Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perspective: A Story About Love and Never Giving Up

When I was 10ish, I wrote and illustrated a story. That story
stayed with me through 8th grade graduation, high school,
college, a move to Ohio, a move back to New York, several
moves while in New York, and a move to California.

That story has been with me for years. Who knows why
someone holds onto something. Many things have been
tossed through the years, and yet, a few things seem to

I imagine it helped that it was only a few sheets of paper,
but still...I have thrown others out.

Recently the story has been on my mind, and when I shared
it with a few people it became apparent that it needed to be
shared on a bigger scale. As a result, I found it (had my
fingers crossed that I would) and I scanned the pictures that
I drew, and re-typed the story. The original had fading
typing, and I thought it might be best to have a version that
was easily read.

To order a copy (or to see me as a 10-year-old!) please

Here is a quick video I did to give you a little sense of
what I have done:

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