Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hollywood, Twitter and Lemonade

A couple of night ago, I met up with Dan Pavlik
(@nominated) and Brian Degan Scott (@bdser)
in Hollywood. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like
to see/hear more about it, and Dan's film
Nominated, see the Nominated Blog.

(Dan Pavlik on Left, Brian Degan Scott on Right)

Some people say that Twitter is a waste of
time. I am not sure I would agree. I met
these two great people because of Twitter,
and am enjoying helping out with the film
where possible. It's likely I would never
have met Dan without connecting through my
time spent there.

Having said that, I bring this up in part
because the meeting is context for this
blog entry. We ate at Hooters. They had
a strawberry lemonade that was out of this
world, and probably because it was full of
sugar, LOL.

(making the important decisions)

So when I got home, I decided to make some of
my own. The following is what I came up with.
It was not as delicious as the Hooter's version,
but it wasn't too bad. Enjoy!

4 cups water
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup lemon juice
1 pint frozen strawberries

Blend the strawberries with enough water to
cover strawberries until liquid, and then
mix in the remaining water, sugar, and lemon
juice. Stir and chill.

I have discovered two things since posting
this recipe:

1. White sugar is better for you than brown
sugar (I have replaced the brown sugar with
organic sugar with good result)

2. I have cut the sugar in half, the strawberries
in half, and added twice the water, and it still
tastes good...maybe even better because it's not
so sweet.

If you want a recipe from someone a little more
well known, and a track record, here's Emeril's
Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Have a great day!

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Jay Koch said...

Somehow, I think that if I had a meeting at Hooters, I would not be remembering and blogging about lemonade.

Men and women are different, huh?

I have met lots of wonderful friends on Twitter. It's amazing how close you can get to people 140 characters at a time.