Friday, November 13, 2009

Help, Please...Thanks.

Recently I needed a distraction, so I took
@Alamar9's avatar on Twitter, and played
with it in Photoshop. This is what I came
up with

I am no expert in Photoshop, but I do seem
to come up with many things that people
like (including my Twitter background).

It's fun, and it is a creative outlet, which
I enjoy, and I got to thinking that maybe
there were others on Twitter, or even in the
"real" world (how does the real world exist
without Twitter?) that might have a need for
a revamped original image, or perhaps something
that I can create for them.

You may have seen my previous blog entry about
how things are for me at the moment
, and to
say "not good" is an understatement. People
seem to appreciate what I do, as long as it's
free. I am more than happy to give of myself,
the only problem is I need to pay bills, and
things are fairly desperate at the moment.

So...My request to you if you are reading this
is to remember me if you need - anything. I don't
know if I can help, or not, but I will give it
my best shot. I may not be able to help
personally, but I can reach out to others. In
addition, maybe I can help you in a way that I
can get paid for my services, maybe in a way you
didn't even know I was capable.

There are many things I am able to do, and it
is difficult to make a comprehensive listing of
them in a way that marketers tell me won't be
confusing for you.

I am open to partnering with people, creating
affiliate type relationships, to helping creating
basic web pages, to hosting those pages, to helping
someone with a project from an administrative point
of view, to...(the list could go on).

You can learn more about me and (about some of) what
I do at and
There is a lot there, and if you prefer, just
pick up the phone and call. I find it the most
expedient and effective way to get things done.

I know I can't be the only one in this position -
someone with something to give, and having
difficulty finding a way to give it and survive
these tough times. Let's do what we can for each
other - Please. Thank you.

PS If you'd like to help me with my basic needs
and are willing to donate any funds, you can send
money on PayPal to
It sucks to ask because I would so much rather
do something to help another for any money received.
If you really want to help, the best thing you could
do is help another by helping them to find me. I
promise you, I will take very good care of them, and
should they want hypnosis, they will get one of the
best hypnotists out there. Thanks so much!

PPS This is about helping each other, so even if you
don't think you can help me, and you need help, please
speak up! However, don't underestimate the value of
a recommendation, or a small purchase. For example,
I have a recording for less than $10.

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