Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Letter of Love

I continue to share these Letters of Love for what they may offer you. While they are often written for someone specific, there are many times the message is more universally felt. If you'd like one of your own (which will be kept confidential and private, if you want it to be) visit Notes-of-Love.com for info.

You will survive this. This is a blip in your radar screen. You have taken huge steps along the path of life, and have moved up each time. You must recognize the progress instead of focusing on the losses and pain. It is really a perceived loss which isn’t a loss at all. It may seem to be one, and yet you will gain more than you could possibly imagine from this time. You have no idea what is in store for you, and each step you take brings you closer.

Before XXXXX you were resigned. You thought there would be no one. Had you ended life, you would have missed the incredible time that you had with XXXXX and the awesome gift you got from it. You can’t see the big picture, but you can see the smaller parts, and while some may look like tears, they may be flowers yet to bloom.

Who you are is not who you’ve been. You would never have been able to have an experience like this with who you once were. You had to give up certain ways of looking at things to allow for this to happen. You had to give up who you believed yourself to be. Each step is an important step, and you must trust the love that brought you here.

We know you are thinking and believing that love brought you to pain. But love only brought you an experience. Your perspective created the pain, and in the same way it was created, you can allow yourself to let it go. You can finally allow the anger of your past and not being able to express yourself and not being heard, go. You can express yourself and be heard at any time to anyone anywhere. You don’t need an acknowledgment of your expressions. You don’t need someone to validate them – or you.

You wouldn’t be sitting here, learning of this lesson, had it not been for what has occurred. And it is a perspective worthy of absorbing and growing from. When you look back at XXX you see so much of who you became because of what happened. You had so much to give, and got so little in return, and yet you allowed yourself to express yourself and you allowed yourself to love. You have received some very profound gifts that you have been able to share with others.

And we hear, what about ME?

What about you? You are who we are. We are you. You are others. Others are you. It is all ONE. And when you realize that you will be giving yourself the greatest of all gifts because within that there is no lack. There is only support. There is only Love. There is only growth. Understanding. Compassion. Love. All of the things that you think you seek. They’re all within you right this very moment. When you acknowledge them, you no longer feel the need to be filled. There is no need when there is plenty. When love overflows, nothing is left in want. Nothing. Not even you. You give of love, and you have love. It really is that simple. You are love, you are in love. There is no love to find, and there is no love to give, as love is already in place for everyone at every moment, every where.

Acknowledgement is what is needed more than love. Because LOVE is present right now. Right this moment you can be embraced in love. You can feel love. You can know love. Right this moment, and it is not conditional on anyone anywhere. It is NOW. You can feel the shift in your energy with these words. You can feel how things move without moving.

Life is fertile. Life is ever changing. The mistake people make is in believing that things will stay the same. An even bigger mistake is wanting them to stay the same. They have an opportunity to always be, and get, better, and yet human beings hold onto the old, the known, and the things they think they want, and they run the risk of losing out on the things they truly do.

The time for those to awaken to the things that truly matter is now. The things that truly matter never have price tags, despite what others believe to be true. Many think that value needs to have a number assigned to it. That is why there are lists. That is why there are boxes. That is why there are graphs, bar charts, bank accounts. That is why there are ratings. That is why there are so many things that divert from the things that are lacking in form - physical form, that is.

The physical form of something is only an eggshell. It is only a covering. Knock it the right way and it can crack. Knock it a different way, and the shell can be remarkably strong, keeping things out, and other things in. Limitations are formed when a form is attempted to be maintained…it doesn’t matter what that is from a relationship to a vehicle, to another type of vehicle, the body. Everything has a form, and every form can and will change moment to moment. And what you do with it will have you standing, sitting, crying, crawling. You may want to crawl into a corner to think that you are safe. The problem is that corner isn’t safe. That corner is as flexible and changeable as anything else. There isn’t much between you and the outside world, and it can be gone in one fell swoop by words or actions, by creation or by destruction.

You create when you grow or you destruct. The difference is only a matter of perspective. Which is it that you do? Do you grow or do you destruct? It’s all the same in terms of the energy and the result, however, it is what you see and what you experience that will take you to the next moment of growth which is right now and now and now and now. It is endless and it is unstoppable.

The question is how unstoppable are you and how unstoppable are you willing to be?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perspective Short: Knowledge (CY)

"Listen and learn and you will be amazed
at what you will teach yourself
about what you already KNOW."

- Elizabeth Alraune (CY)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Perspective Short: Perfection

What if perfection doesn't look
the way we think it should?

What if nothing's perfect
and everything is?

Elizabeth Alraune

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Letter of Love

6-29-10 10:04 PM

Mankind has thought for a long time that when it improved his situation, he was making life better. The problem and the answer were both deceptive. There never really was a problem, so there was really no answer to be found.

Man is very clever, but he must learn when to say no to the things of his imaginings. Not everything that man becomes aware of must be acted on and not everything is going to make life any better.

He must learn this lesson by either being simpler or being made to be simpler.

Man is very jealous of other men and is always seeking ways to up himself over another. There have always been competitions to prove one's worth and one's mettle. Over time the competitions may have changed, but the competitive piece remains, and in competition is destruction.

There may be the illusion of unity, however, the pieces that are in unison are working against the other pieces. Whenever there is competition there is weakness instead of strength. There is confusion instead of clarity. Mankind must begin to realize that the very thing that he aspires to, the very thing that he dreams of the very things he wishes for are all inside of himself. He must realize that the world outside is only a distraction.

The environment in which he lives is being threatened one thought at a time.

Man has become more distracted through the generations. He was never meant to become distracted. The things that have drawn his attention were meant to be tools to learn to compare to contrast to be able to see what was of value however instead of things showing what was of value things became the value...and until man is able to go within he is going to have to at times go without.

There is great abundance in the world, and yet all of the clutter is having it disappear and fog over. It is becoming uncertain and the world is turning in ways it doesn’t need to because of the distractions. Mankind can begin to alter the external world by allowing itself to view the internal one.

He must be able and willing to go within and look at himself and see himself clearly and when he does the world will clear up as well. Until then it is like a foggy cloudy nightmare and even though the sun does shine, it is no where to be found for some. The world needs its inhabitants to be able to see the sun shining for the world to get what it needs.

For in darkness there is only death and despair, and while they are true and real emotions, there is a transformation that is possible with even one ray of sunshine. One ray of sunshine is all it takes to make a difference, and each person can be their own ray, if they are willing to get out of their own way and stop paying attention to what is going on with their neighbor in a competitive way.

If he on the other hand is able to be friendly with his neighbor and be willing to support his neighbor, he will find that the one ray that he has will be multiplied many times, and the world as a whole will transform when the attention of the individuals shift from what they believe to be true to what they know to be true.

The time has come to see what truly is and there is no more hiding from it. There are events that are compelling that are occurring – things that were once unfathomable that have become possible realities. The time is now whether man is ready or not does not matter because he must be involved in what happens next because he has brought much of this upon himself and this is not said as in a punishment or a judgment, but rather just an observation.

What is now IS. What is tomorrow is something that can be all together different.

There is nothing that is set in stone, only perceived to be so. Man is resilient, and man will find his way through what is about to happen…what remains to be seen is how he does it. There is no question of if, just only how. That is the one thing that mankind is able to control and that is how he personally comes to interact with nature and the events and his fellow man.

The time is now to become aware and to stop doing, and start allowing. Start allowing himself to BE. The time to BE has come. Man must come to BE. When man comes to be, there will be peace in his heart, and peace on his earth.


Please let me know what you think of these messages.

Endlessly Seeking | Note of Love

I have decided that I am going to begin to
use what I have access to - what comes
through me - to see what might show up on
a more regular basis.

This is what came today:

Dear Ones
You are endlessly seeking the best of everything when all the while it is right in front of you. You are always in such a hurry to get where you already are. You are always seeking the ultimate - when what is ultimately yours in its purest most divine most beautiful form is right in front of you.

Why do you seek more when it only leaves you with less?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Letter of Love

Here is a Letter of Love that was recently
written for someone and, as often is the
case, there seems to be a universal message
that can be appreciated by more than just
the one it was intended for. It also
mentions (briefly) about the oil situation
in the gulf.

If you read it, please leave a comment,
and let me know your thoughts.

Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by!

Want your own letter? See Notes-of-Love.com


You are a perfect child…full of fertile imaginings.
You can create anything, including perfect health
and happiness. You are a wonder to behold, and
yet you do not behold yourself as such. You are
one to be loved, and yet you do not love yourself...
at least not in the way that acknowledges that
love is present. You speak of Love and yet you
remove yourself from it. You dance around love
instead of dancing in love. You think somehow it
is for others, and yet you too are deserving of it.

The aches and pains you feel are your desires to be
loved to feel love to embrace love to be embraced
by love you have a healthy love life to live and
you will live it because you are beginning to see
how you affect yourself and you are beginning to
find your own way. Reluctantly at times as you,
like other human beings, want to be told what to do.

It makes no sense really as you already have the
answers and they await your acknowledgement and
action. It does not matter what will happen tomorrow
just as it does not matter what happened yesterday.

Claim now and live it to its fullest. Live it in all
of its preciousness. Live it fully and completely.
Live it totally conscious and aware and you will
find more beauty than you have ever imagined or known.

Fear is anything but living in the present. Fear
only exists in relation to the past or to the future.
There is no fear in this moment. In this now. In this
now all there is is now. All there is is what you
choose. It’s what you choose and recently you released
a lot of hurt and pain and disappointment and anger.

You were someone who has had much pain and disappointment
because you have yet to understand the power of this
moment of this now of who you are in this moment. You
are an incredible piece of beauty and love and direction
and you have much to share and this time of crisis and
pain and feeling lost will be something to share when
the time is right.

You will know what it is that you need to share and
when is the time to share it. Keep being who you are
and embracing the love the care the concern the passion
the love it is all available to you at each and every
moment. Each and every moment is a gift that should
never be analyzed or assessed value. It is of value
in so many ways for so many people you must understand
that there is no way to understand something for another
that can be understood so many ways. Yes you can try
and even to yourself you can try to understand or you
can understand.

You have the ability to understand right now in this
moment you have the ability to claim understanding.
There are zero absolutes. One will fight to the end
with a belief in absolutes. They will claim one thing
or another and they will die speaking “the” truth that
they believe.

Even these gurus know within, that truth exists only
in a moment..and try as they may to capture the moment
they never can, and they never will. At least not
permanently. They catch it as easily as you would catch
a ray of light. It is only a momentary thing that
appears to be something that it is not.

Human beings want to make things solid, and therefore
many things appear to be solid. The problem comes when
they are proven otherwise…they are lost, and they don’t
now what to do, because they are wanting something solid
to latch onto.

There is nothing solid to latch onto ever…and the only
time there will seem to be is in that one precious moment
of awareness.

Awaken from your sleep. Awaken from your dreams.
Awaken and recognize that the only power that you have
is the power of this moment the power of this now
the power of who you are.

And yes it is the sum total of many things that would
appear past present and future, but once again it is
only a mere illusion. You must claim all that it is
in THIS moment. In This now.

In this way are you are to be the empowered should that
you are meant to be. Life is a journey and journeys
never end. There is always a new turn a new twist and
the appearance of an ending. But there is truly no
end as there is truly no beginning.

You will never reach an “end” point because you have
never begun. You are all that you need to be and always
will have everything that you need for the moment.

Start listening and you will hear many things, and you
will know which ones to act on and which ones to dispose
of for when you hear things, you will hear an acknowledgement
and/or a call to action…a call to love, a call to act, a call
to forget, forgive...whatever it is, you will know if
you only listen.

You must listen to what you must do to get the balance
you seek in your life. You are out of balance when you
aren’t listening because then you go off in a direction
that is fearful and/or motivated by anything other than

Love is never fearful. Love is never despair. Love is
never pain and love is never repair. Love is just there
and here and you are love my dear child. You are love
completely and totally and it is as solid as anything gets,
and yet it is fluid. It is something that morphs from
moment to moment and yet you are able to capture it in
any moment that you choose to. You can capture it in a
smile, in a laugh, in a hug, in a shared moment, in an
understanding, in an appreciation in art in music, in
the oil.

Yes even the oil. There is love there. It is just
covered up by human beings who aren’t listening. It is
the perceived ugliness that is calling people to see the

There is much that is taken for granted when one isn’t
aware of the moment to moment nature of life and of love.
When you are in the moment, you are able to treat it with
love and respect and admiration or you are able to throw
it away.

There truly is no future or past, however all nows are as
beautiful as the sum total of the moments that are
appreciated. There is no moment more precious or
beautiful than this one.

Love it. Respect it. Cherish it. Adore it. BE IT.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hope this finds you well...

It has been a long time since I have posted.

Life has a way of taking twists and turns,
as we all know, and I have had to go off in
a different direction for a while now.

I am still not sure where I am headed, and
was reminded recently that things are ever
changing and evolving, so while we may think
we know something, we just never know.

It has been difficult for me to balance
everything...only so much energy to give.

I do miss spending time here, and connecting
with those I did on Twitter. Occasionally
I will poke my fingers in, and say hey.

I am not going to say much more at the moment,
however I did want to let those who appreciated
my 15 Essential Things to Ask Yourself, that I
now have 15 More Essential Things to Ask

If you get a chance to check it out, please
let me know your thoughts.

As always, I hope you are well, safe, and
living a life that is true to who you are.

with Love...