Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perspective: Warning Bells & Gut Feelings

There is a story I read about an
Australian man who was a plumber
who reportedly masqueraded as a

The story says he was alleged to
have sexual contact with several
women who went to him for his

It is stories like this, coupled
with people's misconceptions, that
does no one any good.

While, for some, the idea of energy
can be "woo-wooee," if they were to
be willing to have a conversation
with someone who had some clue about
what they were talking about, they
might see that there could be some
validity to the idea that energy
work could be helpful.

Unfortunately there are a couple of
issues in regard to situations like
this. One issue is that when someone
is vulnerable, it is quite possible
they will be gullible.

However, within the midst of charlatans
and those who tend to take advantage,
there are those who want to - and can -
help while taking care of the person
who comes to them.

When day-to-day people aren't in touch
with their own inner guidance, they
become bigger targets in time of need.

Sadly, I have met some of these people,
and haven't used my own best judgment.

At the same time, a few years back a
friend of mine was telling me about this
"guru" type that she had met. He and I
spoke,and my inner alarms were going off.

Nothing ever came of it.

However, for my friend, I think there
were some things that happened that she
did not feel comfortable with. She never
went into any details but, based on what
was said, I suspect that my suspicions
(my alarms) were right.

I think we all have "alarms," we just
sometimes override them in our desire to
have something or in our desperation to
deal with it.

Things like this go back to my recurring
theme that we need to pay attention to
our inner guidance. If we did that, we
would find ourselves making the choices
that are best for us.

Is it an easy thing to do? Not really...
especially in the beginning, or in more
difficult times. However, the more that
we do it, the more dependable it can
become, and the easier it is to reach out
to it as a resource.

Perhaps we can use situations like this
to help to awaken us to ourselves...
however to do that, we need to be aware
of how we are processing stories like this.

Just because someone acted unethically in
regard to something doesn't necessarily
mean that what they are doing should be
disregarded as quackery.

It is important to separate the person from
the thing, and to assess each individually.

For instance, the subject of Hypnosis is
a hot topic. Some would not believe in
Hypnosis, and that lack of belief may stem
from an experience they, or someone else
had. That experience may have had nothing
to do what Hypnosis can do, and everything
to do with the Hypnotist.

When one blindly considers options, one may
potentially get an experience they will feel
compelled to justify or nullify, should it
not be a good one. It is one of those human
things that we do, when we're unconsciously
interacting with our situation and environment.

Gut feelings use warning bells as one means
to communicate with us, and it is important to
pay attention, and act on what they advise.
The key is to go into every situation as aware
as we can be to make the best choices for us.

The more we do that, the less likely we are to
fear the unknown, and be able to be manipulated
by others, especially predators.

Not sure how to be more in touch? Let's talk.
I bet you're more in touch than you realize.

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