Thursday, September 10, 2009

Perspective: Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

Have you visited the website called
Story of Stuff?

It has an incredible video that
explores the "journey" of the cycle
of our "stuff."

I have often wondered about the
disposal of trash. After having seen
this video it makes me wonder if we
considered where things go when they
"die," if we would reconsider what
we create.

I have also noticed how the quality
of furniture has gone down over the
last several years. Could it be why
this video suggests?

It is sad to me to see the things
that are produced that are not far
from "junk" quality.

Some people would have a different
perspective than the one that this
site/video promotes. My question,
as always, is what harm would there
be if we considered the negative
implications of our actions and
altered them?

As a side note, are you aware of
Freecycle? They are a site that
helps to keep things out of the
trash. It's a cool community, even
if quirky. Check it out to get
rid of things, or if you might be
looking for something, and would
like to possibly find it for free
from a member of the community.

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