Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perspective: A girl, A Yo-Yo, and Times Square

Several years ago I was waiting for a guy
I was dating in Times Square in New York City.

I arrived at our agreed location before
he did, and he was running late.

I called him at some point, and he sounded
like something was wrong, but when I asked
him about it, he was short, and pretty much
said he would still be coming.

I felt anxious about his coming as I was
standing virtually on a street corner waiting
for him. I wondered if there was anything
personal, as this was a new guy I was starting
to see. My mind started to take all kinds of
twists and turns, none of them particularly

I knew I had to shake the feeling, and I
decided I had to find a way to do it. Having
time on my hands, I started to roam the many
stores of Time Square, looking for something
that would help my mood transition.

I was in the middle of some courses at the
time, and part of what they were suggesting
was that we could be the essence of something
in our interactions, and who we were. I had
determined that for me it was the essence of
Love and Fun.

As I looked around for something that would
represent Love and Fun I wasn't having much
luck, until I came upon a Yo-Yo which I
bought. I then went back to the street
corner. It wasn't really the corner, but
close enough...just love saying it for the
effect :-p.

I went back to our meeting location, and
proceeded to stand there, and Yo-Yo'd. It
was a cool November/December Day, and I
was slightly more than casually dressed
for my date, so imagine what I would have
looked like, standing there, in front of
the ESPN Zone, Yo-Yo-ing.

Even remembering that image brings a smile
to my face. Needless to say, people
certainly gave me second looks. I think I
almost had more fun with them, than I did
with the Yo-Yo.

When my date showed, he was cracking up at
me. What was I doing with a Yo-Yo? I
don't recall, but I don't think I explained
to him the fact that I was sort of freaking
out, and that I needed to switch gears so
that I could get into the space of Love and
Fun. And, even though he cracked up at me,
he took the Yo-Yo and started playing with
it himself as we walked to Mars2112 where
there were lots of games to play.

We had a great night.

The next day I found out what was bothering
him the night before and, of course, it had
nothing to do with me. Had it been the "old"
me I would have wanted to know what was wrong,
even if it had nothing to do with me and it
would have likely have ruined - or at the very
least strained - our evening together. However,
that night, thanks to Love and Fun, I was able
to let it go, and be in the moment.

By the way, I still have that Yo-Yo (it is the
one in the picture above). I have kept it as
a reminder of what focusing on the essence of
something can do for me. It was a wonderful
gift that has kept on giving, as it is one of
those stories that I have told many times.

And now I have told it once more.
Picture above is an adaptation of a Trey Ratcliff photo:

I admired his work so much, I asked him to be a guest.
Here's an excerpt from when Trey was on my
World of Perspective Radio Show

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