Monday, June 15, 2009

A Letter of Love: You never find things where they don't belong

As you may know, I write these things that I call
"Letters of Love." They're hard to describe, but I
do my best to describe them on the page that I
created for them, and in a previous blog entry.

With all that is going on with the world, I thought
I would see what would come through me in regard
to a message that would speak to many.

The following was the result. It may or may not
speak to you...and that is great. I firmly and
truly believe that we all have our own journey in
life, and that it is important to remain true
to it.

If, however, it DOES speak to you, please do share
it. I welcome, and look forward to, your comments.

Have a great week! I offer this, with Love.

Dear Friends:

friends of love friends of peace
friends of all things that
allow you to be here among one
another and enjoy what life
has to offer. Now is a time that
many are struggling because of
the fact that they are lost in
the enemy of self.

The enemy of self is the part of
you that would rather be comfortable
than do what you need to do to grow
and to be the kind of world that
you can be. You many know that
there are things you need to do
and say and be and yet so many
are ignoring it...and at what
price? the price of your freedom
and peace of mind.

You must now realize that the world
is a place that is home to many types
of plants many things grow here and
the thoughts you think are the most
fertile ground for all types of
things. You are extremely creative
- able to make anything a reality -
and the world is showing this to

You are creating all types of things
through the carelessness of your
thoughts and what you do you make fun
of things because you don't understand
them. You laugh at things that are the
things that you are meant to interact
with and instead of interacting with
them in a way that helps you to observe
and to grow, you laugh and move on to
the next.

Life is much more than the superficial,
and you know that and yet you continually
look at it in ways that says you don't
really understand. We are not meaning
to be serious and yet we know that things
of spirit one seems to get serious about.

It is like the church experience for many.
Go, sit, be quiet, except when you're
supposed to speak and sing, and then go
home and live this life someone else
tells you you are supposed to live. It
is time for you for everyone to begin
to turn within. And that is a difficult
thing to do for turning in will have
you seeing things that you might not
want to see.

It is much easier to point the finger
at others than it is to recognize within
yourself the things that you are meant
to see. These things want to be seen,
so often you will find yourself likely
to accuse others of the things that have
truly come from within as they are a
part of who you are. You are so blinded
to self that you don't even recognize
that your greatest angers and frustrations
with others are the greatest obstacles
to self.

It is so easy to look at what is happening
in the world and react to it because it is
outside of yourself. If you were to look
within and not know what to do you might
become resigned, depressed. Odds are if
you aren't looking, you are already there.

This is not meant to depress you, but
rather empower. You have abilities that
transcend what you can see when you are
looking in the wrong direction. As long
as you see the problem and questions from
a disempowering angle how will you see
the solution?

You will come to realize as you recognize this
fact that you have incredible power within to
move those proverbial just
don't believe it because of the perspective
you have. Change your perspective and you
will find many of the answers that you seek.
You will never find things where they don't


Jay said...

Wow. It was as if you were speaking directly to me. I can totally get behind the idea that - as creatures of habit - we tend to remain trapped in our comfortability.

In fact, I kind of view this as when we begin to age; when we stop trying to go for the new and challenging, and instead just accept how things are.

However, I also wonder if this is just a product of our ego sometimes. Back in the day (and here I refer to the day long before we had advanced technological culture) we spent only a few hours each week actually working to provide for our common good, and had much more free time to increase our relationships and - well, just chill. In some ways, I think that this stable-state sort of culture also has much to recommend it.

The reason? No matter how much you do or accomplish or obtain, what truly matters in this world is our interpersonal relationships and our honor (in the sense of being an honest, dependable person). The rest of it is just cultural trappings.

In any case, I do feel like doing something now!

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. I don't think there is anything I can add...just let me know how the "new" thing goes! :-)