Thursday, November 19, 2009

Perspective: Time to Reconsider our Model?

Manipulation is everywhere in so many subtle ways.

The beauty industry manipulates women into thinking
that they are not thin enough or beautiful enough,
even when the models themselves aren't what they
seem to be, either.

Websites that tell you what's good for you are at
odds with each other, depending on what perspective
they are taking. Most data can be manipulated to
fit whatever case someone wants to make.

Marketers will tell you to ACT NOW to get a special
offer that will likely still be around long after
it is supposed to go away.

People claim themselves as Experts, and as such,
you are led to believe what they say as the Gospel

What is defined as success is even manipulated.
Can you only be a guru, an expert if you are making
gazillions of dollars at what you do?

The experts will, of course, tell you yes, and then
they often proceed to charge you great sums of money
for what they do because they are an EXPERT.

I suggest that we look at this model very carefully.

I suggest it because it is a model that doesn't
necessarily serve anyone, except, perhaps the person
who is selling the product or service. How many
things have you bought that haven't been helpful to
you? Of course, if they haven't been helpful to you
there's something wrong - with you.

Ironically, then, you want to become one of "those"
experts so you can start charging a lot for your
product and/or service. If you don't charge enough,
you have "value" issues. Sorry, but I am not sure
I agree.

I would like to suggest that we start to view things
differently, and it means listening to others, but
only long enough to gauge what they say against what
we feel. The problem is that often what we can feel
can be manipulated by someone who is skilled at
manipulation when we don't take the time to assess
things for ourselves.

Is it easy? No. It is much easier to just go with
the flow, and then when faced with remorse, justify
that we did the right thing.

However, I would suggest that it would be much more
rewarding for us to listen to ourselves rather than
sales pitches when making a decision.

I suspect most purchases are REACTIONS to a pitch than
they are a conscious choice on your part.

With the way things are currently, I suspect that there
is a lesson here that needs to be learned, and the
sooner we can learn it, the better. The difficult
thing is that we can't avoid learning the lesson by
ignoring the problems we're having.

I haven't quite figured this out yet, however, I believe
strongly that there is something to this conversation,
as there are always other perspectives to be had.

Sometimes we can't see or understand a thing, unless
we are able to see or experience its opposite.
Sometimes what we think we see isn't what we thought
we saw a minute ago.

What if what is happening is the best thing that could
ever have happened? What if it allows people to open
themselves up in a whole new way? What if we stop buying
things that are unnecessarily filling up our landfills?
What if we start doing the "core" things in life, instead
of being swayed by what could, by some, be interpreted
as "fluff"?

Several years ago I wrote about the ingenuity of mankind.
It is amazing the things that he is capable of creating.
Does it mean that everything conceived should be created?

I will tell you in my experience I know how to do things
that can greatly affect people in a negative way - for
them. Do I do it? No. I even go out of my way to stay
away from doing it.

Perhaps it is time we stepped back and questioned things
in a whole new way. Perhaps it is a time to turn within
and look at those things we haven't wanted to face. I
bet they're much more beautiful than we have thought them
to be (due to the undo influence of outside forces).

It is uncomfortable to change directions, but I think it's
even more uncomfortable to know you need to change directions,
and not act on it. I suspect anyone reading this knows
exactly what I mean, and if you do, I would kindly (and
gently) suggest that it's time to start paying attention.

If you're struggling against yourself, and want to change
it, it's a good idea to work with your unconscious.
Someone I have been working with recently said, "I feel
like I am handling life, instead of life handling me."

This is the kind of power we can all have.

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