Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perspective: Hypnosis instead of Gastric Bypass with the same results?

I just read a story about a woman in Spain
who had hypnosis intended to have the
results of Gastric Band Surgery

She said she had tried every diet and every
workout plan, and none of it seemed to work
for her, so she decided to try the hypnotic

Apparently it seems to be working for her.
She is losing three pounds a week.

There are a few things that come to mind for
me about this situation:

1. If she believed that the surgery was
completed, there is also the potential that
there could be some pitfalls that come from
when someone has the surgery. Anyone who
is in a hypnotic state is more suggestible
than someone who is not, so extraordinary
care should be made as to what the person
in hypnosis hears and experiences. In
addition, if one is mindful of any potential
difficulties from the procedure they might
also be addressed through suggestions to
help ensure a positive and healthful outcome.

2. If she tried every diet and every exercise
program, then the question that comes for me
is: is there something that hasn't been
addressed for her?

I had hypnosis for weight loss long before
I ever became a hypnotist. And, while it
worked, it only worked for a time. I suspect
a couple of things as to why it didn't work
in the long run, and I suspect that it had
a lot to do with the fact that I believe it
worked with my behaviors, and not the
underlying causes.

One just has to look at what happened with
Carney Wilson, and see that a procedure
like that might occur more like a "fix" than
a resolution.

Looking at oneself is likely to be uncomfortable,
and maybe even painful. But when those things
that are uncomfortable or painful aren't
addressed, or in some way released, they
may still live in the body, and the results
could potentially be any number of things from
a headache to extra weight, to any dis-ease in
the body you can think of.

It's always good to have options...and I think
it great for her that she investigated it.
Given the results, it certainly seemed to be a
worthy consideration. How awesome to see a
story that can show how amazing hypnosis can be.

As with anything, we don't always know what we
don't know. It is wise to move forward with
caution and questions and remember that all
opinions are formulated from perspectives. And,
since perspectives can vary, so can your "mileage."

If you have any questions about hypnosis, please
feel free to ask. You can also see a list of
over 140 things hypnosis can be used for in the
PDF section of JoLoPe.net.

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