Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Got Stress? Get Relief.

I find many people don't quite understand hypnosis,
or what it can do for them so I thought I would
share about what I do.

When I am done, you can check out DeeperAndDeeper.com
for more information, should this subject interest you.
On that page you will find 3 radio show broadcasts on the
subject, as well as a list of many things hypnosis could
be used for. Some are a little more "interesting" than
others (such as Past Life Regression).

You may say you're not interested in hypnosis, and I
would understand. At the same time I will tell you
that many people will say that to me, only to become a
client once they better understand what is possible.

It is good for making changes. Making changes is one of
the most difficult things we ever do because it is all
too easy to do what we've been doing. If consciously
knowing that you want to make a change was sufficient to
make a change, people would be doing it instead of talking
about it, and able to do it with ease.

It is helpful with chronic pain. You want to be careful
using hypnosis with pain. Sometimes the body is signaling
something which needs to be paid attention to. Shut off
the pain, and you could be putting yourself in danger.
However, if you have chronic pain that you feel you must
live with, the fact is that hypnosis is potentially able to
help you minimize that pain.

It is good for stress relief. Hypnosis can create
powerful reactions. We get triggered all of the time.
Imagine what shorting that trigger would feel like, and
you'll can imagine part of the magical nature of hypnosis.

I have a client who manages many restaurants. With the
way things have been going, he has been managing more than
anyone should really be handling. To listen to him talk,
he is managing to manage. However, it is taking a toll on
him in more ways than one.

He initially asked for help with the feeling of stress he
was having. After one session he already noticed an
improvement. The next session he admitted to me (remember
I work mostly on the phone and never see my clients) that
he felt the stress was having him gain a few pounds. That
never came up in our first conversation. As a matter of
fact, he told me how he worked out, and was in good shape.

I suspect it was the combination of feeling comfortable
and seeing the positive effects of the change that made
a difference for him, and it is why he decided to make a
point of bringing it up the second time. Working together
on what he believes to be the causes of his weight gain, he
will likely be making different choices going forward.

I have also been working with someone who considers themselves
Obsessive Compulsive. I haven't been working with him on
his diagnosis, but what I did do was help him to find himself
calm when he might otherwise spiral to a place of significant

Another client works in the ER (or Intensive Care) as a nurse,
and also came to me for stress relief. It would likely come
as no surprise that she said her work environment is very
stressful. That is, until we worked together. Well...the fact
is there is still the potential for stress, but she is finding
herself better able to react and cope through what has been
created hypnotically.

In each case I have worked with these individuals on creating
something that works for who they are as an individual.
There is never a blanket answer as far as I am concerned, and
I believe that is why what is being done is as effective as
it is.

The nurse has worked with me for several months now, and
what we did initially is reinforced each time we speak,
although I am not certain is necessary at this point, it is
something she has come to enjoy and appreciate.

If you've never been hypnotized, you might be amazed at how
wonderful the state of hypnosis is. I can often hear a sense
of "relief" in someone's voice while in that state.

Please visit DeeperAndDeeper.com or call me if you'd like to
learn more about what hypnosis can do for you.

The fact is you are hypnotized more often
than you realize...and without your awareness
or knowledge. It might be beneficial to expose
yourself to it with your awareness, knowledge,
and direction.

You can call me easily by clicking the phone
icon just below this message. There is no
charge for us to make contact the first time
so feel free to make the call.

Have a great day!

Life: It's an amazing ride

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