Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perspective: Influenza - What are you "in"?

Today I started to think about the flu. I have thought about it before, but it occurred to me to write about it in my own unique perspective. Perhaps there are others out there considering this conversation the same way I am, but I have yet to see it, so it makes me wonder if others have.

There are two books and authors that speak to the mind/body connection when it comes to our body that I often recommend: Feelings Buried Alive by Karol K. Truman and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. They both have a "menu" of physical symptoms and what they perceive to be the correlating thoughts/emotions.

What I have found is that often these lists are amazingly in tune with what is going on with me and others. When I first started to consider the possibility that the mind and body could be related, it was a difficult thing. Others would say, well, yeah there's that, but, there is also a bug, and that might be what is causing "X." And, I was like, well, yes, but no? You see I found myself wondering how you could say things were related, but not?

What I have come to realize is that it is very difficult to talk about the relationship because it means an inherent level of responsibility for our situation (you mean it's MY "fault" I'm sick?), and while I certainly don't have all of the answers to many of the inevitable questions, I do my best with the ones that make sense to me. Even with the outstanding questions, what I am sharing with you is part of where I come from for myself and when working with others, and find that there have been many times it has been useful.

Maybe they'll be helpful to you. When you can see how the body and mind can connect, then it gives us one of the things we as humans so desperately crave - an element of control. If our mind and emotions do cause what happens with our body, when we deal with them it could have the potential to affect how our body feels. If we can identify what is going on with us, and address it, it might help prevent some things from happening, and help others to clear up.

It may not align with some readers and their beliefs. I would expect that, after all, I always believe we need to be where we need to be, and that is the place where our choices and beliefs resonate for us, and if we all agreed the world would be a much different place. Perhaps this discussion will in some way confirm what they believe. All I ever desire is a healthy and conversation, with respect to perspectives shared.

As far as the bug thing goes, I think that the difference for some people might just be where they are emotionally and mentally in life. Perhaps those who feel good about life, and are optimistic, without fear, and anger could find themselves physically fine while others who have been exposed to the bug are sick, and therein lies the relationship. First line of defense being the handling of things that need to be handled, and when that happens, the "bug" has no where to land, or if it does, its effects can be minimal.

This conversation is much bigger than a blog entry (after all many books have been written on the topic) so there is no way that it could be all encompassing. If it has you asking questions, then I would like to think it has served its purpose. I tend to think that if we are unwilling to ask questions of the things we believe, then what we say we believe, we may not believe at all.

Having said that, the following are a few thoughts that I have come up with with Karol and Louise's assistance. If you want to pursue the conversation more thoroughly, I welcome it, and of course, you can seek their books out.

First I thought about the word "Influenza." It is interesting to me to note the parts of the word "in" fluenza. Whatever "fluenza" is, one with the flu is "in" it. If you consider the mind/body connection, what are you "in"?

Consider that a chimney flue removes smoke, hot air and gas from your living environment. If you were in that flue, it would be unhealthy, and likely could kill you, or at least make you sick. What things are you in that are unhealthy for you?

In addition, influenza could also relate to
mass fear
a fear of the worst thing/outcome

Mass fear, fear of a "worst" outcome. Consider how our world is at the moment. How do you think people are handling it? Are they handling it? Or might they be surviving it? If there are things that are affecting us that aren't being addressed, our body tends to tell us that something is up by its symptoms.

What are the symptoms of the flu?

cough - can be related to
feeling annoyed
feeling like your life circumstances are intolerable
In general a reaction of the body in an attempt to release

sore throat
throats are about expression - are you sore about something you've expressed?
or sore about something that needs to be expressed?
It can also relate to creativity and its expression or lack thereof

could relate to boredom
if feeling fatigued, what burdens are you carrying emotionally?
or what are you carrying that feels like a burden?
What are you holding on to? What are you resisting? fighting?

a contracting/pulling in
could be a form of protection/wanting to be left alone/an escape

anger ("hot" under the collar)

runny or stuffy nose
difficulty in "breathing" in life
and/or controlling your life and/or circumstances
a form of crying
potential childlike feeling/desire for attention/to be taken care of
feeling stuffed/blocked

body ache
physical pain can be an expression of inner (emotional) pain.
It can also be a form of punishment where there might be guilt
Can also relate to sadness, or an "ache" to be loved/feel love.

thoughts that hurt and/or are painful to consider
being hard on yourself

an act of release/an inability to digest what is going on
an act of involuntary surrender/perhaps a desire to surrender
could relate to fear

a running off/feeling lack of control in regard to all of the s*** in your life
also could relate to fear

So now that you have seen this list, perhaps consider what is going on for you, and in your life. If there are things you've pushed aside, perhaps consider bringing them out, and dusting them off, and finding a way to address them. The good/bad news is that our body will often tell us when things need to be addressed. However, the beauty of having information like this is the possibility of creating an inhospitable environment for the things that could make us feel unwell, and prevent us from being anything but our best selves.

Please be safe and well this winter, and if there is anything that I can do in the way of information or support (hypnosis is a great tool for so many things) please let me know. You can reach me all kinds of ways, including clicking the phone icon below.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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