
me as a Life Coach and Certified Hypnotist.

The fact is what you get is YOU. How do you convey
something so unique to every individual and circumstance?
Apparently with great difficulty.

I have lots of questions about things, and have many
unanswered questions. not the least of which is how to
convey to you that I believe that if we put our collective
heads together we might just find that we can help not only
ourselves, but others.

In general, the world is hurting, and in specific, I am
hurting because there is an expression of me that is not
finding its outlet.

I'd like to ask you two things:
1. What do you need in your life?
2. How can I help to make that happen?

Next, I invite you to pick up the phone, and call me
(just click the phone icon below).

Let's talk. Let's create. Let's shake things up.
Let's stop accepting anything that doesn't work for us,
and creating a world in which we get to be all that we
can be.

I am also asking you to pass this along to others if you
feel like there is a valuable message here. I am fairly
certain that you appreciate when the song in you is
sung. If you would like some help to have your song sung, I would love to help. At the same time, you will help me sing mine, and in the process together perhaps we can help others to sing theirs.

Thank you for listening.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

JOy LOve PEace - where is it?

I am looking for people and websites and organizations
and pictures, and anyone and anything that is in some
way representative of JOy LOve and/or PEace.

Know of something others should know about?
Please share in the comments below, or you can email
me privately at