Saturday, November 7, 2009

Make YOUR World a Better Place

I have to wonder if every individual was
able to be true to who they were meant to
be if the world would be a better place.

I have to wonder because there is no way to
know, however, I would have to speculate
that it would be. After all, how often are
events and choices motivated by fear and lack,
and an inability to express oneself?

How often are we less than who we are and
can be because something else has our
attention, and usually it is a lack of some
sort. A lack of love, a lack of money, a
lack of safety, a lack of respect, a lack

If you would like to be less reactive to
people and your circumstances, and more in
control, if you would like to change
something that doesn't seem to want to budge,
if you want to know that what you are doing
makes sense in spite of what others think,
there is a good possibility hypnosis would
be of benefit.

Many people are scared of hypnosis, and don't
understand it. It was like when I used to
say I didn't like red peppers when I only
had had green peppers, and didn't like them.

I made assumptions based on limited knowledge,
and I turned out to be wrong. Many times we
think we know something and make choices
based on what we think we know, rather than
what we'd find out if we researched things

If you want to make changes, consider giving
yourself an opportunity to learn about what
hypnosis is and what it can do for you. I
have training as a hypnotist, and experience
as a life coach that can be helpful to you.
Becoming aware of the underlying assumptions
you have can be helpful in the process of
aligning your desires with your actions and
outcomes. will help you learn a
few things, and I am happy to speak with you
about it, should you have an interest. Email
me, or just click the phone icon at the bottom
of this message.

Hypnosis isn't magic, however you might just
be amazed by how magical it is.

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