Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perspective: Jon Stewart & CNN - "We'll Leave it There"

I think Jon Stewart has great perspective on things.

While his show is often humorous, it is the kind of
humor that can get you questioning things, and I am
always up for a good question.

In this case, there are some very interesting things
he brings up, however, the one I am left with,
probably is not quite where he as headed.

He makes some fun of CNN's "we'll leave it there"
closing. Of course, they can't be the only ones to
ever say it, but the joke wouldn't have worked so
well if others were brought into it.

The thing that occurs to me is how often do we leave
things "there" in ways unstated (or even stated), and
more importantly what does that action cost us? What
would be the cost of allowing ourselves the time and
effort to explore whatever it is that we need to

And, with that...I'll leave it there.

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