Monday, June 15, 2009

People won't always appreciate the way you do your thing

Tonight I saw a tweet from someone that I want to
quote as the inspiration for this blog entry, but
if I do, I then need to tell you who it is, and I
don't think it is necessary for me to do that, as
I want to be clear about the message more than
focusing on the messenger.

Currently on Twitter there is a lot of discussion
about what is occurring in Iran. As a show of
support for those in Iran, many have colored their
avatar (their little profile picture that occurs
next to the person's twitter messages - "tweets")
in some way green.

Now...what does the green mean, exactly? Who
knows about "EXACTLY," but it has several possible
reasons and benefits:

1. To those in Iran who are managing to Tweet, if
they happen to see the green, or know about it,
it might give them a sign that they're not alone,
and that there are people in the world that support

We all have associations with things that can become
symbols, and green carries significant symbolism
for the Iranian people.

2. To those outside of Iran it might be a way for
a person to bring attention to something that they
believe in, and want to support in some way.

I have had a heart and "#Eric" on my avatar for
some time, and it brings attention to the situation
that Eric De La Cruz finds himself in (see previous
posts). People ask about it, and sometimes get
involved themselves, as a result.

3. To some it may provide a certain feeling, a
certain energy, that is supportive of those in Iran
currently in the midst of the difficulties. Maybe
it makes them feel better.

Now here is where it gets a little interesting.
They may be doing it without realizing what I am
about to say. And what I am about to say may mean
nothing to some reading this, but consider that
if "everything is energy" as so many are saying
these days, then any thought we have makes a
difference. If every thought we have makes a
difference, then if something we associate with
a supportive thought (like a green shaded avatar)
triggers that supportive thought then there is
energy that is being created, potentially for
some benefit. Multiply that green by many, and
the effect also multiplies.

4. It could mean anything to anyone on any
individual basis. Most things have the meanings
WE give them.

Now...does the green avatar have a DIRECT benefit
for the people of Iran? None - that I can think
of. However, if the energies (thoughts) of everyone
who considers Iran are positively and lovingly
charged, even if having green avatars didn't
help directly, it certainly couldn't hurt.

I respect that some may think otherwise, and
having someone say that only "idiots" would
think that a green avatar would make a
difference as the tweeter I referenced above
did - to me - hardly seems necessary, or
appropriate - even if in the realm of possiblity
there was absolutely zero value in the exercise.

I tend to think we are more likely to hear what
another has to say if we're not feeling belittled
or insulted. Maybe this person had a perspective
worth hearing. The only problem was that the
minute he decided to take an inflammatory approach
many probably couldn't "hear" a word he wrote.

Since everything is perspective, I'd say that
would be something to consider when voicing
something you feel passionate about - especially
if you want to be heard.

And, of course, that is just MY perspective.
Thanks for listening. Have a good day/night
(whatever it may be in your part of the world)...
and thank you for doing what feels right to you, in
spite of what someone else might say.

We all need to feel supported, and supportive.
However it looks and feels is unique to the
individual and his/her experience, and it all
comes together to create our collective human
experience, for worse - or for better.

I'm shooting for more of the latter -
who's with me?


Redo It GF said...

My avatar is green. Do I think it will directly help the Iranian people gain political freedoms? Of course not. That is ridiculous.

But I do know that oppression and isolation are difficult things to work through. Being bullied and threatened with your life can make you feel very, very alone.

And then came Twitter. It has given the common man in Iran a voice where there was none. And if they can see that they are not alone in their battle for freedom and justice and they can see that someone is paying attention then it might just give them the strength they need to continue to push forward...and all it took was for me to turn my avatar green. Such a little thing to show someone you care.

Not only that, but everytime I tweet and people see the green avatar, they are reminded that there is a battle going on for justice. It makes it difficult for them to turn their backs to it and act like it isn't happening. It is in their face one more time. Maybe someone somewhere will say a prayer when they see it and THAT can bring freedom to Iran.

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Redo it GF Thanks for stopping by, and adding your comment. You speak very much to what I believe is key - the power of something to cause someone to do something that could be beneficial to another, or even oneself, as a result of that action.

Who is to ever know what seemingly small, seemingly insignificant, thing would have the power to make a difference?

Pleaee feel free to say hey on Twitter, if so inclined, and let me know who you are. :-)