Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life's Most Beautiful Melodies

The brook would lose its song if you remove the rocks.

I heard that for the first time today.

I looked for attribution, but found none.

What I did find were those words in many places.
Apparently many more people than just myself find them inspirational.

I thought about it,
and then,
as per my usual,
I thought about it
in "real life" terms.

It occurred to me
that the rocks symbolize the
things we need to move around and through in life.
It occurred to me
that someone might hear the "music" of the water,
just as "noise" if their mindset and attitude was
caught up in the unfolding events in their life.

How much noise do I have in my head sometimes?

Enough to drown out any music.

There are so many analogies of things that I have read
that show again and again that through struggle
we as human beings can find strength,
and, yet, when things happen in my life that
I am less than thrilled about,
I tend to be less than happy.

That is, until I catch myself.

Sometimes I need to catch myself
many times.

Someone may wonder, why bother?

The way I explain it is this:
If there is a chance that what we say and think
creates our reality, then it would be in my best
interest to bother. To catch. To correct.

If it is incorrect to believe that what we say and think
creates our reality, then I still have nothing to lose,
Additionally, I don't know about you,
but in general I feel better when I think of good things
rather than things that bring me down.

One friend of mine says things sometimes,
things that he'd prefer not to be the truth of things,
followed by "it's a joke."
I pretty much say to him that there is no such thing.

I wonder if there will be a day that "People" will realize
that everything that we do impacts us. Not in the way
of "right" or "wrong," but in the sense that there is
an impact.

When you bowl, you roll a bowling ball down the lane.
One way or another, your motion with the ball
will have an impact.

You may get a strike, you may get one, you may get none.

All of those, and more, are possibilities. What
you get the first time you go will ultimately impact the
second time, which will ultimately
impact the outcome of the game.

In the absence of any "official" "reliable"
perspective on why we are all here,
may I suggest that we create a perspective
of our own that empowers us and those around us?

If words originate as thoughts,
we have the power to change our thoughts,
and our words,
and then...our world.


Is this THE truth?

I don't know. However, it is the best version
FOR ME to accept to date.

If you find a better one,
for yourself, by all means,
live into it fully and completely.

In the meantime, in the face of the rocks
in your life, I wish you the
calm and peace you receive from
life's most beautiful melodies.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is EVERYTHING manipulation?

I was just reading an article about how stores try to "trick" you into buying more/spending more money. Here's the link if you're interested.

It got me thinking about a book that I have been reading called Trances People Live. The author suggests that when we actually seek to be hypnotized, we are actually undoing some other trance we've been exposed to without our conscious awareness.

If you think about it, there are likely times that you've been "lost" in whatever you've been doing, only to discover that much time has elapsed. Without knowing it, you slipped into a hypnotic type of state. I saw somewhere that there are something like 20+ states to a hypnotic trance. We are in some lighter state of trance more often than we realize.

When you are in a trance state, your mind is susceptible to "suggestion." All suggestion is are words that your mind accepts. If you, as a child, were told over and over and over how difficult you were, odds are you were a difficult child. Odds are, even as an adult (unless you have somehow discovered it, and altered it) you believe that you are a difficult person.

Are you "difficult"? Well...some people believed it, and told you. However, it was what they believed, based on their experience, and then they shared it with you. Your mind potentially said, "well, this must be true I keep hearing it over and over."

You probably even began to seek out ways to prove it without even realizing it, and maybe even wondering why you were doing what you were doing while you were doing it. If you've ever been hypnotized, you'd know that that is the kind of feeling you could have from a "post hypnotic suggestion," words that you are told, that your mind accepts, and then acts upon while you are awake.

It is a quite surreal experience to be doing something that you think you don't want to do, or don't understand, and do it any way. Interestingly, if you think about it, odds are there are examples of it in your own life, even if you've never been "officially" hypnotized.

Many of the marketing professionals these days are using techniques that are based in language that is hypnotic. These techniques speak to you in ways that you are consciously unaware of, and propel you to THEIR desired outcome. Unfortunately, if it isn't aligned with who you are, and what you want, after the fact you will find yourself quite uncomfortable with the outcome.

There was a call I received recently from a well-known company in some circles. It is certainly one that I have respect for. However, this call that I received bothered me. When you become aware of the techniques that can be used to make you act, it can be quite empowering, because you can counteract them fairly easily. In this case, though, my awareness was making me feel like the person was trying to manipulate me.

The language that was being used was designed to "force" me into one of THEIR two choices. How convenient for them. While I believe in their products, and believe them helpful and worthwhile, I would rather make a purchase because I wanted them, than to be manipulated into a purchase that I wasn't able to consider at the time.

I am certain my reaction caused the man to halt. He didn't know how to respond to ME. He only knew how to respond to a person who, in an automated fashion, agreed to one of the two choices. It could have almost have been an argument, because he kept trying to make the sale with the preset language choices - except for the fact that I was clear about what was happening, and was uninterested.

Was this a trance, per se? For someone else, perhaps. Unless the person being exposed to this technique is aware of what is happening, this person is inclined to act upon one of the choices being given. It is likely to be almost too easy.

Ever since I have learned about trance, hypnosis, suggestions, and so on, I have seen how they can be beneficial (sometimes it can actually be good to act without our conscious mind having the opportunity to talk us out of it) and I have also seen how manipulative and harmful it can be.

With so much going on in the world as a whole, I wonder if perhaps we have become an easier target for those who know how to manipulate our experience of the world. I wonder if perhaps, because it does seem easier at the time, we want to be manipulated. After all, it would seem that it would be easier, in some cases, for us to be told what to do, instead of having to make a decision or choice.

Just something to think about. If, in the end, I bought that company's product, I would have felt good about it, because I would have known I WANTED IT. Had I bought it without realizing what had happened, the outcome may have still been alright, and yet it could also have been something I would have had to "deal" with later by returning it, or keeping it, and not really wanting to, or...any number of things - all uncomfortable for me in some way.

A conscious choice on my part saved me from having to deal with it any more than I chose to.

In my mind, it's a perspective worth considering and exploring. After all, do you really want to make choices someone else has made for you and your money? Do you really want your perspective of the world to be one that someone else created for you?

What do you think?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What would you do?

This has a great message.

The original is "religiously tinted."

Sometimes I think that can get in the way of the message,
for someone who isn't "bent" that way.

For that reason, I adapted it to read without the religious references.
If you want to see the original click here.

Imagine for a moment that you see a man fall into a pit, unable to get himself out.

Would you say, "I feel for you down there."
Would you observe, "It's logical that someone would fall down there."

Would you say, "Only bad people fall into pits."
Would you stop and calculate how deep the pit is.
Would you want the exclusive story on the pit.
Would you ask if he was paying taxes on the pit.
Would you say, "You haven't seen anything until you've seen my pit."
Would you tell him, "You deserve your pit."
Would you tell him, "The pit is just in your mind."
Would you feel that his mother and father were to blame for his experience?
Would you encourage himself to believe that with enough inner belief, he could get out of the pit?
Would you suggest that "Things could be worse."
Would you claim that "Things will get worse."

Or would you, seeing his difficulty, take him by the hand and
lift him out of the pit?

There are so many ways to look at things.
Is the way you're looking at a situation keeping you, or someone you care about, in a pit?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I didn't really need the flour...or did I?

Today was a fascinating day.

When I consider the facts of the day, I am totally intrigued.

I can trace it back to about 11:00 today, when a friend of mine called, and asked if we could reschedule our 3:00 call for tomorrow. It worked out well, as there were some things I wanted to do, so I easily agreed.

Next, it was a few hours later, and my phone rang with an unavailable number as I was getting ready to go out. Usually I don't pick up unavailable calls. For some reason, this time, I did.

It was someone I hadn't spoken to in months, and honestly thought maybe we never would again. Things got pretty yucky between us last year, and all things considered, I felt it was likely for the best. I had pretty much kissed our friendship good bye, which was a good thing, really, as I was able to speak quite freely with her about what I was feeling about what transpired in the past.

When you have nothing to lose, it's amazing how freely you will speak your mind. I had absolutely no attachment to what happened, or didn't happen. What was even more interesting, was that she has this idea, and it's a really good one. It was one I was going to help with last year, until everything kind of blew up. Apparently, she has made strides in her life since we last spoke, but has not progressed in regard to this one particular thing.

As it turns out, I could have helped her last year, but I can help her even more this year. Is there some reason I answered the phone? Was this it? I am in a different place now in more ways than one, and pretty much told her that I would and could do one of two things: either I could be a "consultant" and tell her what I thought of what she was being told by others who could do work for her, or I could help her myself.

She's a little leery of me helping her, given what happened last year. I don't blame her. However, I know I am in a different place, and I also trust her intuition. I told her to tune into it and determine which way she wanted to go. I have enough going on, I don't really need one more thing.

Freedom. It is a VERY wonderful thing.

So, then, we spoke a lot longer than I really had time for, and wound up leaving home later than I wanted to. When I got to the bank, there was a teller immediately available. Her name? It was the same as the person I had just been on the phone with. Hmmmmm...what was THAT about?

Afterward, I went to the gym, and then decided to go to the grocery store. As I was shopping, I told myself to intuitively guide me what to buy. I was in the aisle with flour. I didn't really need the flour, but found myself picking up a package. A few aisles later, I realized that the package was open. I made a note to myself that I would have to go back and get a new one. For a moment I considered backtracking right then, but decided to complete the rest of my shopping before returning for a replacement.

I completed my leisurely "tour" of the grocery store, and returned to get a sealed substitute. As I turned into the aisle, a woman right in front of the flour looked at me very strangely. It turned out that she said I looked just like her sister, and she had to do a double take! Within our conversation, I asked her what her shirt logo meant, and it turned out that she had her own company, and she was interested in my newest project - I asked for her card, and I will be in contact with her.

It was almost like she and I were meant to meet. Had anything been any different, I may not have met her. Had I not looked like her sister, maybe we wouldn't have done more than acknowledge each other. Who knows?

All of today's events seem quite "coincidental." However, I know better. I somehow feel as though I was being guided in response to my desire to make a difference in this world, coupled with my willingness to do things differently.

Who knows what it will all mean? Maybe it will never be clear, and then again, maybe it will be perfectly clear: just like a person I spoke with yesterday that I met at a seminar I just took. We met the first morning in the registration line, and saw each other frequently throughout (some people I never even saw at all) and then, as I was doing my last pass through, I saw her again. There seemed to be a reason.

When we spoke on the phone afterward, after a semi-lengthy conversation, we gave each other something valuable to "chew" on. It also turned out that we have similar missions in life. I don't know about you, but I LOVE these types of things. I know it's no accident, though. I know it has a lot to do with where my mind is these days, and what it is that lays deep within me.

I have been working on this for months. It would seem that the crops are getting ready to bear fruit, and I am very excited by the possibilities. I have heard that what we focus on today creates our tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing about the call from the friend I hadn't spoken to in months. She gave me a gift today by reminding me of something that I had been told by someone in my family before I moved cross-country last year. This person (funny thing is I don't remember who) said I would be back east by Christmas. Well, Christmas has come and gone, and I am still here! I was a little worried at the time, what if the statement was correct? However, the fact that I am still here, and still standing says a lot, and I am grateful for the gift of the memory - which I would never had gotten, if I hadn't picked up the phone.

One last thought before I go. Any time you consider that what you are doing is for naught, consider that it is like planting seeds. Consider that your thoughts and concerns are like rain, and that in a few days, weeks, months time you will be harvesting the life you planted.

Is it the one you want? If not, consider a different way to look at things...a different...perspective. (LOL, this is getting a little too

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

Monday, January 14, 2008

So...if it costs more, it's better - right?

I just read an article (see link) about a study done in regard to wines and cost.

Apparently, the study showed that when people thought the wine was more expensive, it tasted better.

Of course, logically, we know that doesn't make any sense, and yet, human nature is quite interesting. It seems to value expensive things more than inexpensive or even free things.

There are a few seminars that I have been to that were FREE. In actuality, they were PRICELESS. Had I gone with the idea that free meant no good, or free meant I could take it or leave it, I would have most certainly missed out on the value that these courses offered.

(Just incase you're curious what they were, you can check out and The Millionaire Mind.)

Of course, there are MANY others that I have taken over time, however, none have been the scope of these two. If you're like me, you learn a little everywhere you go, and you take what works, and blend it with the other things. Have you ever noticed that it's the BLEND that has the value?

Recently, I took another seminar with someone named Greg Mooers ( It was an evening that cost $10. One might question how valuable a talk that cost $10 would be. I am here to tell you that it was quite valuable. I got insight that I added to another thing that I learned from another place, and came up with It's a group that is FREE to join. However, the value of it will likely be priceless for those who participate.

When we start to see VALUE instead of COST, we will benefit so much more from the things we do in our life. I personally believe that part of the reason that we in this country are having significant money problems isn't so much due to poor planning, or poor advice, or anything even like that. Rather, it is the RESULT of a perception of a lack of our own perceived value. Instead of being a cause it is actually an effect of a cause.

It is much easier to blame things external to us, and you might just be saying that it wasn't your fault that you lost your job, or your home, or are having financial problems. If that is you, I would suggest that you look at yourself and life, and ask yourself to honestly look at what has been happening, and analyze yourself. Do you feel you have value as a person? Do you feel like you value others? If not, then consider that I might have a point.

If yes, then maybe there is something else going on, and my theory doesn't quite work in your situation. However, I would still question the idea of value. If we do not value what we have, we tend to lose it. If we do not value others, we tend to put ourselves in their place, to give ourselves a different perspective so we can value what they are going through.

I don't know about you, but my life is so much richer for all of the seeming problems I have had. Did I want them at the time? Hell no! However, it is in the perspective of having had those situations that I am able to have more compassion and understanding for those who are having difficulties similiar to the ones I had. Ever notice you listen more to a person who has been where you now are than one who has never had to deal with what you are dealing with?

BTW, part of the reason I am speaking about this "value" thing is because I had my tough time. I had my credit problems. I had significant debt with less than significant income. I had difficulty finding ANY job - and I had a college education (which is SUPPOSED to mean something, isn't it?). At the time, I couldn't see how I was going to get out. It was through having those issues that I came to see me and my life differently, and came to the theories that I have. The result? It's a whole different ballgame. I still have issues, but the cool thing is that they're different ones! (Feel free to ask me more about it, and I will be happy to share.)

So, in the end, the thought I want to leave you with is more of a 2-part question...what do you value, and why do you value it? The answer to those questions will likely explain much about why your life looks as it does. If you like the way it looks - great! If not, then consider it's time guessed it...change your perspective! :-)