Friday, June 19, 2009

The Conversation Continues: Words. Power.

David Weir on the heels of theexpert's Bubbletweet
(which is what got me writing my last blog on this
) wrote his own take on the BNET Media Blog:
What if Your Business Model Leads to Murder?

I share this with you as another piece to consider.
I don't necessarily agree with the approach that
either one of these people are taking (and in general
I am a big fan of @theexpert), however, it is a great
thing that we don't have to see things the same way
and have the freedom to disagree.

I almost was going to say "in this country." I
stopped myself because I realized that this is a
part of the debate the murkys the waters. When we
start putting pieces and parts in the picture that
can be seen as politically based, the core of any
picture can be distorted.

What these two are wanting to get to at the core
(I suspect) is the same thing we can all agree on:
Can't we just have a respect for one another? The
examples that they point out are ones that are most
obviously lacking in respect for the other human
beings involved. If there was an inherent respect,
those words - whether they incite - or not - would
never have been said.

Whether or not we agree, we must live in this world
together (some beautiful, thought provoking
perspective by Carl Sagan
) and odds are fairly good
that there will always be disagreement when it comes
to perspective. The beauty of disagreement is that
it helps us to see ourselves more clearly, and helps
us to define where we stand, and what is important
to us.

What is sometimes not so beautiful are the ways that
we sometimes express ourselves as a result of this
disagreement. However, the disagreement and the
resulting actions are two different things. Cause
never equals effect. Are they/can they be related?
Quite often it would seem likely, however to have
the two converge as it so often does can be a recipe
for some of the horrendous acts that we have been
witness to as human beings.

I realize that what I say may not fit for everyone,
as disagreement is fueled with passion. Trying to
get a person to change their mind sometimes on
something (which is what so many of us do) is like
trying to take away their passion.

Think about the things you are passionate about.
Is there any wonder why it only seems to make them
want to fight for their perspective even more?

I'll leave you with this last thought.
A Perspective on P.E.A.C.E.

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