Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perspective: Baking Chocolate Meringues


Have you ever wondered how it is that
we know that certain ingredients work
together, or will respond a certain

It would seem somewhere along the way
someone (or ones) had to experiment, and
lay the groundwork for others, and their

It's interesting to consider the positive/
negative effects of this way of interacting
with things.

On one hand, it could be good, as you would
have some idea what to expect. However, it
could be potentially limiting if you never
sought to experiment further because what
you had worked.

Yesterday I tried to make Pea Soup without
an established recipe. All I can say is,
oh well. Maybe I will try again another day,
or maybe next time I will consider using
someone else's foundation. I have had some
flops. Some even laughable.

Fortunately, these meringues are anything but
a flop or laughable. Enjoy!

Chocolate Meringues

2 egg whites
1/4t cream of tartar
1/8t sea salt
2/3c sugar
3T unsweetned cocoa
1t pure vanilla

Place baking parchment paper (or brown shopping
bag) on cookie sheets. In bowl, combine egg
whites,cream of tartar,and salt. Beat on high
until foamy. Add sugar, and beat until stiff
(the whites have peaks that stand on their own)
and glossy. Add vanilla and cocoa. Use a
teaspoon to drop onto cookie sheets. If it is
stiff enough, it'll hold its shape.

Bake 300/25-30 minutes, or until meringues feel
firm to touch.

Makes approximately 2 Dozen

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