Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Words. Power. Are the two connected?

Words. Power. Are the two connected?
Are they one in the same? It's a
good question. There is much dispute
about this, and wars have been waged,
and friendships destroyed, over the
sounds that come from another.

Those sounds come in both written and
spoken form, as those who read hear
the words spoken that were written to
them. What is it about words that seem
to have such power. Do they really
have power to do what people believe?
If people believe it, then yes.

However, if a moment was taken to
consider that words truly exist in a
void, it might be a way to avert
further difficulty. Words are nothing
more than symbols when they stand
alone. It is each individual person's
hurts, pains, anguish, and good stuff
too, that will affect how the words are

If someone who didn't speak the
language was to hear a word, it would
mean nothing. It would arrive flat.
It would be as if something non-sensical
was spoken. Perhaps language in and of
itself is non-sensical, and the only
sense it makes is what you bring to it.

There would never be a denial of the
great emotions that are stirred within
a person when there is a significant loss.
And human beings have had some
tremendous losses.

The thing that might be disputed is what
the people involved brought to the
situation and what those involved took
away from it.

When human beings are unconscious of what
their experience is (and that happens
quite frequently) what will happen is more
of a default experience, or one guided by
others. The guidance of others can come
in the form of words, but it is what is
behind them that has the power to stir
someone to action. The discourse is the
most important aspect to any dilemma, and
has people move forward and determine what
their experience will be, but they will
find more potential conflict.

It is seemingly more safe to stay in the
unconscious realm because it is the comfort
zone. It is the zone in which one is
compelled to stay comfortable, not make
waves, to be what they've already been.

The minute that the conscious is stirred up,
and one becomes aware with what is happening
behind the scenes there is an important
thing that happens - a recognition of the
fact that it is difficult now not to do
something different.

It practically compels, and is extremely
uncomfortable for those who find themselves
there. The discomfort would discourage
people from going that route and they would
just as easily use words at this point to
hide from what their conscious self seems
to be encouraging.

Words are only a method of communicating
what is stirred up inside. When someone
says something that you are uncertain about,
or disagree with, consider that in the
background there is something inside of
them that has spurred them on...likely it
is an insecurity or a feeling of a lack of
control, or any of a myriad of other human
possibilities that can only be understood
by the person who has expressed themselves
in the way that they did.

If you can view the words and resulting
conversations from an observational place,
and refuse to jump in automatically with
your own emotions - in other words, refuse
to react, you may find a whole different
way to interact with those in your life
and with those around you, and with your
neighbors and your governments.

Reactionary activity will never be as
powerful as the activity that comes from
an action. Even in the cases where there
is a good reaction, the best place to
communicate from is a place of clear
understanding and when you clearly
understand where you come from, you can
clearly communicate what is truly occurring
for you at the moment.

Since there is a constant coding, decoding
process going on, your words will always
have the possibility of being encoded in a
way that you never intended - and that is
a risk you take when expressing yourself.

To remember that people are in a potentially
reactionary mode at the moment, is to give
you the ability to dance with the moment.
You, in a calm, clear state will better be
able to relate what you need to than to get
caught up in the midst of emotion.

You are meant to express yourself so that
others may get clear about themselves, and
sometimes this will necessitate disagreements.
How you handle yourself, and the
responsibility you take for who you are,
will always be the thing to consider first
and foremost before pointing in another's


Luna said...

Words are Power

Words are powerful when used with people who all agree on what the meaning of the word is.
You are right, when talking to someone who doesn't speak and doesn't understand, the words are now meaningless..what are you going to do now to get your thoughts across?
...learning to open up to our body language would be a great thing.
Working with animals I have to vibrate a certain way to gain thier trust. There is no language with animals , it is all about tone and how you hold your body and the emotions you hold.
I think we should all try listening to our senses a little more..truely we do know how to do it...and stop getting hung up on words and giving simple letters so much power.

Elizabeth Alraune said...

It's a tough and touchy subject, but as with anything, there is always great potential in the conversation and exploration.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response.