Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soon to Appear on The Jobs Guy Website: Dear JoLoPe

Starting this week I will be working in conjunction
with @TheJobsGuy and his job site.

This is another we "met on Twitter" story.

There is a perception in the world at large that
Twitter is silly and a waste of time. Those who
think it likely don't understand what is possible.

There are certainly people who are silly with
their tweets, and do waste time on there, and I'd
even go as far as to say it's likely a majority,
however, those who are on there to truly connect
are able to find others who are like-minded.

I hope you will come along for the ride. Please
let others know about Ken's site, and the fact that
I will be there. As I've been saying on Twitter
lately, "I KNOW there are stressed people out there
....just wondering where "there" is...I KNOW I can
help...can anyone help me find them?"

I really want to share what I can with those who
could use my help. I know people appreciate being
in touch with peace and direction within, and I can
help with that. Please keep me in mind should you
find someone who would be benefited by the work I do.

Btw, I updated DeeperAndDeeper.com today. It now
includes a FAQ page. Please check it out when you
can, and share, share, share. Thanks.

Have a great night/day!

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