Saturday, September 26, 2009

Perspective Radio: Pamela Glasner

This is a controversial conversation and,
as with any topic, there are many perspectives
and resulting questions. The above video is
one of 10 on YouTube. If the topic is of
interest, consider watching the others.

Note that the videos do tend to lean on the
sensational side. As I said, there are
perspectives, and to each his own. What works
for one may not work for another. However, I
believe having access to other perspectives
can be quite beneficial, even if it just
solidifies your own.

Some interesting questions to ask:

*Is it irresponsible for someone not to take drugs?

*What defines mental illness?

*Why would someone be given medication?

*What is the medication supposed to do?

*What if what the medication "treats" is something
that is something that is "supposed" to be expressed?

*What about side effects?

*and many others

I have an experience that I will be sharing on
my show with
@PamelaGlasner this coming Tuesday. There are
a few theories I have developed from my own life
and observations. We will be speaking about it
in the context of Pamela's new book Finding
, and her extensive research to write
the novel.

I hope you'll be able to join us. To see more
information about Pamela, please visit her website, and/or see my last blog entry
on the topic

For information on the show, visit
World of Perspective

PS I just put a new page up that will give you
a preview of where I will be coming from during
the show ->

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