Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perspective: Life in the Moment

Another automatic writing gift...
What do you think of the message?
Does it resonate for you?


Let the past be the past. You bring
much of the past into the present
every time you feel anguish over what was,
what could have been, even what will be is
shrouded by your shadows from the past.

This is the only moment that matters.
This one. This one. This one. Truly
get that. Truly believe that - feel
that - know that - and when you do you
will feel an incredible release in your
body, and you will be healthier than
you've ever been.

If this is truly the only moment - it
is truly the only moment - then you get
to choose right now what this moment
experiences. You get to choose from all
available moments fear or love. understanding.
compassion. honesty with oneself and others.

Everything good is embraced and all anxiety -
which is only concern over the past, or
concern for the future - just melts away.

Be in the moment. Live in the moment.

Why is it that humans have such a difficult
time appreciating such a gorgeous gift - the
gift of life is only in THIS moment.

Take it, embrace it, wrap yourself around it.
Celebrate it. Cherish it. It is all you have.

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