Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perspective: Do you believe in past lives?

I wrote this to someone I was in
a relationship with. It is interesting
to me how I have felt this way about
others since.

If you believe in the possibility of
past lives, you might relate.

We've Travelled Miles
Written by Elizabeth Alraune

we've travelled miles
to be with one another
crossed through centuries
for a love that is
ours for the making
started lifetimes ago
it is being
our souls know the way
they've been this route before
the feeling
oh so familiar
leaves me wanting more
finding me in you
makes me want to explore
in your arms
I feel safe, secure
and I know we'll meet again
just like
each time

Have you ever explored the idea
of past lives? Whether you "believe"
in them, or not, having an hypnotic
experience that takes you on a past
life journey can give you perspective
that is amazingly helpful.

If you've ever wondered about what
your own experience would be like,
let's talk about it. I have taken
many on the journey, with incredible
results (even on the phone - so it
doesn't matter where you live
). You
might be surprised how it can free
you up from some of the things that
seem to limit you.

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Luna said...

I loved that..I beleive that when we meet people and we instantly fall for them that we've known their energy from some other time what that is I don't know I just know that many of the people who touch my life are energies that I know I need deeply to be surrounded by them.