Friday, July 24, 2009

Perspective Art: Comfort zones and Creativity


You never know what you're gonna find.

I am self taught on Photoshop Elements,
and have some comfort zones, but
occasionally I stumble into something
new that I can do, and am amazed.

Today's picture is one such example.
How it looks it couldn't have looked,
unless I had stumbled into something
I wasn't familiar with previously.

I am thinking that that could work for
anything. Do anything long enough,
and you might just find something you
didn't know about because you were
always doing what you knew.

But then, one day you stumble and
what seems like a mistake gives you
a whole new perspective. Have you
ever considered that stumbling
might be nature's way of showing
us something we've never noticed
before? Hmmmm....

Here's to today's stumbles!

PS I liked it so much, as you can see,
I put it as the background pic for my
blog. What do you think of the choice?


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your experiments in creativity. I especially liked the brighter effect of the new blue-ish background. - Brian

Elizabeth Alraune said...

Thanks for your comment...funny thing about I would say over all the color is darker than before...and, yet, somehow it does appear in some way brighter. How awesome that you stopped by! Have a great week.