Friday, October 2, 2009

Perspective: This is not real - but it's the reality you created

This was written circa August 2002.

I am always glad when something is dated,
just for a point of reference.

I think the message is quite profound,
and certainly not one I think I could
have come to without some "help." This
was written via an "automatic writing"

For some it might be a big leap, or even
seem to be odd and impossible. For others
it may resonate. Which camp do you fall
into? Let me know what you think:

This is all illusion - All is illusion -
these words, this pen - all is floating
in space - dancing in the air, but looking
as though it is on paper - you are a
segmented being who claims to be whole.
But there are only segments knitted
together by the imagination.

There are threads that are there, but are
not acknowledged - threads between you
and your chair, you and your vehicle, you
and your neighbors. There are many threads,
like a spider's web.

We are all knitted together by an imagination
we do not claim. But it is as much ours as
the one that knits your body together. We
are all one organism that appears to breathe
separately. But it actually takes one
collective breath.

Know that your world leaders make decisions
that affect this body's well being. They
make the decisions that you call them to make.
They are you. You are the energy that is
them. Feed them nutritiously, because they
need to be fed "the good" stuff for the health
of the organism and its survival.

This is not real - but it's the reality you
created. Lessons are here to be learned, and
learned they will be. Know that these lessons
come in this world.

There are alternates with different lessons.
It's like a control room with many TV screens.
One can watch many scenes of many lifetimes
transpiring at one time - and at any one time,
one, or more of those screens can go blank -
as if shut off.

The screen could then turn on again, only to
find a different scenario. There are limitless
possibilities, and it is beyond human
comprehension to realize that this is not the
"one" reality. It is just one among many - and
can be scrapped at any time - ss others have
throughout time.

Time as you know it does not exist. Time as
you know it is only the appearance of movement.
There is no such thing as movement. There is
only now. If you were to blink, the next reality
would be upon you. Blink again, and there's the
next one.

Minute by minute is nothing but reality to reality.
Know that there is no such thing as minutes,
seconds, years - you are as young today as you
always have been - and you are as old today as you
have always been - what mirror are you looking in.

What is the reflection that you see? It's your
choice. Mirrors reflect your reality. There are
all kinds of mirrors - your family, your environment,
your health...the world in which you live is a
reflection of you...

~ Elizabeth Alraune (CY)

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