Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perspective: Divorce Illegal in California?

Last year there was much conversation
around California and gay marriage.

In the end, the proposition allowing
gay marriage wasn't passed.

I thought the videos below were an
interesting perspective piece, and
make an interesting point.

There are horrendous relationships
between two adults of the opposite
sex that are terrible for anyone
involved. Why would it be so
difficult to believe that there
could be a loving, supportive, and
successful family with two people
of the same sex?

Something that is "normal" isn't
always "good." It's just "normal."
It's what we're used to. Our minds
are rigged that way: "Good"="Known"
"Bed"="Unknown." But something
"good" because it's "known" could still
be bad for us, and something "bad"
because it's "unknown" could be
something great for us.

Is it possible that there could be
some good things that could come
from a change in perspective?

I hesitate in discussing this topic
much further at the moment, as it is
a multi-faceted and multi-layered
issue. It is also not one that I
am entirely versed on.

However, I present this as it is an
excellent example of my favorite word:

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