Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perspective: 5 Benefits of being True to Yourself

It may not seem easy to do, but it's easier
than it might seem, when you know how to do
it. It might seem odd that we need to
better understand how to be our best - and
true - self. However, when you think about
how many influences and forces we have in
our life that tend to go against it, it is
not surprising that it might take a different
perspective to allow us to truly be who we
were meant to be.

While it may not seem to be the easiest thing
to do, the benefits would seem worthy of
consideration. Let me know what you think of
this list. Would you amend/subtract/add anything?

5 Benefits of Being True to Yourself
(and listen to your own inner wisdom)

1. You will have an unparalleled understanding
of yourself and others, as you will be open to
seeing and experiencing insights which will
allow you to be flexible in your words and
actions. You'll be less reactive.

2. You will be at peace with yourself and your
life and its circumstances because you will know
that you are making the choices that are right
for you.

3. You will be able to do more than listen to
others words, you will be able to hear what
they're truly speaking/saying.

4. You will find yourself open to things in a
whole new way, and find inspiration in people,
places, perspectives, and things. Choices you
make will seem inspired when you listen to your
Inner Guidance.

5. You will find yourself more easily able to
pursue the things that matter most to you
- in
spite of seeming adversity.

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