Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Special Thanks!

Today I brought out a new recording called
Peace Within. I asked for help on Twitter,
and several wonderful people tweeted about
it, and because there were so many, I wanted
to give a special thanks.

I am a little nervous with this list, hoping
that I didn't miss anyone. If you RT or
shared about the recording in any shape, way,
or form,and I missed it/you, PLEASE let me
know so I can add you. If you're not here,
I soooo apologize in advance. It's not easy
to scroll down through the many tweets.

I always say every little bit counts. I would
say there were approximately 400 views of the
Peace Within recording page as well as
other associated pages. I certainly don't
think I could have done that alone!

@nominated has a long way to go, and I
believe that with the way things are, there
is plenty need for this recording. Should
you be willing, please keep sharing about it.

To anyone who is reading couldn't
follow, or be followed by, better people.
I think all that I have become acquainted
with are great, and this is just my special
way of thanking these folks for this particular
request on this particular day.

THANK YOU for being a part of my Twitter
world. If there is anything I can ever do
for you...please just say the word!


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