Monday, June 22, 2009

Differences of Perspective Keep The Conversation Going

After I published the last blog post, I received an email from
someone who had read it and felt, based on how they
understood it, that I was off the mark. I want to share it,
as I think

1. It is good to have these types of conversations and
2. There might be others who think similarly


Here is what they had to say:

I am not sure how I feel about this piece in its entirety, but
rather than try to get into a twitter discussion about it,
I will say this;

That in light of recent events in Iran, I have a REALLY
hard time reading that last line, “It is up to you and each
and every vote counts.” and not thinking about people
dying on the streets because their votes most assuredly
did NOT.

So with that, I have to say that the timing of this piece
is questionable, at the very least.

Also, I understand your philosophy about not being
able to change another’s perspective. I just don’t
agree with it ... At all.

I have found in my life, in numerous situations, where
discussion (if not revolution) can result in people
changing their perspectives, their actions, their opinions,
in fact their very way of life.

It’s happened in front of my eyes working with street
children in Central America. So I know empirically that
it’s worked. And it’s what I want to believe ...
HAVE to believe is possible in my life.

...We are a ways apart on this point.
Although I will accept your perspective.


This was my response:

I thank you for taking the time to write out your thoughts...
very difficult to have philosophical conversation
in 140 character tweets.

Not that I am sure it really matters, but I actually wrote
this piece in 2004.

There is much difficulty for me when I express things
that work for mid range/normal/every day folk because
I know taken out of context there may be questions and
issues about the content.

The purpose of the article was more from a self awareness
perspective, rather than a global one.

As I tweeted yesterday (I had been tweeting @theexpert
on the topic of the power of words), I think within is
where it needs to begin - however, it certainly should
never stay there in my mind. If that was the case, I
wouldn't always be trying to reach out to make a

Being human is a team sport...We do not live in a vacuum.
However within the grand perspective are smaller ones,
and they all count, too. If we don't look at the smaller pieces,
I think in many ways the larger ones are doomed.

In no way am I saying that we shouldn't address other's
perspectives...that is where conversation comes in. If we
communicate how we feel, and nothing changes, then
we have choices we need to make. That is apparently
what is happening over in Iran - and in the context of what
I wrote, what they are doing is exercising their "vote."

I also want to note that I am not saying that perspectives
can't change, or that we shouldn't do things to present ideas
that can be a causes for consideration for those of another
mind...just that WE can't change another's perspective,
although we can make an argument for it, and perhaps
see changes as a result of their choice to alter where
they stand on an issue.

As I think about it, the article might stand amending.
There might be a 4th option, and that could be to make
the case for change. However, I would note that that
certainly might mean a revolution or battle of sorts. A
person would have to decide for themselves whether
or not it was a potential battle worth pursuing. There
are many battles that aren't likely worth it. The freedom
that Iranians are fighting for, well...that's a different
story (and still an individual choice to make and also
slightly out of context for what I wrote).

I would never pretend to understand why things are as
they are, but what I do know in terms of my own experience
comes from my own experience. People have a better
chance of listening when they feel they are being heard.

Is it an absolute? Absolutely not. Where are the
answers to the tough questions? I only wish I knew.

In the meantime, we need to be the best people we can
be and be in touch with ourselves, and beat the drums
of our own messages as we feel appropriate.

I admire you for your stand...You have a strong message,
and one that most certainly needs to be heard. I wish
I knew better myself how to communicate on things on
the bigger world scale. My "specialty" however, is the
one that occurs in our inner world.

I would like to think that if more people were in touch
with that place, the world as a whole would stand a
better chance. Conversation is very much a "live"
thing. It has great power to create. I appreciate the
opportunity you have given me to consider these
words in a different way.

I don't think we're as far apart as you might have
thought. I also appreciate your willingness to discuss,
and explore, if there was more of that we'd also be a
lot better off.


I think the above speaks for itself, and I am not sure
what could be added. However, interestingly, today
I saw a link for (Once again, through
Twitter and, more specifically my "new" friends
@Collective_Soul.) They have a few videos on the site,
including the one below. Their company is about
business and branding, however I believe this message
speaks to all of life, and I think it was very well said.
I share it with you as an addendum to this conversation,
and as a possible perspective to consider.

Through differences of understanding, sometimes
communications can be misunderstood. I truly feel that
many of us are on the same page, we just don't know it.

What do YOU think?

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