Monday, November 16, 2009

Hypnosis or DE-Hypnosis?

Some people who believe that when a person is
hypnotized, they are actually DE-hypnotized.

The reason for this reasoning is that we are
often suggestible to our environment in
unconscious ways, and as a result act as one
would under the effects of "formal" hypnotic

When someone is hypnotized effectively, one
possible result is that the suggestions given
become who the person is, and it is longer what
they do

How much of your life is already this way?
How much of you can you separate? How often
does your identity lie in an object or a
profession or in your relationships with
other people?

When something is so much a part of who you are,
you are likely unconsciously threatened by the
idea of letting it go...even if it doesn't really
work for you. If it's a part of you, it might
feel like you're losing a hand.

This is why a formal hypnotic state can be a
good thing. It can help you uncover what these
unconscious decisions and connections are, and
help you change them, without feeling like you
are losing out. And, as a matter of fact, it
can likely empower you and make you feel better
by making a different choice.

We can consciously know we want to make changes,
and why, but it often doesn't help because knowing
is one thing, and finding the switch is another.

You can know that there is a light in the room,
and that there is a switch to turn on, but if
you can't find it, what good is it?

Perhaps a friend comes along and helps you find
that switch...that friend, my blogger friend,
could be hypnosis. Hypnosis can be one way to
find your way to the you you've always wanted
to be.

Most people are at least a little curious about
hypnosis and what it can do for them, are you?
If so, let's talk...:-)

(You can also visit for more
info on hypnosis: podcasts, FAQ, and a list of
many things hypnosis can be used for)

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