Friday, September 18, 2009

Perspective: The Children's Story - James Clavell

These videos have an interesting perspective, to say the
least. And while the idea of it is chilling, and hopefully
unlikely, there are aspects that I would suggest are
important to note.

Below the videos I will give you my thoughts. You might
want to view the videos first to see what you think before
you hear my thoughts so you aren't influenced by my
perspective. But, that is obviously up to you. :-)

I would love to hear your comments once you've had a chance
to view these videos. Awareness is always an important key
to the potential prevention of manipulation.

1. You'll notice how the Teacher starts with the familiar,
and then changes things. You have to start where a person
is to have a better chance of having them go where you want
them to.

2. You'll notice the rewards for doing things a certain way.
Reward someone for something he or she has done, and
they'll lkely want to do it again.

3. You'll notice a sense of being "all knowing" which puts
a level of trust into the situation. This person must know
what she is talking about.

4. You'll notice that things of a certain context are taken
into another context, and by relationship, they make sense
(ie "School" for adults).

5. You'll notice the organic nature of the manipulation.
Teacher uses everything to HER advantage. Nothing is an
obstacle, and she never loses her cool.

Your thoughts?

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