Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's this thing called the phone...

There's this thing called the phone. Have
you heard of it?

It is an electronic device that has numbers
on it. Once upon a time it actually had a
dial. These days, except for those who wax
nostalgic, it is likely to have buttons.

When these buttons are pressed, there is
some magic that happens. Those numbers that
are "dialed" (coming from the older days)
actually go to another phone which belongs
to someone you'd like to speak with.

Upon dialing you hear a sound which is
called ringing. The other person also hears
ringing, however, these days the ringing in
either case could actually be music, or
even someone speaking.

Should that person choose to pick up the
phone, you can actually have a live conversation
with them! Can you imagine that?!

The benefits of this piece of equipment are
as follows:

An actual connection with another person

No waiting to get an answer for a question,
unless the person needs to get back to you for
some reason.

Fewer misunderstandings than text messages and
emails. Less communications back and forth to

It is likely to be more expedient to get work

In the event that you are unable to connect
with the person, you can leave the verbal
equivalent of an email with something called
an answering machine, but probably more likely
something called voicemail. Since the person
will be able to hear your voice, they will be
better able to tell how you are feeling about
what you're saying than if they were reading it.

In addition, if this person likes you, they
may very well enjoy hearing the sound of your
voice, and appreciate "hearing" from you.
People have been known to save messages,
especially the ones that they enjoyed listening to.

I invite you to consider using a phone in this
manner. As a matter of fact, below this blog
entry there is a red symbol that looks like a
triangle with a line over it. It also has the
words "call here." The graphic is meant to
symbolize the phone. Now that you know what a
call is and the purpose of a phone, perhaps you
could click it, and call me. And we can talk.
And who knows?

Wouldn't that be something?


Jay Koch said...

I remember a time when you could call someone and if there was no answer it meant they weren't home. Similarly, if we heard, "beep, beep, beep," it meant they were on the phone and couldn't talk.

Simple, huh?

Kelvin said...

There also used to be covered wagons. LOL. Nostalgia has it place, I have to admit, as do all the other modern digital and electronic joys ;-) I do, often, have phone conversations. I've even been known to pick it up when it rings :-) LOL. I'll keep listening...

Luna said...

I miss my old rotory phone..I could just play with the dial forever..or until my dad told me to stop for the bazillionth time LOL I use my phone all the time, and even if I leave a message I'd rather know that the person I got knows what I wanted them to.
soon we'll be able to talk with our minds :) less wires :)
I love hearing your recordings