Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perspective: Sometimes what you don't know can't stop you

Have you ever done something to afterward
say, "If I knew what I knew now, I may not
have done it"?

That has been my experience working with
Dan Pavlik (writer and director of Nominated).

I went up to Fremont to do a radio podcast
of his premiere party, and recorded lots of
hours of interviews, knowing that I would
have to go back later and edit them.

What I didn't realize was how much work it
was going to be, and the obstacles and
difficulties I was going to face.

I may still have done it, had I known, but
I do wonder if it could have even for a moment
have me consider stopping from doing it.

A few days ago I met with Dan and Brian Degan
in Hollywood. This time with a Flip
in hand. Once again, I jumped into
something I had never done, but figured I
would figure it out.

Hours later, it's 90 minutes condensed into
10. Once again, there were frustrations and
issues...and once again, I wonder, if I had
known what it would entail, might I have

It seems like sometimes being unaware can be
a good thing. Or perhaps it is more being
aware of the goal, and the thing that matters
that is the important thing.

By focusing on what I want to create, I
created it, even in spite of the difficulties
and frustrations.

I offer the video to you so you can learn
more about the film and these guys, and since
it was filmed in Hollywood, you'll get to see
some of the area, too.

PS To see more about the film, and why
Brian is going to NYC, visit the Nominated Blog

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