Saturday, June 13, 2009

Perspective: The Power of a Team Effort

I read a few years ago about some "studies" were
done where people would come together at a certain
time of day and meditate in the interest of peace.
Their focus was a certain area/city. From what I
remember reading, you might dispute the benefit,
or say it was coincidence, however, during the time
of the experiment, there was a decrease in violence
in that (those?) area(s).

I was trying to find the information today, and the
closest I came to finding it was on this site:

I bring this up because of 2 reasons. The first is
that today I noticed that @theexpert on Twitter was
asking for people to come together at a certain time
to send a "Tsunami" of love and good thoughts to
Eric De La Cruz, a 27-year-old, who is in desperate
need of a heart transplant.

Unfortunately, he is struggling with unknown issues
at the moment, and they are attempting to get him
stable enough to get on the heart transplant list.

It occurred to me that a daily dose of this love and
energy would be even better. So...this is what I
propose anyone interested 6:00 PM (local time)
take a few minutes to send Eric loving and supportive
thoughts. With a global audience, that should mean
he'll be getting lots of energy flowing every hour.

Of course, you could do it more than once a day, or
on the hour any time of day, as you'll be supporting
the energy of others who are doing it at the same
time. I would like to think that energy at any time
could be cumulative and helpful, however the more
consistent, the more ability it may have to make a

For those who are on Twitter, posting the hourly
reminder might just help to keep the subject of #eric
in conversation and on the radar.

The other part of this is the news today out of Iran
regarding the elections, and the subsequent news.
It is unfortunately only one of many negative, news
making, headlines at this time in the world. Perhaps,
given what is going on, at the same time that you are
considering Eric, consider sending some loving energy
to the world, too.

If there is anything to the idea that "everything is
energy" and that focusing energy in masse can make
a difference, then it's worth a shot, don't you think?
And if, by any chance, you don't believe it, I respect
that, and ask what would the harm be in doing it
any way?

Just a thought.

PS At last count, this blog entry has been seen by
people in 92 countries, per (via this link -> If you like this idea, let's
keep it going, Please! Thanks.

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Luna said...

The Power of thought...well here it is...I was leaving twitter for the night...about to go write in my blog about energy and the things it can do, the power of thought waves, and I always check out links you post..Serendipity showed me a place to write...
Our thoughts are huge waves.. we can't see them but we have all experienced , a look from your mom as you head towards the door...she didn't say anything or move..she sent the wave of got it loud and clear...whether you listen to it or recieved it..and guess what..we walk through those waves daily...we just shut them out, the thought of what we can do if we all come together at the same blows me away...and I hope I get to see it before I leave.
I know what my energy can do...I join you..and it is important to remember...dont' wish for it, pray for it, or hope for it..visualize it being so, see the change you want...that is what makes it so. 6 pm focus thought see you there.