Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have you ever really wanted something?

Have you ever really wanted something?
Would you have liked it if people had
helped you get it?

So...Here's the thing...

I have been watching what has been going
on with Collective Soul, and have come
to appreciate their music, and I want to
do something to help them with their goal.

They just released a new song,
and want to be number one.
Who doesn't?
I am sure you can relate.
What if there was a
relatively easy way to help?

Wouldn't it be great if we could all
do something relatively small for another
that could make a big difference?

Don't ask me why I am doing it for them,
or why now...cause I haven't a clue. It's
kinda like meeting @nominated. I can't
help myself. You know how you get a good
feeling about someone, but don't know why?

Well this is one of those times. Probably
reading what their fans have to say has
something to do with it. They really do
seem to be good guys who are just looking
to make a living do what they obviously
love and are passionate about.

So here is what you can do:
Go to ITunes and get their
new song Staring Down.
You can hear a sample, and
it's only 69 cents!

You have the power to help them make
it a reality by buying it yourself, and/
or telling others about it.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would
launch a campaign to help you get what
you want...especially if it is something
as simple and as specific as this is, and
with minimal individual investment?! On
top of which, you get to hear a great
song - win/win, in my opinion.

And just because I am the type of person
that likes to help, get to know me, and
tell me more about yourself. If there is
something you are looking to get some help
and support with, let me know, and I'll
see what I can to help you, too.

I also invite you to consider how you can
help make a difference in another's world.
If more people took a simple action, we
might all be better off. Sometimes all it
takes is a question: Will you help?

These days, especially,
we have a greater opportunity
to help each other out.

There can be great enjoyment that comes from
seeing a good person succeed, especially
when they have something of value to offer
the world in who they are, with what they do.

If in the end, you decline this request
to help, please use this blog as a prompt
to consider what simple, and perhaps
seemingly small thing, you can do to
make a difference for another.

Thanks for stopping by!
Be well and be safe.

PS This experience presented me with an
idea - a way to help others -
please click here to view the details:
Are You Thinking Small Enough?


Dan said...

Well said. But who is the @Nominated guy? Is he the one running this essay contest: (see, I can get it in there)

Luna said...

Interesting to hear you don't know why you just feel you should do it!
I think at times like this the Universe is talking to us and if we are quiet we will hear it whisper to us.
I too have this calling from the go meet Russell Brand,
I don't know why but it is something I must do. It is the reason I came to Twitter but he ISN"T the reason I stay. I stay for the fabulous connections I have found in people like you, and alot of others...whether the Universe wanted to be meet all you wonderful people along the way, open me up to share all the wonders of me on my way to meet him.
So yes I will go help you with your Collective Soul...for all you do for me and others...your energy speaks volumes and truly if we each helped in such small ways so much goodness could be accomplished

Ultimat1 said...

I completely understand what you mean when you say you don't know why you feel the need to help.

My calling was in helping to see Michael Johns succeed. I don't know the man, never met him, and may never even get the chance to see him perform, but for whatever reason, I was drawn to his cause last year and haven't stopped writing about him since. Maybe it's because of all the good he's intended to do in the world.

I took up your offer and I'm now following you on Twitter. I found Collective Soul (believe it or not) by voting for Michael Johns on the Tweet Request station. I guess people are drawn together for a reason.

I'll help you out with Collective Soul's cause, and should you see fit, maybe you can pass along word of Michael Johns debut album called Hold Back My Heart. It comes out next Tuesday. (June 23rd)

If you were sincere about seeing some of my other works, you can look me up at or view my other blogs at

Sorry. You'll have to wait for the title of my new book. :D

teevee said...

Thank you for the post.

Yes we can all help. I heard someone call the internet the "great equalizer".

I love the idea that we could possibly help someone fulfill their dream because of this equalizer. Win/win indeed.

Let's make them huge!

Elizabeth Alraune said...

ultimat1 Hello!

Thanks for stopping by. I looked for you amongst those who follow on Twitter, and am not sure who you are. Could you please say hey there? I would love to be sure to connect in Twitterville. You just never know what is possible.

I am guessing from viewing your links, and as big of a Michael John's fan as you are, that you are following him on Twitter? Have you been in touch with him there?

I will happily tweet about his album. Every little bit helps, and I personally had no awareness of its upcoming release.

Thank goodness for those who spread the word. :-)

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Lovely Luna...

You're becoming quite the regular here!

I am loving the new horizons that are opening as a result of my time on Twitter. Regardless of what does/doesn't happen, it is ALL pretty darn great!

I appreciate you spreading the word about what's up with Collective Soul, and if there is ever anything I can do to help you, please be sure to let me know.

(I am putting out my thoughts to the world to help you connect with Russell...if you ever want me to tweet something about your desire to meet him, just say the word!)

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Yes, Dan, it's YOU that I refer to...another one that I have been irresistibly drawn to help. Your project is the best, and your ideas are awesome, and everyone should check you out at and
and of course follow you on Twitter!
Thanks for dropping by!

Blanquis said...

My best friend Teevee said I should check out your blog and I am so glad I did. Love what you are doing with it. We were talking earlier about how some people on Twitter use automated tweets. Told him, and he agrees, that the whole point of Twitter is to be social. I told him I really care about the people I regularly tweet. He called me a "connector". Felt awesome, then he told me to check you out. Glad he did! *hugs* from @Blanquis26

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Hey TeeVee -
Thanks for making your way here, and sharing about it. I've been following Blanquis, but we haven't connected yet...I see that she also commented, so that's about to change! So thank you for that, too.

I also love your generous, "Let's make them huge!" I think we all should be...and I wonder how we could do THAT? Any ideas?

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Blanquis26 Thanks for dropping by.

I believe in connecting, too...however, I have noticed, as with all things, folks on Twitter take different approaches with varying degrees of success, which is individually defined, depending on what they're looking for.

Have a great day!