Monday, September 28, 2009

Perpective: Food for Thought


I don't know about you, but eating healthy
isn't always easy for me. I have phases,
and the more I become aware of things, the
easier it becomes for me to make better

The previous video from the Health Ranger
really got me thinking, and I am working
on the idea that taking care of myself by
taking care of the foods I eat can be a
stronger idea than anything that might be
sub-consciously torpedoing me.

What are the risks of eating foods that
have chemicals in them, and things that
are of questionable nutrition and have
questionable effect? Yes, there are
"authorities" that will tell you what
to believe. I don't know if you've
noticed it, but every so often the tide
changes on milk, on eggs, on chocolate,
on coffee, on...

I am learning that I need to pay attention
to who is saying what. It is way too easy
to manipulate the facts to suit any
perspective, depending on what the desired
outcome is.

At the same time, looking for ways to
enjoy food like broccoli.

How do you enjoy it? Please let me know
some of your favorite health foods and
how you enjoy them.



Just me, thinking again. said...

My fav way of eating broccoli is to steam it so it's a nice shade of green and still a little crunchy. Add a little bit of butter and grated Parmesan. Yum. Yes, it has to be real butter or Smart Balance Light. None of that margarine full of trans fats. Yuck! That just ruins the point of having broccoli.

Joyce Cherrier said...

Love it steamed, but sometimes I like to eat it raw in a salad with a mix of crunchy things like almonds and organic croutons and then throw in some dried cranberries, top with organic ranch..yummy! The more in a salad the merrier!

Elizabeth Alraune said...

thanks for your comments "Just me..." and Joyce...I want to eat more of it...and will hopefully begin to enjoy it more...if desire has anything to do with it, I will :-)

Jonathan Andreu said...

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