Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dot Perspective

There are times that I write, and while I may actually do the writing, the content seems to flow, and is "inspired." The following is one of those times (circa 2001).

I often try to adhere to the style of the writing, so you may think there should be different ways to compose and punctuate the sentences. Sorry for that...however, may I kindly suggest that you focus on the words and content instead of how it is presented. There may be more to be gotten that way. :-)


There is a poison pen in the world - words are written in people's vile actions...or atleast what appears as vile to some. But without these actions there is no recognition of Love and family. Without separation there is no togetherness. Without appreciation are we who do not have opposites.

Know that at the core of all is Love. Love is for all, Love is mankind - Love is for mankind. Mankind is Love. Mankind needs Love, and yet it denies it for itself. It is scared of what is possible in living in Love. It often threatens its demise by its focus on all but Love - but all there really is is Love - and that is often forgotten.

To remember is to live in a world of infinite space of infinite time, infinite Love. Humans seek finiteness and yet they want to live forever. How ironic is that. To Love is all that is able to be given - anything else clouds the subject and blocks the ever present Love.

As I've said before all is illusion - all is just particles of dust that come together to create a picture - just as the pointillism artists. Stand back, see a whole picture, be up close and see only dots. The unity of the whole is lost when the dots are focused on. Focus on the big picture because the dots have already taken care of themselves.

You need to have a world consciousness for the world as you know it to survive. You need to forsake the self. This is not to say that one can abuse or ignore one's self, but rather that you are not here for you. If you were here just for you - why are there so many more people in the world.

Your life is not about you. Your life is about others. Your life is about reaching out and growing and only through others do you grow. Only through others do you truly live. Only through others do you get the point, the dot that is you.

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Luna said...

There are so many who did not come into this world concieved in love grown in love or shown love. It is those that search for it and find it with out a map to show them the way, the truth of life:

'That love is a vibration that makes your soul sing...& hate is a vibration that fills the soul with darkness and weighs it down.. light and happy or heavy and dark the choice life offers is up to us.
Join life and lift it up, or be against it and pull it down.'

and as Yoda says...
"there is no try, there is only do"