Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To My Followers on Twitter

Greetings. I hope you are having a good day.

I am writing because of a need of expression.

I am not sure how this will come out, but it
needs to. I always try to be mindful of those
within earshot, and make it productive. If,
however, it seems to be something different
than that, my humanity may just come shining
through. :-P

All year I have been on the edge financially.
I was holding my breath all year, working on
various things, and creating website pages,
and talking to people, and hypnotizing, and
doing my radio show.

I kept thinking something had to give sooner
or later. Unfortunately what gave was a
primary source of my income.

I am now in a position that no one would want
to be in (and perhaps way too many are). I am
getting to the end of what I have available to
me financially, and have to make some decisions
in the the next 6 weeks.

Yesterday, I was speaking with @denyseduhaime
on Twitter, and she does internet marketing.
She was incredibly helpful, and wonderful to
speak to, and she gave me some suggestions for
places that I could go to to consider to perhaps
make some money some of which were advertising
sites. Ok, Collective Gasp!

Back in March, I wrote about my first experiences
with Twitter and my impressions
. At one point
I also did a survey on how people felt about
advertising on Twitter
. Interestingly, and
not surprisingly, everyone who does Twitter has
an idea on how it should be done - just like life.

And, just like life, these perspectives may vary,
and quite often DO vary, and therein lies a difficulty.
How do we get along with differences of perspective?

I have been more than happy to share people's info
on Twitter, freely. I have often given much of myself
and what I have to offer, freely. In the beginning of
my Twitter odyssey I figured if something was helpful
enough for someone to tweet, then others might be
interested, too.

I didn't put it through my own personal filters
because everyone is different. Some people won't
recommend something unless they're familiar with it
and believe it in. I wouldn't recommend anything
unless I felt that way, either.

However, there is a difference between sharing
information and recommending it. We have collapsed
the two, and I believe it does a disservice to what
is possible.

I have thought for a long time that if we all went by
the feeling of our gut we would be better guided in
all avenues of life. We'd know what best to eat, how
best to exercise (if we should exercise at all). We'd
know what things to do, what things to avoid. We'd
know who to do business with, and who to stay away
from. We'd stop seeking answers and solutions from
others and we would find the way best suited to us
( is based on this idea)

Now skip to this moment in time. I am in a financial
bind, and I can use as many resources as possible. I
am stressed, and doing the best I can with what I got.
Am I being reactive? Perhaps. Am I listening to my
gut? I am honestly not sure. (Yes, even someone who
can help others with stress relief can get stressed,
and have difficult moments, LOL. I am still part of
the human race (at least last I checked)).

However, I decided to sign up with a few of these
services, and started to Tweet their info, and got
asked this morning why I was Tweeting Spam.

I cringed.

I don't know if you know me, but if you do, you know
among other things, that I am about people finding
their own way, and being true to themselves. It is
one of the most difficult tasks to do sometimes, and
it can be incredibly rewarding.

So now I am in a position of wondering how best to
interact with those who interact with me on Twitter.
Do I care what others think? Absolutely. However
what others think varies. I can take surveys, and
ask what people want, and in the meantime, I have
bills to pay.

Some say one "ad" per 7 Tweets, others say other things.
My thinking in this most recent regard was for me to
do a "commercial break." I figure if Tweets don't
interest people, they'll just ignore them. I would
do the "commercial break," and then be back to my
regular interactions. What I didn't do was announce
the break, or check in with anyone first.

How much of being yourself needs to feed off what
others think you need to be?

I don't believe there is an exact, THE answer, however
it is something to consider. And what I have come up
with as a temporary measure is that I will now announce
these "commercial breaks." I will announce them, and
then they'll be over. In the midst of them, I may still
interact with others, as I did last night.

I apologize if you find this to be abhorrent in some way,
and I ask for your patience during this time. I guarantee
you, you wouldn't want to be standing where I am now.

As always, I am just doing the best I can. If you'd like
to help me get away from this approach, please feel free
to help me spread the word about my paying services
( and I believe
there are other ways for people to help each other. If
you hold the secret, I am all ears.

In the meantime, in this economy, might I suggest a
little more tolerance for those who are doing what they
need to to survive? I know it might be difficult to
discern the difference with standards attached, but if you
listen with your heart, you might just be able to tell.

Thank you for listening.


Cammi said...

Hun, I completely understand. My family is in a similar position. You have to be who you are and stick to your morals, but you also need to put food on the table, and have the electricity.. I have been working hard online trying to bring in a little more income as well. I'm using, I used to use great sites. And doing my blogging of course. You could check those out is what I'm saying.

And you hun, hang in there.. it'll get better soon. ((hugs)) Your Loyal Twitter Follower @Cam_Anju ^_^

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Thank you for your loving support and generosity. I get people's sensitivity...I really the same time, I have to hope that people will take a moment and get to know me and my heart and have some compassion and understanding.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with what you are up to.