Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perspective: Process


The more creative I am, the more I am learning about life.

The above picture looks very different from its drawn version,
which looks very different from how the picture started out.

Among other things, the original started upside down.

It makes me think about life. How many times do I think I am
going to do something, and it winds up being something totally
different? If I was stuck in a mindset that said it "HAS" to
be a certain way, no work would ever be completed. If I
stopped creating the minute I didn't like what I saw, nothing
would be completed. If I stopped before doing something with
the image on the computer, likely nothing would ever be

Each and every step is a process of trial and error, and giving
up the idea of what it "should be." Each and every step is
taking me to an image that has not yet been created in my
mind's eye...often to even better results than what I could have
imagined - when I did.

It makes me think that since everything is all one piece of a
bigger whole, that life must be very much like that...and, as
I think about it, I can think of times when things worked out
better than I could have imagined or hoped for in their then
(perceived final) current form.

It still sucks sometimes in the midst of don't
always know when you're done. It's not like the timer goes
off. Even then, if I take the cooking metaphor, there is much
more that can always be done, until a dish is complete.

I love what is coming out of my recent burst of creativity.
And, it may not surprise you to find out that, of course, it
is not in any way shape or form what I thought it would be.

Interesting thing about perspective - you never know when
and how it's going to show up. You may just think you're
sitting down to do something silly or simple, and then,
"boom!" For all I know, this is just another version of
what is yet to come. Oh goodie! (Yes, just a wee bit of
sarcasm there, LOL.)

Have a great day!

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